Steve A. Stone
The Fourth Horseman
By Steve A. Stone
April 10, 2021

Dear Friends and Patriots,

When I survey the powers of the world today and consider our mutual future, I can easily draw parallels with certain references from the Revelation of John. "Easily" might be a bit of a stretch, but something within me shouts out that we (everyone alive) are in the time of the end of a specific biblical cycle. I've been drawn to the Book of Jeremiah all year. It is the longest book in the Holy Bible and, in some places, very difficult to read. The words are not the problem; the mental imagery the words evoke often makes for very grim reading.

I was drawn to Jeremiah because the book details the story of the three conquests of the lands of Jerusalem, Israel, and Judah. The first conquest was by the Assyrians, known for several decades in that era as the baddest guys on the block. The second was when Egypt's Pharaoh Nebo got it into his head he was even badder than the Assyrians and could boot them out of the western Levant with relatively small losses to his armies, which he proceeded to do. The third was when King Nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of Babylon, attacked the Egyptian armies and drove them out. He then took all the able-bodied Hebrews living in the area home with his armies, to be slaves in Babylon. When you compare the stories to today's geopolitical realities, there are some very interesting parallels. Those same parallels are reflected in the Book of Ezekiel and the Revelation of John, though the latter book is written in a manner that makes it subject to extremes of interpretation.

In all three of those books, we can read of God's admonition to “his people,” the Hebrews in the cases of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and all peoples of the Earth in the Revelation. The admonitions and warnings are consistent, pointed, and dire. The people of the Holy Bible did not heed. The people of today do not heed any better. The people of the western Levant of the Bible's times were increasingly secularized and idolatrous. What do we see reflected in our own time? Do we perceive parallels? If not, is that because of our own spiritual state or because such things strike us as patently ridiculous? We all should expect non-believers in the reality of God, and those who adhere to other belief systems, to consider such things to be mere curiosities, but those who profess to any Judeo-Christian ethos who struggle with their belief might want to invest some time and energy in a bit of guided research.

Biblical prophecy was never one of my strong suits. Perhaps my current fascination reflects my age and realization that my time as a living being is nearing its end – you tell me. I do not spend much time reflecting on the "whys" of my mind's wandering. I find it more valuable to just let it wander and to document its course.

Keeping those ancient prophets and their books in mind, as well as the truth that history always repeats itself (those cycles referred to above) I look at the geopolitical dynamics and am drawn to focus on three main players in the world today and their potential as reflections of the prophecies of old. Those three are: Radical Islam, China, and the New World Order crowd. This discussion is a consideration of those three entities separately and in combination to understand how today's extremely dangerous geopolitical scene might evolve.

Radical Islam, Jihad, and the Hijra

The most dynamic and dangerous force in the world today is the Islamist movement, or what the political class calls: Radical Islam. It is called other things as well, though all terms are reflective of the nature of the movement as a return to Islamic fundamentalism and all the realities that were present during the first 300 years of Islam's existence.

Radical Islam has several faces. They all need to be contemplated and understood. The active face, represented by the concepts of jihad and hijra, are meant to spread the Muslim faith by conquest or by an overwhelming presence. There is no doubt regarding the spread. Islam has been marching forward for decades, aided and abetted by western traditions of openness, sloth, and greed. I have written many times regarding both jihad and hijra and will spare you further extensive discussions. The essence of jihad to Islamists manifests as extreme violence – mayhem and gruesome, public murders. Jihad also manifests in militaristic phenomena we have grown used to, entities such as Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL), the Taliban, and the many spin-offs and allied groups in the entirety of the Middle and Near East, virtually the entire continent of Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, and many other regions. There are only two distinct nations that seem to forcefully reject any notion of Islamist incursions – China and Japan. China accomplishes their rejection by means of oppression. Japan does it by effecting a national policy of exclusion.

