Jen Shroder
Justified war, pseudo peace: Presidents Bush and Obama
By Jen Shroder
January 25, 2009

Jesus said, "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword."

Divisions. Right and Wrong. Good and Evil. Condemning the war, the liberal left takes Scripture out of context and demand we "turn the other cheek." Okay, sure. And another? And another? The 1993 WTC bombing, the 1995 Military Training Center in Riyadh bombing, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games bombing, the 1996 US Military barracks bombing, the 1998 American embassies bombing, the 2000 USS Cole bombing, the 911 World Trade Center... wait a minute.

According to liberals, President Bush should have just laid down and died that day. According to liberals, we should have negotiated as former Pres. Clinton did...downsize our military, open the gates, provide access to our public school children by getting them on their hands and knees and praying to Allah "in demonstration." Pres. Obama is spewing the same, closing Guantanamo and appointing Hillary to negotiate our future with terrorists, right where she and Bill left off.

When our nation voted for President Bush and all that he stood for, we were given time, a short reprieve to do good works, though dragged through the mud and hindered by the left. President Bush established a ban on partial birth abortion, Judge Phyllis Hamilton (appointed by Clinton) overturned it, ruling it 'irrelevant' whether the unborn child suffers pain in the process. President Bush wrote new religious guidelines for public school, but Clinton's same Judge Hamilton ruled in favor of forced Islam. [1]

Was the war in Iraq just? Absolutely. Freedom is worth fighting for. To bow down to Islam and all the demands of the Imams is to embrace the evils that come with it. Genocide of Christians, totalitarian Sharia law, stepping down our beloved Constitution in order to kowtow to the charter of the United Nations, that's where Clinton and Obama are guiding us. Should we sacrifice freedom to fight in exchange for darkness in the name of pacifism, butchering our babies along the way? No!

The Bible told us these times were coming and are now at the door. Scriptures told us to watch for the signs and they are leaping off the pages. With that knowledge we find peace and trust in God. But was President Bush justified in his war against evil? Were Christians justified in taking up arms and fighting for our freedom? Absolutely. Freedom to do right, freedom to worship and serve the God of our fathers who forged this great nation.

Today many of our religious leaders remind us that we are to obey our new president. Yes, it says so in Scripture. But Scripture also teaches us to obey our husbands, and when the head of our household goes against what God commands, we choose God. Embracing this president is about as wise as embracing Ahab. God may have allowed him to lead this nation, but the prophecies caution of this deceptive "peace" of the end times.

And the saints of America who see what is happening, shudder at the evil taking shape in this new administration.

Yet, take heart, look to the Lord, our Redeemer is near. He told us times would get dark, so before this nation goes into the night, we thank you, President Bush, for protecting us. We slept well under your watch as we enjoyed being the most charitable nation in the world. We fought for freedom, not global aborticide. President Bush, God bless you and your family.

Pray for this new president? I pray God turn him around, and I pray God forgive us for the blood of the world's unborn.


[1]  How Clinton Sold Our Children to Islam

Matthew 10:34

© Jen Shroder


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