Steve A. Stone
Total warfare? Almost!
By Steve A. Stone
August 5, 2021

Dear Friends and Patriots,

Are you familiar with the term “total warfare?” It’s a real thing, you know. It’s no-holds-barred, all-fronts conflict that’s engaged in when one side cannot afford to lose. Normal rules that are observed during “civilized” warfare are suspended. The objective is to make the opposing power cease fighting and beg for mercy as quickly as possible. The last time the US was involved in total warfare was during WWII. What’s my evidence? We did engage in fire-bombing of entire cities in Germany and Japan, and we did drop two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities, didn’t we? If punishing the Axis military forces wasn’t doing the trick, punishing the average citizens as well might. That was pretty darned “total,” wasn’t it?

In a nutshell, total warfare is war waged upon the economy, the people, and the military of an adversary. It doesn’t just place the existence of a military force in question, but also the notion of the continuance of entire nations and cultures. Once total warfare is initiated the continuance of such things as national and cultural identity are up to the victors to determine.

If you concur with the previous paragraph, you grasp the point of reference, but you may wonder what’s being pointing to as a current topic. It’s rather simple, really. The contention is what we’re seeing from our government, and from the various elements of the so-called “progressive, Marxist left,” constitutes total warfare on the people of our nation, by our own government, with only one element of warfare missing. Here’s a brief summary of activities that support my contention:

  • Economic instabilities – The adoption of New Monetary Theory is responsible for a massive and rapid increase in our national debt. Our Democrat-controlled Congress has gone on a full-bore effort to load our nation with crushing debt that can never be repaid. They’re aided by the Federal Reserve Bank, which keeps interest so low it “appears” the debt is interest “free” in order to forestall default. Nothing is free. One day our debt instruments will have no buyer and the entire phony economic system now in place will collapse. Rampant inflation will ensue. It’s just history. Most people alive don’t remember it, but the Great Depression was a real thing, and it wasn’t a bit fun or funny. Perhaps you remember the “stagflation” that resulted from the Carter administration’s economic policies? Our government is waging economic warfare on the people, knowing full well that one day, sooner rather than later, our economy and economies all around the globe will collapse.

  • Promoting inflation – Directly related to economic instabilities is the growing inflationary trend. There’s nothing being done to curtail it. Instead, everything our Congress does that loads us with more debt does little but promote inflation. Think about the idea of passing a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan at a time when both labor and materials costs are at all-time highs? Even if you’re an ardent believer in Keynesian economics you know better than to incur massive debt on public works programs unless you’re already in at least a major recession, if not a depression. Keynes promoted the idea of public works programs when unemployment is exceptionally high, mostly because labor needs to be employed and it’s a cheap deal for the government if timed right. But, everything the Democrat-controlled government is doing adds fuel to the inflationary fire. It, too, is an element of warfare, intended to force the collapse of our economy.

  • COVID (and all it brings with it) – Lockdowns, masking, mandatory business shutdowns, stay-at-home mandates, vaccination edicts, quarantines, rent moratoriums, virtual office-working, virtual schooling, and the list just goes on. Countless businesses have closed due to the COVID scare. One day, assuming we ever get rational again and we crunch some valid data, we’ll look back on this time and say “What was that about?” But, if the politicians of the world have their way, that day will never happen. They want us to get used to living in fear. Fear has been proven over and over again to be the best and most reliable method to control large groups of people. The manner in which the COVID response has been effected is little but warfare against the rights of the people, waged to keep us cowed and submissive – at the very least.

  • Media madness – The vast majority of the media – in all its many forms – is fully bought into the agenda that’s being imposed on us. They are warriors for the progressives’ cause against the American citizen, all the while pretending to inform us of truth. The media madness actually began in earnest in the 1960’s but, for the past two decades, has been in full flower. The media is little but a huge propaganda machine, shilling for every idiotic position enunciated by those who pull the levers of power. Rational people see through the various ruses, but even they have a difficult time understanding and making sense of the “why” of it. The media may be the most powerful influencer of public opinion; that’s hard to say these days. What is easy to state is their complicity with all the various aspects of the war against the people of the country. The media has developed an “us vs. them” attitude about everything going on in the country, but when they say “us” they put themselves in the same camp as the most ardent of Marxists, and when speaking of “them” – that’s you and me. Alex Jones, for all his faults, has always been correct – it’s a war for our minds.