The more passive face of Radical Islam is their focus on political power and religious domination. Political power is wielded through concentrations of population until Muslims achieve a voting majority and Muslim candidates succeed at gaining offices in local, regional, and even national offices. The increasing "Islamization" of politics is a phenomenon readily apparent in European nations and is viewed by the native populations as something no longer "fixable." In truth, Europe has already conceded Islam will become the dominant religious and social philosophy of the continent in only a few short years. In making that concession, those who are non-Muslims have already given up and signaled their unwillingness to fight to preserve their native customs and traditions. What Islam could not do over 1,300 years ago by force, they are now accomplishing by passive means – the hijra.

As implied in the first sentence of the previous paragraph, the Islamist efforts are both political and religious – reflective of the nature of Islam as a holistic belief system that includes all aspects of life. The religious domination is clearly seen by the presence of huge new mosques in all the western lands – including America. A statistically large number of the new mosque complexes are entirely financed by the government of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis do not have a tradition that marks them as competent warriors, so their participation in active efforts by the Radical Islamist movements aren't state-sponsored. They view their major contribution to the worldwide Islamist movements as the financial powerhouse that makes Islam clearly visible to all. What is a more visible icon of Islam than a huge white building or walled complex of buildings with tall minarets on each corner? Another example of Islamist religious domination is their propensity to buy Christian church properties and convert them to mosques. That's an ancient custom of Islam that has been in practice since the first days of the Muslim Conquests. It seems to work, too.

The goal of Radical Islam is clearly stated by them – to reinstate the Muslim Caliphate and extend its power to the ends of the Earth. You do get that, don't you?


This is another subject area I've covered in detail in my previous writings. Those who have read my works understand my contention that the rise of China into the next-to-most-powerful nation on Earth today was facilitated by our government. That effort actually began when President Nixon made his famous trek to China and met with Chairman Mao. That meeting was just the opening gambit, though. Nixon and those who surrounded him understood China as a future asset to their cause, if only they could get the CHICOMS to see it their way. Evidence indicates their way was presented in an acceptable manner and, after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, the government of China became increasingly "friendly" toward western economic ideas. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the reaction of dismay in the west was palpable. A trusted "enemy" had left the playing field. How could the western military-industrial complex survive if we had a new age of peace? Yet, to build a new and competent "enemy" to replace the Soviets was bound to take lots of time and money.

America was a willing partner in the effort to build China into what it is today. We helped re-create them as our powerful economic, and now military, adversary. Perhaps we overdid a bit. That's up for debate. Personally, I think the script for China is on target – right where it was intended to be for several decades now.

China serves as a counter to the Radical Islamist movements. We have all seen how they've moved to neutralize the once-growing influence of the Uyghurs by making them second-class citizens and forcing as many as two million Uyghurs into "re-education" camps. Yes, China will tolerate no semblance of a Radical Islamist movement in their country. They've put their boot heels firmly down on that matter.

The CHICOMs appear intent on becoming the next military superpower. They've sent a message throughout the world of their intent to dominate the planet no later than 2050. They've created a series of man-made islands in the South China Sea that will give them the capability of shutting down all military and commercial sea traffic through the region, and to serve as advanced bases for the People's Liberation Army Air Force. They didn't break any important international laws in building those new islands, though they did get into territorial disputes with the Philippines over the southern ones – and the truth is, they ignored any international environmental agreement that got in their way. The disputes and international accords didn't slow the Chinese down a bit. Their island chain is ready to fully militarize whenever they decide they're needed.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Navy is indisputably the largest sea force on the planet. They eclipsed the U.S. Navy in numbers of ships over a year ago. Numbers is one thing, quality is another. Even by that metric, China is making strides, just as our Navy is in decline. Whether through clever advanced planning or just happenstance (which you know I don't believe in), our Navy is truly suffering today.

The so-called Worldwide Pandemic, known as COVID-19, has materially affected the U.S. Navy's readiness. Because of COVID economic lockdowns in most of the major port cities of the world, our fleets no longer make ports-of-call for liberty, maintenance, or supplies. Our ships look rusty and ragged...because, they are rusty and ragged. Fleet deployments vary from six to nine months in length. That's a very, very long time to stay at sea with no relief of any significant kind. I've asked about the suicide rate among the Navy personnel. The answer I got back was exactly as expected, "It's way up there, but no one is willing to talk about it." There are no numeric metrics to understand what "way up there" actually means, but it's useful just to know it's significant enough in statistical terms to be of concern to the top brass in the Pentagon.

