Laurie Roth
Are Hillary's lies and treachery to be rewarded?
By Laurie Roth
July 6, 2016

"Now listen up son. You wrecked the car I got you 4 times now. You destroyed 3 other vehicles while you were in a distracted and drunken frenzy. Your front end is smashed – your tires are flattened – you've been arrested for DUI and speeding 5 times. The cherry on top is that your car insurance has been dropped. You didn't listen to me. You showed zero responsibility and frankly you betrayed my trust in you. So, what on earth do you expect me to do now? What? REALLY? Well, are the keys to my Corvette, I will walk."

The above absurdity is what I think of when I even try to ponder the 'sell out' statements of James Comey – FBI Director regarding Hillary. It was a jolt like and electric chair when he built in his statement a detailed case of 'extreme carelessness' against Hillary. He spelled out the droves of emails with all kinds of high-level security classifications Hillary received and sent. He laid it all out, seeming to build a strong case for Indictment, then nothing.

Bottom line, Hillary's behavior was beyond dangerous to America and extremely careless. Hillary pretended to cooperate, playing the lie, minimize the whole thing and the I can't remember – I don't know card. She also made sure all her lawyer type staff played the 'no comment' trick. Apparently, the FBI and James Comey are also under her evil and lying spell. But who cares, lets give her the keys to America even though Hillary has wrecked everything she has touched while pretending to serve America as Secretary of State.

As many are saying now, it does feel as the 'the fix is in' regarding Hillary and her run for President against Trump. However, real Americans have a few 'fix it' tools in their bag also – Faith in the real God, renewed patriotism and Donald Trump. Now is not the time to crumble, question or plan not to vote out of discouragement. Corruption and evil has been with us every election since the beginning of America.

Our Lord Jesus knows every detail of the criminal and sell out crowd and their plans. He is still God and answers believing prayers from his people. America is full of His people who are praying for grace, mercy and victory over evil and Hillary. Be one of them.

Our job right now is to continue to lift up Donald Trump and his family in protective prayer and pray daily for him to have wisdom and victory. Also, do what you can do with your circle of friends and associates to vote right and get everyone you know to vote right for America.

Be a bold part of the 'REAL WIN' for America.

© Laurie Roth


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Laurie Roth

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