  • Education – Those who watch and try to comprehend already know colleges and universities have been corrupted for many decades. It seems most people who are awakened to the problems of K-12 are a bit late in coming around. They don’t realize the progressive takeover of public schools began in the earliest days of the 1950’s. Today it’s fairly safe to say most public schools are no longer invested in educating the youth in academics. Instead they’re fully engaged in molding the young into the progressive useful idiots the government needs to win the war they’ve imposed on us. Instead of churning out motivated and capable youths to learn skills and trades, and acquire professional credentials, the schools are purposefully confusing the young regarding their sexuality, teaching them that America is a violent, racist, and horrible mistake of history, that global climate change is real and mainly the result of capitalist greed, and that everything on the planet falls victim to the genetic racism and destructiveness of those of white European descent. The young are taught they’re victims of one or another oppressor and are owed … something, by someone. It’s rather easy to state that education in America is predominately Marxist in its ideological presentation, but it’s a very refined and all-encompassing Marxism, packaged in such a way that young people have almost no means to fend it off.

  • Taking the children – Most people aren’t aware of the rationale behind the social welfare mindset regarding children and why there’s such a political emphasis on them. If you recall, that emphasis became blatant during Bill Clinton’s second term in office, when every proposal from his administration was justified as “for the children of America.” It’s a 19th Century rationale that’s a Marxist tenet – children are property of the nation, not their parents. Because they’re a nation’s future they should be treated as national assets; carefully cultivated and molded to that nation’s needs. If parents aren’t doing that job to the satisfaction of the government the children are to be removed and placed with foster parents who are more compliant with the nation’s interest. That is the underlying philosophy of child welfare organizations, and always has been. In warfare children are always victims. In the total warfare against Americans they are also the first targets.

  • Morality – America has suffered from a decline in morality for decades. We endure swearing and depictions of sexual deviance and immorality on our TV screens. Prayer is all but banned in the public square, as are almost all religious depictions. Movies, TV series, comic books, and video games rob our young of a proper sense of reality, ethics, and truth. Death and destruction, sexual perversion, and fantasies of all kinds are presented to us as if all of it is a natural and normal part of everyone’s life. Planned Parenthood commits government-sanctioned and funded murder of the innocent by the thousands every day. Drug use is so commonplace it’s almost normalized. Divorce is far more common than lifetime marriages. Marriage itself is a threatened institution. Most children today are born out of wedlock. The music business aids and abets it all. Progressive politicians legislate continually for relaxation of any standard of behavior that doesn’t serve their purpose. Children are now taught there’s no such thing as gender, even as they learn there are over 60 pronouns to describe their sexual orientation. History has proven time and time again the fall of any culture is preceded immediately by a precipitous decline in that culture’s moral standards. We have been watching ours decline for a long time now. America’s culture in 2021 is almost unrecognizable to anyone who grew up before WWII. It’s as if our country was suddenly overrun by alien beings.

  • Military un-readiness – Those who watch closely know the Democrats have long had a love-hate relationship with the military. Democrat politicians understand that the military supports and sustains them, but they generally loathe those in uniform. The Clintons and Obamas were famous for their disdain for military institutions and traditions. The Bidens are following suit. Congressional Democrats show their own disdain in subtle and not-so-subtle ways – but mostly through manipulation of budgets and budget priorities. How does a government diminish military readiness in the surest and quickest way? It underfunds the services’ training and maintenance budgets. If a military can’t train properly, readiness begins to decline almost immediately. If it cannot maintain equipment properly the utility of military hardware begins to decline almost immediately, creating an ever-increasing inventory of “hangar queens” as off-line assets are cannibalized to keep more capable hardware in service. Eventually the backlog of work and ordered parts begins to affect front-line assets and operational commitments have to be rescheduled, completely re-planned, or scrapped entirely. The Obama administration attacked morale with personnel policies that negatively affected readiness down to the lowest unit levels. The Trump administration rescinded those policies and restored funding across the board, creating perhaps the greatest and most capable fighting forces of all time, but the Biden administration has undone all of that and reinstated the corrosive policies of Obama. Our military is not a place for warriors today. The leadership has become politically tainted, corrupt, and weak. Our military is no longer a reliable ally of the people it’s intended to protect.