The Chinese are continuing on with their Belt & Road Projects, even though a lot of nations are waking up to the reality of the dependencies they've signed up to. Many nations have allowed China to come in with "free" financing to establish 5G cellular capabilities and to work on infrastructure projects. The Chinese always bring in their own people to execute those projects. A smart, thinking person might surmise the Chinese are actually building all those projects for their own future use. Yes, a smart person might just surmise that. What do you think?

The next-to-last point about China that needs to be made regards currency. China is positioned to replace America as the dominant powerhouse regarding currency. As our dollar weakens (which this administration has worked overtime to accomplish) the yuan is gaining strength. All the COVID-related constraints on our economy and the massively excessive spending commitments of the Biden administration are eroding the dollar's strength by the day – as intended. Once again, an American administration is facilitating the rise of the CHICOMs. Soon we should expect to hear word that the dollar is too weak and unstable to be the standard currency for worldwide foreign trade. Soon we should expect to hear the World Bank announce the yuan as the new standard. Plan on runaway inflation to set in the day after that announcement. Expect the once-mighty dollar to lose an additional 70% of today's value – overnight. No one will want dollars anymore. And, that is the plan.

The last point to be made regarding China is their extreme national vulnerability. The CHICOMs have a blind spot that's going to prove their undoing. I understand William Shakespeare contended that "What is done cannot be undone," but in this case that old "truth" isn't germane. All of China's advances since 1970 can be easily undone, yet they are blind to that reality. That blindness will be exploited by the next group of players I'll discuss. I'll work the future of China into that discussion. Stand by!

The New World Order

There was a time when I discounted the New World Order (NWO) and the constant chatter of plots to gain worldwide domination in order to put all of mankind into one or another state of involuntary servitude. I don't discount it anymore. Today, I know it's not conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact. The NWO is in the process today of effecting their takeover. The only stumbling block they've had for the past three decades has been America. They used to count the highly nationalistic Soviets as a problem to solve for their plans to be feasible, but the Soviets went away, and that just left us. America wasn't a big problem, though. Not really. That's where China came into the picture. China's future was engineered by the NWO, with at least six U.S. administrations' acquiescence, specifically to weaken America. Even so, who would have thought they would use a silly lab-engineered virus to control and weaken us to the point of economic collapse? Yet, that's where we are today.

Students of the NWO and followers of the goings-on at the World Economic Forum (WEF) know that when the NWO proxies who show up in Davos speak of "their timeline," they're actually talking about the timeline requirements to accomplish Agenda 2030 on schedule. When they refer to "our agenda," they're referencing Agenda 2030 –the re-architecture of all human endeavors on the planet, and a shift from the 200-year-old (plus or minus) nation-state paradigm to the planned corporate state model.

It has been evident the NWO crowd was highly excited and angry over the way Donald Trump was elected and managed his Presidency. They never thought he'd win office, and they were aghast when he started out on his first day in that office by keeping campaign promises. Trump had to go. The NWO demanded it, and it happened. It happened much like any socialist-authoritarian endeavor happens –by any means necessary. I've maintained ever since Election Day that the Fat Lady has not yet sung on that event, and I stand by that. Trump may be in his Palm Beach home instead of the White House, but he's not out of the game yet. Not by a long shot. But, we will have to sit, watch, and wait. If I hear that Fat Lady, I'll let you know. Today I hear a drumbeat as "the steal" is being systematically and painstakingly dealt with in the nation's courts. That drumbeat is Trump's growing strength. The tide is turning, but can it turn fast enough, fast enough to save America's future and the future of all freedom-loving people all over the world? We all have to wait and see.

