Laurie Roth
Trump will give the knock out punch on election day
By Laurie Roth
October 25, 2016

The battle lines have been drawn and many are scared about there even being a fair election due to all the revelations out there of funded and organized voter fraud. Then there is all the organized violence at the Trump rally's, all linked back to the DNC and Hillary campaign. Fraud, threats and low ball tactics are everywhere this election cycle. It is like a crime family amusement park of terror rides.

Add to this, the WIKI leak revelations of just how incestuous Hillary's relationship with major media outlets is, and it is most clear why most the media paints Trump in failing and hideous terms.

Now the growing head game to all on the fence, Trumpsters and those not quite sure who they may vote for, is to psych us all out with propaganda – that the race is over. Hillary is grabbing up the swing states, she will win the Electoral is essentially over so you might as well vote for her. Hillary's corruption train has already planned her arrogant victory party, even though she has clearly not won.

We are now at the last round of the championship fight between Hillary and Trump. What will happen to lives in America and America itself? Blood and sweat is flying and masses wonder who will give the knock out punch.

If you love America, freedom and God and if you dream of a prosperous and healed America being a light on a hill must vote for Trump. He is God's anointed man for a time such as now. Remember that many have been approached in dreams and words of prophecy, saying that Trump was anointed by God and would win. Are they all nuts? I think not.

Hillary, with her mocking laugh and arrogant smile, knows that her plan is to disembowel America and turn her into a liberal, internationalist, enslaved version of Frankenstein to rise up reflecting the agenda of her compromised and poisoned heart. If given power in the White house, she will quickly turn us into a nation of tax surfs to fund her continued efforts to destroy Judeo-Christian values, give the power and rights to the 'sexually acting out crowd' 'give more rights and protections to unvetted Islamic illegals and immigrants, while seizing rights from Christians, Pastors and conservatives.

It is critical in the last few weeks that we not buy the propaganda line and stay home. Be people of vision, courage, belief and prayer inspite of the obvious voter fraud planned and financed. Remember, 'one with God is the majority.' Let us turn that number into 'millions with God is the majority' and a bold Trump win. We can do it and I believe we will.

Pray for God's mercy, grace and power to fall on our country and that God will expose, humble and crush Hillary. Let's all with Trump bring the boom!

The Hillary propaganda machine can go straight back to hell where it belongs.

© Laurie Roth


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Laurie Roth

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