  • Small business and the middle class – For a couple of decades before the Trump administration it was apparent there was something of a war on the middle class, especially small business owners. That war was fought by the government mainly through the imposition of new fees, taxes, and ever-more stringent regulations. For all that time the US has had the highest cost of regulatory compliance of any nation on the planet. Most people don’t think about it, but regulatory compliance costs are a tax on whomever consumes the goods or services of the company being regulated, just as are those fees and other taxes – all are costs of doing business, passed on to the consumer. Beyond the costs there is always the question of the ability of any individual business to successfully comply. Many small businesses have shut down over the past two decades out of frustration with an implacable federal bureaucracy. There was a period of relief when the Trump administration rolled back thousands of regulations deemed to be either unnecessary or overreach, but virtually all those regulations have been reimposed. The various mandatory shutdowns ordered during the so-called COVID Crisis have resulted in a plethora of business closures. We’ve heard phony wailing and gnashing of teeth from Democrat administrations over the “dying” middle class,” but they’ve consistently been the major agent of that phenomenon. It will only get worse.

  • Domestic energy production – Just think, only a year ago the US had a thriving energy sector, was energy self-sufficient, and was an oil and gas exporting nation. That’s all gone now, and for purely ideological reasons. If one does a rational examination of the entire notion of electric vehicles and alternative power sources like windmills it’s fairly easy to conclude most of the pro-alternative energy hype is little but that – hype. But, with climate change fright still one of the major tools the progressive left uses to control us, we don’t see much in the way of rational examination. There’s no logical reason to shut down domestic energy production. But, progressive ideologues don’t operate according to “real” logic and they don’t use a standard of reason a normal person should recognize. All their thought processes are tainted by ideology; in this case a Marxist ideology that requires America to submit to the will of the Marxist-dominated New World Order movement. As long as America is energy independent she can remain the dominant power on the globe. That is a condition progressives will not allow to continue, so those in power in Washington fully intend to force us to adopt ever-more stupid and inefficient technologies for purely ideological reasons.

  • Domestic manufacturing – The Trump administration pushed through a bill to reduce the corporate income tax rate, which spurred growth in the manufacturing sector in an unprecedented way. Millions of jobs were created and corporations began to move some of their off-shore operations back to the US. That’s all gone now. So are many of the constraints the Trump administration placed on China. It’s fair to say the current administration has a pro-China policy that’s certain to use tax policies to continue the three decade trend that encourages corporations to manufacture their goods there. It’s just another aspect of war against our own economy.

  • Property rights – Have you heard of National Heritage Areas? Read about them on the National Park Service web pages. Note one word you’ll see – sustainable. Of course, you see that word in many places on the Park Service web site, and for good reason – they are one of the major Agenda 2030 proponents in our government. National Heritage Areas may have had their beginning in the 1980’s, well before even Agenda 21, but they’ve been re-directed to a different purpose from the original. The true objective is land-use denial. There are many such initiatives in our nation that are put forth as purely conservationist. You should get familiar with them so you recognize when a land-denial initiative is proposed for your own area. Learn what the following are and how much land they control – land that can be totally withdrawn from any public access when the time is deemed right. Here’s a short list: Acres for America; American Prairie Reserve; American Prairie Corridor; Forever Wild projects; Department of Interior National Parks, Preserves, and Wildlife refuges; the US Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Reserve and Enhanced Conservation Reserve Programs, Farmable Wetlands Program, and Grassland Reserve Program. Learn how conservation easements and public-private land set-asides are used to exercise government control over land use. Learn how much land is under government control by federal laws like North American Wetlands Conservation Act and the Endangered Species Act. Americans dodged a big bullet when the so-called Waters of the US law was finally defeated. If it had been implemented it would have allowed the government to claim jurisdiction over home properties that had any water that pooled on a yard or in a driveway after a rain, as well as entire rainwater runoff paths. Water conservation is now being used as a weapon against property rights.

  • Self-defense – There’s no better example of this conflict with the people than the battles over Second Amendment rights. If our government has any interest in our right to preserve our own lives, why would it seek so many ways to diminish our ability to do so? Why does it constantly seek ways to criminalize that ability? There are plenty of examples in history and in current events to point to when making the point that disarming the populace is unwise, yet our government continues to wage that battle. We all know people kill other people, so the only true rationale for disarming us is to facilitate the government’s ability to exercise its control over us. There’s no need to say more.

