A.M. Siriano
June 13, 2005
The age of treason
By A.M. Siriano

Every historical period must have an appellation, a title that quickly recalls the nature of the times, that defines the era. Ours is no exception.

Many have been calling it the "Information Age," which suffices to represent the internet explosion with its abundant access to news and knowledge, including the notorious and much maligned "blog." But perhaps it would be better remembered as the Age of Treason an age in which men who reside under the same sovereign roof, live by the same set of rules, hold the door against the same threats of chaos and destruction, are eager to sell out those who have left our shores to defend the homeland eager to inflame the enemy by exposing to a corrupt world our fighting men, who are simply doing their duty; eager to give up our secrets and loosen every lip in an apparent effort to undermine the nation; eager to give aid to the enemy and discomfort to our friends; eager to manufacture news in order to create an atmosphere of global distrust.

It is a time of traitors, led by activist-journalists who believe they are citizens of the world first, despite the fact that their very subsistence sometimes existence depends on the one nation to which they owe their allegiance, if but only for their freedom of expression, which they have perverted to such a degree that it has allowed them to become turncoats with impunity.

Let the history writing begin, covering all manner of treason, from the beatnik radicals in the late Fifties, to "Hanoi Jane" Fonda and "Deep Throat" Mark Felt, to John "American Taliban" Walker, to a superscripted Dan Rather and the conspiracy to put one John "F'n" Kerry into the White House, to the recent toilet bowl-challenged Newsweek report that incited riots ... and now, Time magazine, which has stolen "a secret interrogation log from Guantanamo" and published it, bringing to the world's attention what should always remain a military matter, the necessary evils of interrogation.

This is an obvious and shameless effort to stir up a whole new batch of Abu Ghraib-style gruel. Never mind that our country is at war. Never mind that such reports exacerbate an already difficult situation and serve to put our troops more deeply in harm's way. Never mind that the men and women who are away from family and country to fight for liberty abroad have been putting up with this sort of garbage since the War Against Terrorism began. The traitorous scum at Time couldn't care less.

Naturally, in reaction to this "revelation," the Pentagon came to the defense of the military, which is responsible for the dirty work that the average citizen neither wants to know about nor experience. Congress was quick to respond also, but instead of thanking God and the military for being shielded from the tough stuff, many of our leaders condemned America. One of them, Sen. Chuck Hagel (Nebraska), a nominal Republican, whined like a liberal:

    "It's not at all within the standards of who we are as a civilized people, what our laws are. If in fact we are treating prisoners this way, it's not only wrong, it's dangerous and very dumb and very shortsighted ... This is not how you win the people of the world over to our side, especially the Muslim world."

Thanks for defining that for us, Chuck. This war is not about stopping terrorism and killing terrorists, it's about turning them into our friends. Well now we know! Next time the troops need more weaponry, what say we spend that money on new Korans and flower baskets?

You don't even need to ask how the Democrats are dealing with this info just more of the same. They are also working hard at pulling other Republicans over to their side: Sen. Mel Martinez (Florida) has now joined Democrat Sen. Joseph Biden (Delaware) in calling for the shutdown of Gitmo (another sign that we need to call for a complete overthrow of the GOP, replacing their leaders with men who don't need Viagra to do their jobs).

The Bush administration is embattled on this issue, says the chairman of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, Republican Duncan Hunter (California, 52nd District), and may soon come to agree that Gitmo must go, not because it is no longer useful, but because it has been so vilified that it may be more trouble than it is worth. The military is being forced to come up with some other way to deal with wartime detainees always useful for extracting information that can help us win the war and save the lives of our troops while avoiding the relentless interventionism of the liberal media.

In this Age of Treason, there is no middle ground. One is either a patriot or a traitor. One is either on the side of America or on the side of the terrorists. We had better pray, and pray fervently, that patriotism wins the day, else we will be instead praying against a horde of barbarians who have compromised our every last border and sent us into a state of lawlessness. If such a day comes, true Americans will not forget the traitors who got us there.

© A.M. Siriano


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