Laurie Roth
Politicians, fight for the truth--Leave the details up to God
Politician people listen up
By Laurie Roth
October 15, 2015

The usual cannot happen again this election cycle. "Ends justify the means" campaigns and leadership styles are really just other forms of terrorism, where you target, threaten, seduce, control, and destroy, if necessary. Politicians on both sides of the line have long targeted groups of people turning them into "voter widgets" they control. The offered meal given to the dumbed-down masses is very tasty at first. Before the poison kicks in, we taste free services, free gifts, false promises, hidden and deadly agendas designed to make us feel like we are part of something great. Then, the whip cream and cherry of controls are everywhere in schools, healthcare, jobs, speech, and security.

People and political types say that politicians have to play rough to make it. They have no choice but to attack their opponents, manipulate a little, set up rabble rousers and plants who show up with inappropriate and set up questions (as it appears Jeb Bush and CNN did to try to get Trump).

Hiring people, as Jeb Bush apparently did, to set up a competitor is below the belt and not the way you win in today's America in my opinion. It is not only below the belt, but reveals that there is nothing below the belt...that is the belt of the perpetrator. Jeb doesn't seem to realize yet along with a few others that Americans want real passion (not Boehner crying episodes) – a real and detailed vision that demonstrates plans that protect and reflect our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Holy Bible. These plans must not ignore American national security anymore by kissing up to more amnesty and illegal alien surges. These plans must not pretend we are all socialist/New World Order people that forget our sovereignty, uniqueness, and power in the world. By the way, we speak English and that is not racism to say so.

Those daring to think they can run and win the next presidential election, then actually deliver the goods must show the discipline to stay clear with a real vision surrounded by clarity and details. No more lawyer, political, or strategy talk. America says, as the song "shut up and dance with me," give it to me now and stop the nonsense.

I don't need perfection in the White House, but someone with the right world view who loves America, will fight for America, and submit to Almighty God, not any other poser who wants the job. We must vote in someone who has the guts, discipline, and ability to undo and lead the House and Senate in the "undoing" of what Obama has unlawfully and unconstitutionally perpetrated on the American people. No more speeches about how hard it is, who has what votes and the endless protocols.

America wants our military restored – not taken apart anymore like a Lego set going back in the box. We want our economy and tax system overhauled, Planned Parenthood (the murder factory) shut down, real national security and sovereignty rebooted, and our lost freedoms renewed. Yoda said from Star Wars, "There is no try only do." That is the party that must win this time. "There is no try only do." All others take your fancy and manipulative words and get to the back of the line.

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