  • Population – You may or may not already get this, but our government has been waging a war against population growth for many decades. Planned Parenthood was established to control the growth of minority populations. The current K-12 emphasis on sexual identity that creates and exacerbates gender dysphoria is intended to disrupt natural procreation. When the young are completely conflicted over their sexual identities the national birthrate is depressed. Look at the numbers. The answers are readily apparent. In fact, it’s rather easy to examine birthrate statistics to understand which cultures maintain the strongest hold on groups of people. Those identifiable cultures with the highest birthrates are the ones that maintain a strong cultural identity and communal will to thrive. Those with the weakest identity and will are the ones with the lowest birthrates. We have to get smarter about all this and understand those numbers are not accidents, and they’re not the result of any philosophic “enlightenment.” No, those numbers are the result of long-term, planned efforts to manipulate and control target populations. To understand this correctly you have to study the work of the De-Population and De-Growth movements and comprehend their role in the war against the people.

  • Religion – It would be easy to leave that one word there and expand on it, but that would be dishonest. The truth is – there’s no war on religion. To think so is to buy into a lie. Do you perceive a war against Islam in America? Where is there evidence of a war against the Bahais or Hindus, Buddhists, or any of the dozens of other minor religions practiced in this country? No, there’s no wholesale war against religion in America. But, there is a war. That war is being waged against Christians and Jews. Evidence of that war is all around us. All we need to do is open our eyes and understand. We also need to know vastly more about the philosophy of our nation’s founding and re-acquaint ourselves with First Principles. America’s strength has always had its foundation in Judeo-Christian principles. It’s the war against those principles you need to pay attention to.

It would be easy to continue in this way for another dozen pages, but you should get the point by now. Our government has been systematically chipping away at our legal and natural rights for many years, all the while telling us their interest was in protecting either us or those same rights.

This article started out with the premise that total warfare is being waged against the people of this country by our own government and its allies in the so-called progressive, Marxist left, but the title is bifurcated. The second part of the title is “ALMOST!” The only element of total warfare that’s missing is the overt slaughter of the intended victims of this war. We have yet to see it. Does that mean we won’t? Do you believe it won’t happen? Does it even need to happen if the populace capitulates through its incredible level of apathy?

If a slaughter should happen, what would be the weapons used? Do you think for a minute the government will turn guns on the people and simple mow us down? History tells us that won’t happen here. The Nazis tried that approach in the early days of World War II and found it to be too slow and inefficient. Mao, in China, and Pol Pot, in Cambodia, simply pushed the people out of the cities and created the conditions for mass starvation, but that won’t work here. We still have our guns and won’t simply line up and march out to the countryside. No, if our government’s intent is to reduce our numbers in a dramatic way there are two better scenarios. One is a civil war, where we slaughter each other. The other is through disease. Of course, purposely provoking both scenarios simultaneously would work far faster, wouldn’t it?

Instead of endlessly ruminating on those scenarios I leave them for the reader to think about. Consider the things you hear and see coming from our government and media and – think. Are we being conditioned to accept the notion of a new civil war? Are we being set up for an actual pandemic? Think – who is your friend? Who is your enemy? Do you truly know who is who? You better get that figured out, and soon. 2030 is approaching fast. It’s time to define our enemies and confront them before it’s too late. It’s past time to know our friends and gather with them.

Rather than leave you on such a low note, think of one other thing. If we’re lucky this country will survive through the end of 2022. If it does, that means we may have our mid-term elections next year. That possibility implies we still have another chance to fix some things and buy more time. That means – we still have hope! We are not yet done yet! While you’re thinking about the things progressive Democrats may be trying to provoke to bring us to a quick end, put some time into acting to thwart them. Act as if 2022 and that election is a certainty and get involved in a push for real change in Washington. In “retrospeak” – let’s see if we can Throw the Bums Out! Perhaps there still is a way we can end this war without a slaughter.

In Liberty,


© Steve A. Stone


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Steve A. Stone

Steve A. Stone is and always will be a Texan, though he's lived outside that great state for all but 3 years since 1970, remembering it as it was, not as it is. He currently resides in Lower Alabama with a large herd of furry dependents, who all appear to be registered Democrats. Steve retired from the U.S. Coast Guard reserves in 2011, after serving over 22 years in uniform over the span of four decades. His service included duty on two U.S. Navy attack submarines, and one Navy and two U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Units. He is now retired after working as a senior civil servant for the U.S. Navy for over 31 years. Steve is a member of the Alabama Minority GOP and Common Sense Campaign. He is also a life member of SUBVETS, Inc., the Submarine League, and the NRA. In 2018, Steve has written and published 10 books.


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