Maureen Scott
The politically INcorrect Democrats and their inept staffers
By Maureen Scott
March 7, 2012

Tim Kaine, of Virginia, is a Democrat candidate for the Senate. His website, , targets Rush Limbaugh and offers a petition to demand that Limbaugh offer an apology to Sandra Fluke for the word he used when describing her. Rush has done that. Of course, we have yet to hear any apologies from Liberal commentators, journalists, and talk show hosts for the vile slang terms that they spewed about Sarah Palin and Laura Ingraham. However, I digress.

On the site, it is claimed that Limbaugh (on behalf of Republicans) is attacking a woman's right to make her own health decisions. Typically, this is a twisted statement of hype, nonsense, and lies.

No one is denying women any rights to any decisions! How can anyone deny anyone the right to decide anything? Sandra Fluke and every other woman in this country can still, and always will be able to, decide for themselves if they want to have sex or not, protected or otherwise. The objection Rush, Conservatives, religious leaders, and other sensible people to the insistence that the government, via taxpayers, pay for the cost of women's contraceptive choices. Since that argument has been discussed at length for weeks it is not the subject of this commentary.

The only logic in this trumped up, smoke screen, muddy-the-waters argument that Fluke has focused on that is a true, wide spread, health issue is the need to be protected from sexually transmitted diseases. Since Fluke, in her presentation, referred to "contraceptives" (and not just the use of birth control pills, morning after pills, or abortions), then one has to contend that term must also include the easily accessible, inexpensive condom. Therefore, her concern for protecting one's health also should apply to men. After all, who uses them? Moreover, it applies to men whether engaged in heterosexual or homosexual activities. The sensibility of protected ("safe") sex is, rightly, not just a woman's concern.

It seems that Fluke and the Democrats, have planned this diversion to specifically engage the female population in hostilities toward Conservatives/Catholics/Christians. Embarassingly for them, in doing so, they have ignored their long-suffering, left-wing supporters, the homosexual men. Horrors! (Wave arms in dramatic dismay.)

Fluke, in her ardor to make a ridiculous argument sound logical (an assignment aspiring lawyers are often given as matter of training) while pleading the case for women to receive free contraceptives, didn't bother to push for equal concerns for any men, straight or gay. Apparently, according to Fluke, their health is not a concern to the Democrats and the government can ignore men's needs. They apparently feel that guys just don't need help to pay for protection, and that they don't get diseases.

Oh my, they have slipped up! They have shown prejudice! Goodness, could Liberals be so insensitive and indifferent to men and, especially, the Gay Community that they have courted and coddled for so long? Why isn't Barney Frank weeping?

So, where is the furor and uproar from gay men? Since they have been noticeably excluded from Fluke's demands, why haven't we heard them whine one bit about being overlooked? After all, their sexual encounters have already proved to be a matter of risky health alarm. For years, the facts have shown that there is a high incident of exposure to and contract of sexually transmitted diseases among male homosexuals. Millions of dollars have been spent by the government and raised by advocates of homosexual lifestyles in order to find cures for the life threatening STD, AIDS that has plagued them.

Where, in all the hype and political correctness of Fluke and Left-wingers have we heard the plea free condoms for men who also make decisions about having sex? Nowhere. Even straight men have to be protected from exposure to sexually related diseases. Does any Democrat seem to care?

Could this be happening in the politically correct corners of Liberalism?

Again, the Left has shot itself in the foot. By championing Fluke's case for women, Liberals have shown that they aren't always about "being fair," and treating everyone equally. Hypocritical? Yes! It is clear that Fluke has not been fair to men, of either sexual persuasion — and has not treated their health concerns with equal passion. Her exclusionary stand on this issue couldn't be any more laughably ironic.

Additionally, because Kaine's website is just too funny not to add another comment...just where do Democrats find the people who write the propaganda that is presented on the Internet or in the media? It seems their communication skills are sorely lacking. In the case of his current webpage, their ineptness for proper sentence structure obvious. This appears:

"...then Limbaugh called Fluke a "prostitute" for speaking out for a woman's right to health care that covers contraception during a congressional hearing."

From that statement it seems that Kaine's staffers believe that women want to practice safe sex in front of Congress. Really? One can only laugh.

This is just another sad reminder of how incompetent the Democrat staffers, college graduates and college students are who write today and are not able to communicate sensibly. We already know from Fluke's inflated $1,000/year figure for contraceptive costs that college students have lousy math skills. In addition, we have seen that today's products of higher education don't know their geography and can't spell. Perhaps Kaine borrowed Obama's writers who told us that Biden was going to "Road" Island.

Frankly, one should suspect the judgment of any politician who hires such substandard, shoddy writers who offer up unfounded, illogical rhetoric that is easily debunked and criticized. The poor quality of work these staffers have presented reveals the candidate's faulty critical thinking capabilities and ineptness. Of course, we only have to look at the equally careless and mistake-filled press releases offered on behalf Obama by his bunch of bungling staff members.

© Maureen Scott


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Maureen Scott

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