Sherry Shewalter
A call to action
By Sherry Shewalter
February 5, 2013

"Oh, that's not a Tea Party thing," a local Tea Party leader said to me after I passionately expressed how much this country needs its businesses to help save us from the progressive movement. I was stunned into silence as I wondered, "What is the Tea Party for, then?" I didn't know we had rules as to what we would do to save our country.

With its millions of members, the Tea Party should be able to do anything, yet we barely got anyone elected this past November. That's why I don't think it's simply a "get out the vote" issue anymore. The problem is, after nearly 100 years, the progressives have just about accomplished their goal of creating more uninformed, passive takers than we have patriots. So I think it's time we change our strategy.

We need to create more patriots to vote – instead of trying to get every single conservative out there voting.

There are so many people who would love to play a part in saving their country, but just don't know where to put their energy. These patriots can play a big part by helping to strengthen our businesses. Successful businesses create wealth, a strong economy, and employ more people (fewer "takers"), all giving a sense of optimism. If guided in the right direction, businesses can create schools that teach our true history, and media that tell the true story, and they can send a patriotic message every day within their companies. All of these things will create more patriots, with the bonus of more money for themselves and for our country. With enough money and success, they can make more movies and TV shows with an uplifting, patriotic message. I think a good goal is to create two patriots for every single person the progressive movement grabs to their side. This would be the progressives' worst nightmare. Then we could get some of our people elected: true conservatives with our country's best interest at heart.

Right now, businesses are cutting hours in order to avoid Obamacare. Unfortunately, this leaves the employees with less money and no insurance. My plan shows the way to give employees 40 hour weeks without paying penalties and without Obamacare. With improved profit margins, many businesses can lower retail prices, increasing sales, which would take business from companies with unions. With my plan, Obamacare and unions will gradually wither on the vine and slink away into oblivion. There is also a way for employers to provide insurance for employees for a lot less than they are paying for insurance now.

We need to get this strategy moving across the country quickly and get established before the powers that be catch wind of it. I thought if my local group became enthusiastic, word would spread and we'd be off and running. Unfortunately that didn't work out, so I'm hoping my local group is the exception and that you Tea Party leaders reading this will invite me to your organization. I will lay out my plan and have people working on it that very day. It is a straightforward approach that I'm confident will work and I'm sure you will like it too.

So, if you're a Tea Party member, print this up and take it to your leader(s). If you belong to the VFW, or any business group, or any other patriotic organization, and would like to get to work actually doing something for this country, invite me in. We've got millions of people involved in organizations who are feeling hopeless and frustrated watching their country fall apart. I can put you to work, and we will turn this country around.

Our massive numbers of like-minded people are an advantage the progressive movement has never had, and that's probably why it has taken them so long to get where they are. If all the dedicated patriots we have can get busy, I believe we can win the next presidential election, and both houses in 2016. It is not too late. As Paul Ryan says, "We can do this." We can. Then we can really get to work recreating the constitutional, capitalistic country we have always been and were meant to be. So drop me a quick email at if you want to help. Leave me a phone number, if you'd like, and we'll talk about your place in this.

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