Laurie Roth
Trump has the power, the Constitution, and the truth to stand on. Any questions?
By Laurie Roth
January 17, 2021

Wait, believe and watch Trump and Constitutional justice unfold. Do not join the doubters and cowards because you donít see the timing and details emerging as Trump and the military take our country back. Donít listen to mainstream, lying and propaganda media. You might find yourselves hypnotized into a lying labyrinth and not know how to get out.

Listen to a true American patriot, a military hero and man of God, General Flynn This is a General who was set up, persecuted, attacked on every level, yet he is standing tall for the truth, America and the law. Thank God President Trump pardoned him. He did nothing wrong at all.

General Flynn makes it most clear. Mega Crimes have been committed in this election. Trump has been proven the big winner of the election and the Deep State actors here and abroad were involved. Trumpís duty is to fight for America. He did that when he signed the Emergency Declaration for DC in the face of national security threats.

According to the Italian Supreme Court and proof of election fraud (treason) leading to Germany, France, the Vatican, Italy, Pakistan, Iran, China, and others, our national security has been compromised. The election crime family of Deep State players must be arrested and tried for treason. Our election process and freedoms must be restored.

Pelosi, Schumer, Rhino Republicans, Biden, Kamala, Obama, Hillary, Pence, much of the media, and other traitors can wipe the plastic media smiles off their faces. Soon, they will all be in the treasonous scrap heap of history. What a power legacy for them – Sell-out treasonous traitors, those who support or are sexual pedophiles and human trafficking criminals. They will all be remembered as Communistic, Fascist, anti-Christian, anti-God, and anti-Constitution to their cores.

Do you want to know what you can do as we wait and trust God and Trump? Pray for His and our militaryís safety, wisdom, and courage! Pray that all the Deep State criminals are taken down and justice is served. ďI can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens meĒ (Phil: 4:13). With our Lord Jesus at the helm – and with Trump as His servant and appointed leader – we will take out the evil ones and restore our nation under God, not the Deep State and Satan.

Believe and get excited, donít cower in fear and unbelief. We donít need to see all that is going on yet. We will soon enough.

Your fellow patriot and fighter for America and President Trump

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Laurie Roth

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