Victor Sharpe
Tiny Israel is the ultimate rape victim
By Victor Sharpe
August 25, 2011

The world and the national and international mainstream media are eerily silent when Israel and her civilian population are attacked by missiles from Gaza or Lebanon and her people slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists as just occurred.

But if she retaliates, oh my, the same immoral world and mass media scream and condemn her for daring to resist and a predictable anti-Israel censure is issued from that ultimate temple of hypocrisy: the United Nations. Israel is like the rape victim who never receives justice from a series of biased judges.

But it is now even worse for the embattled Jewish state. The most hostile anti-Israel President, Barack Hussein Obama, and a State Department, which is perennially anti-Israel to its core, will never give Israel the green light to finally finish the job by destroying once and for all the murderous terrorists of the Arab and Muslim world.

Does the world care about the tormented Israeli town of Sderot, which is battered relentlessly by missiles from the pitiless Hamas occupied and terrorist infested Gaza Strip? O little town of Sderot, her suffering people live a mere three kilometers from the Gaza Strip. They have only 15 seconds warning from the next incoming barrage of deadly missiles deliberately fired at them by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

Ashkelon, a large city of over 100,000 souls is another nearby target of Palestinian Arab aggression. Rockets slam into her civilian areas routinely and again the world is silent.

Ashdod and Beersheba — all major southern Israeli cities came under a heavy rocket offensive from Gaza lasting from Thursday until Sunday night. Jews have died, babies and toddlers have been wounded, a synagogue was hit by a Grad missile and a school all but destroyed. Towns and villages have been struck and their civilians terrorized.

Did you hear that on the TV news or read it in the New York Times or Washington Post? If you did it was reported in the fashion that afflicts all news about Israeli suffering: The sin of moral equivalence. In other words, it is a perverse editorial mechanism, which presents the Israeli victim as equal to the Arab victimizer.

Under the latest blatant crime against humanity perpetrated by Hamas, Islamic jihad and Al Qaeda, which terrorized southern Israel, some one million Israelis were under threat as more than 150 Grad and Katyusha missiles from Gaza struck Israeli villages and towns.

By the way, according to reports, many of the lethal Grad missiles were captured from Gaddafi's forces by the so-called rebels in Libya and smuggled into Gaza. These are the same rebels who cried Allahu Akbar, the Islamic war cry, as they stormed into Tripoli. There is the clue to what will be the new Libya: An Islamic state based upon Sharia law and endemically hostile to the non-Muslim world. Thank you, NATO and President Obama.

Where was the mainstream media during the terrifying bombardment of Israeli civilian targets from Gaza? Where was Hillary Clinton, and oh, where was our President? I'll tell you where he was: Laughing it up on a golf course at Martha's Vineyard while our most loyal ally, Israel, suffered grievously and America's economy continued to sink.

The next target will be Tel Aviv, which is a mere 68 kilometers from Gaza. In the north, Hezbollah is even more deadly. They have received from Iran, through Syria, more than 80,000 deadly missiles all aimed at the Jewish state. Some may even be tipped with chemical and biological weapons. The Greater Tel Aviv area contains almost a quarter of Israel's population

When the next war will occur is in doubt but it will occur — perhaps sooner than later. Meanwhile when it does, hordes of Muslim Arabs, who call themselves Palestinians, will be called upon by the muezzin at the Al Aksa mosque to kill Jews and Christians wherever they are found in the Holy City. These Muslim drones merely bide their time before committing horror and genocide.

Let me quote partially from a recent article by Giulio Meotti, a journalist with Il Foglio, and the author of the book, A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel's Victims of Terrorism.

"Sderot represents the siege on the Jewish people and the resistance of Israel, but it also reveals the rest of the world's indifference to the genocidal hatred that is Jihadism. Some 70% of Israeli children in the Negev show symptoms of trauma, while thousands of children carry physical disabilities from Palestinian bombs.

"There are children who want to constantly stay inside the bunkers, or in the secured rooms of their homes. There are children who don't get out of bed anymore.

"Little is said or written about the incredible courage being shown by the civilian population of Israel, but it is reminiscent of events 70 years ago, Londoners, who had endured the blitz stoically... the people of Israel are equally valiant, going about their daily lives knowing that Arab killers might explode a bomb or rocket in any public place at any time.

"For Israel, more alarming than the rocket escalation is an eventual Islamist takeover of the mere six miles that separate Netanya on the Israeli coast from the Palestinian town of Tulkarem. There is an Arab saying about Netanya as the narrowest and most exposed throat of Israel: 'When we hang you, we will hang you from Netanya.'"

If Israel, heaven forbid, should ever succumb to the relentless and genocidal evil that is the Arab and Islamic world, cheered on by the despicable and terminally misguided Amen chorus from much of the morally degraded West, then the world as we know it will forever end and a new and terrible dark age will descend.

When we see how the mainstream media and the international corridors of power are silent in the face of the crimes of the Palestinian terror machine we should hearken to the words from the ancient Jewish Ethics of the Fathers: "He who is kind to the cruel ends by being cruel to the kind."

© Victor Sharpe


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