If the NWO should prevail, we'll know very soon – possibly within the next month. If that comes to pass, we should expect to see several purges. The obvious urge is to panic, but we can't give in to that. We have to remain cool, calm, and collected, and not give our enemies ammunition with which to shoot us.

Agenda 2030, if accomplished, will require a huge reduction in the world's population. Studying the socio-economic model implied by the Agenda tells that story. Agenda 2030 is only practical to execute with a fairly small population. The Georgia Guide Stones tell us the target number – no more than 500M people alive on the planet at one time. This is where our discussion of the Islamists and China come into play.

The NWO has been materially aiding the Islamic jihad and hijra efforts all along. That is apparent if you look hard enough. What is done can be undone. Once the Islamists have served their purpose, they'll be kicked to the curb, without mercy. They'll be exterminated. The last thing the NWO principals want is an extreme ideology. Their own Earth-centric new "religion" that worships Mother Earth as its deity will be standardized in its implementation. There will be no room for competing ideologies, least of all Islam. Sorry, my Muslim friends, but the NWO fully intends to eliminate your kind. They will hunt you like rabbits and slaughter you until the word Islam is not even present in the common vocabulary. You should plan on it.

Lastly, there's the Chinese. There's a whole lot of them, aren't there? And, they're all going to be little but targets of opportunity. The Chinese believe they have this game beaten. They believe they're too powerful for the NWO to defeat. They truly believe in their own destiny to rule the planet, but they are dead wrong.

Who owns the majority of the factories in China – those cash cows for the CHICOMS? Why, it's the very same people who created modern China in the first place – those NWO principals I referred to earlier, aided and abetted by several U.S. Presidents and their administrations – who were always part of the NWO scheme. They gave, and they have the power to take back. And they fully intend to do so. China may hold a strong hand, but the world is ruled by two things – power and money.

On a national basis, China is a powerhouse, but it's that very basis the NWO has worked for over 90 years to eliminate. They want their corporate states, and they shall have them – if they have any say in the matter. They have 85% of the world's wealth in their pockets. How hard would it be for them to buy all the support they need to knock China back into the 19th century? Believe it or not – it's not that hard. China may have nukes, but who would they launch them at? The NWO isn't a physical thing – and it's everywhere! If China thinks they're strong enough to survive a NWO shutdown of all the western-owned factories in their country – they're forgetting something. The same NWO that controls all that capacity in China also controls the markets. Once all those western-owned assets are abandoned, orders will go out to all the markets of the world to boycott everything Chinese. The boycotts will be poured in concrete. The Chinese will very quickly learn the cost of maintaining their economy in a day when no one will trade with them or take any of their debt instruments. They will quickly experience the very same set of circumstances that doomed the Soviet Union. And their end will be just as swift and sure.

My title references the famous "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" figures, which are interpretations of text within the Revelation and Ezekiel. If I were to assign comparable roles to today's geopolitical realities, I would have Radical Islam in the role of the rider of the black horse – Famine. Everywhere they go, they corrupt and impoverish. They sow seeds of destruction. There is no sustenance to be had from them. I would assign China the role of the rider of the red horse – generally interpreted as War. They are the most belligerent nation on earth today, and their own plans indicate they will remain so until they accomplish their goals or are toppled. The NWO, I would think, might work as the pale green horse – Death. Certainly their implied intent to eliminate at least 6.5B people from the population before 2030 qualifies them as potentially the greatest slayers of humans in all of the world's history – by orders of magnitude. That leaves the fourth horse – the white one. There are several interpretations of what the rider of the white horse represents. I'll leave that part up to you, just as I will the assignment of any individual or any nation to that role. I admit it – if there's a fourth horseman present in the world today, I have yet to understand who or what it might be.

The world as we know it is planned "to end, not with a bang, but a whimper." That's from T.S. Eliot's poem "The Hollow Men." Eliot was reflecting backward, on a war just completed (WWI), but as stated before, history repeats – history always repeats. With that in mind, I am willing to assert that if the NWO is successful and nothing can stop them from executing to their timeline, we who are alive today may yet hear that whimper, and it won't be very long in coming.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

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