Susan D. Harris
Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany: What's wrong with this picture?
By Susan D. Harris
September 12, 2015

How ironic is it that Austria and Germany – countries that saw a mass exodus of Jewish refugees in the 20th Century – are now the largest importers of Muslim refugees in the 21st?

"Importers" seems a proper word, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have summoned her immigrants from a distance – not unlike Dracula willing his victims from their beds to the garden. In so doing, she instigated an immigration emergency in Europe; then arrogantly scolded other EU countries who didn't immediately march in lockstep with her dream (or nightmare) of an Islamic Europe.

Unlike the Jewish refugees from pre-WWII Europe, who by and large lived peacefully and prosperously in any region they settled, it is well-known that Islamic followers do not assimilate well. As Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal pointed out earlier this year:

"The huge issue with non-assimilation is the fact that people want to come to our country but not adopt our values – in some cases, not adopt our language, in some cases, want to set apart their own enclaves and continue to hold on to their own values. I think it is dangerous in America and it's dangerous in Europe."

So Europe, led by Germany, capitulates to Islam and helps President Obama orchestrate the fall of Western civilization. (President Obama began the Arab Spring with a speech in Cairo and never looked back, pulling our troops out of Iraq and eventually supplying the radical Islamic group ISIS with modern, heavy-grade, American weapons.)

Many Americans didn't even realize there was an immigration problem until they started asking, "Why are the trains stopped in Budapest? And, "Should we care?"

Across the line they poured from Serbia into Hungary...thousands of people labeled refugees or migrants...with Serbia begging Hungry not to draw a line in the sand because virtually none of the immigrants passing through want to stay in Serbia.

Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany: What's wrong with this picture? History shows us that it never bodes well with the world when grave crises arise in those areas.

And let's not forget about Russia – who, similar to her actions prior to WWII, keeps making secret alliances while the world is busy putting out other fires. Russia has warships sailing the English Channel, docking in Iran for naval training, and unapologetically has arms and advisors on the ground in Syria. Meanwhile, seemingly ages ago in the 24-hour news cycle, President Putin invaded the Crimea with the same nationalist excuses Hitler used for going into the Sudetenland and Danzig. Hitler was emboldened by a weak Western leader named Chamberlain; Putin by a weak Western leader named Obama.

Russia is also carrying on a very talked about affair with China, developing "a very intimate and very close political, economic and cultural relationship, and a certain degree of cooperation in the field of security." No alliances they say, just a few harmless glasses of champagne, comparison of sanctions, and sharing of Hillary Clinton's emails between friends. How could that possibly impact the U.S.?

Italy started crying 'uncle' over the immigrant crisis earlier this year. The Italian government has been doing battle with their own local towns and regions that are refusing to take immigrants. Three months ago, those big-hearted countries of Austria, France and Switzerland were spitting asylum seekers right back onto Italian soil. Italian Prime Minister Renzi told everyone the unfolding crisis "should not be underestimated" – but nobody listened.

Over in Turkey, they're having dreams of the old Ottoman Empire: President Erdogan "has allied the country not only with the conservative Sunni Muslims of Saudi Arabia, but with the Muslim Brotherhood regime of former President Morsi in Egypt, and with the Sunni militant Palestinian group Hamas." – The Daily Mail

Every time the world blinks, Turkey kills some more Kurds, showing Ankara still festers with a passionate hatred akin to the old "Armenian problem."

At the same time back in Germany...always back in Germany...there is talk of a "Fourth Reich." Spiegel online, exploring rumors of Germany accumulating too much power in the eurozone, explained:

"But further reflection on the word "Reich," or empire, may not be entirely out of place. The term refers to a dominion, with a central power exerting control over many different peoples. According to this definition, would it be wrong to speak of a German Reich in the economic realm?"

But now this German democracy, interwoven with national-socialism, is wielding power beyond its monetary domination, dragging Europe into a potentially devastating cultural and humanitarian crisis. The potential for widespread terrorism hasn't even been assessed yet.

And what of America?

Many Americans are scratching their heads at pro-immigration rallies in Germany, Austria, and Hungary. In Germany, if you're opposed to mass immigration of questionable foreigners, you're either a xenophobe or a neo-Nazi. There is no in between. As for the rest of Europe, they embrace the idea that they are global citizens.

Regular Americans in the fly-over states haven't yet been brainwashed, like Europe has, with the United Nation's Global Citizen worldview.

A perfect day for a global citizen means having dinner at the new Bhutanese restaurant with your Japanese friends; buying a fashionable sari to wear to the Black European Women's Council dinner; and stopping at the Unitarian church to light a candle for the people of Myanmar. You pat yourself on the back at the end of the day for living and loving diversity.

You're thinking of hosting an immigrant family; even the Pope thinks you're cool. It puffs you all up inside, and eventually the headiness of being a global citizen pushes all those silly ideas of national sovereignty, individuality, and cultural pride right out of your mind.

You are one with the universe; and the world shines a little brighter because of your open-mindedness. Socialism sounds more like what you do on Facebook; Capitalism is so yesterday.

These are the people cheering the influx of immigrants in Europe. They believe they are better and smarter than those God-obsessed, gun-loving Americans.

Unfortunately they are here in America too; it's just that not everyone's on board yet. We'll see more and more pro-immigration rallies; and though they will be the minority, their voice will be loud.

Twenty-seven Iraqi Christian asylum seekers are being held by ICE at a San Diego detention facility; but we'll be opening the floodgates to Middle East Muslims quicker than you can say Allahu Akbar.

At least liberals won't have to waste their time with anti-war protests; like ancient Troy, most countries will have to go no further than their own cities to meet the enemy.

America lacks integrity, her militarily is weak, and her morals have disintegrated like a moth-eaten wool sweater. We're in no shape to fight, or win, a war. And with no Winston Churchill to ride to the rescue, neither is Europe.

It's important to remember how many times Churchill was scorned for his warnings before the bombs started dropping. Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly sounded similar alarms. But in the 21st Century, with America backing a nuclear Iran who is itching to wipe Israel off the map, there may not be too many chances to say, "That guy was right! Get him back here!"

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