Sylvia Thompson
Retrain police to do what?
By Sylvia Thompson
December 12, 2014

I recently read that Obama, Holder, and their leftist entourage are calling for "police training." That decision is the result of the shooting of a young black thief (Michael Brown) in Ferguson, MO and the forceful take-down of a black man (Eric Garner) who resisted a lawful arrest in New York City. What, pray tell, is the training for? Is it to encourage police officers to allow black folks to break laws with impunity, because they claim victim status for being black?

Here is a recent quote from Obama in regard to the events in Ferguson:
    "They need law enforcement more than anybody and there are a lot of communities in my hometown of Chicago, for example, who want to actually see more police in but they want to make sure the police are trained so they can distinguish between a gang banger and a kid who just happens to be wearing a hoodie, but otherwise is a good kid and not doing anything wrong."
And he goes further with this statement:
    "In the end, what I have confidence in is that if we do a better job of training our law enforcement to be sensitive to the concerns of minority communities, then over time trust can be built in part because minority communities typically are subject to more crime."
How about parents teach their children to dress in ways that make them distinguishable from gang bangers and criminals? That tactic is more feasible than expecting police officers to read people's minds. It is beyond ludicrous to require that rational human beings not make judgments (and, yes, I mean "judgments") based on what they see. After all, the visual is all that we have, initially, to gauge our surroundings. This is why profiling (sizing up a situation by what you see when in the presence of other people) is essential for an individual's safety. How officers respond to the initial visual, given the dangerous nature of police work, can sometimes mean life or death for them.

According to black Milwaukee, WI County Sheriff David Clarke, this reality is why there is a bottom line in every encounter with a police officer. The bottom line is that all citizens must obey any police officer's lawful commands. And if you question a command, zip your lips and complain later through the appropriate channels. Doing so may keep you alive long enough to make the complaint. All parents (black, white, and otherwise) should teach their children this lesson, especially their sons who, given the ragings of hormones, can be very belligerent and hostile toward any authority.

Sadly, most patriotic Americans have come to expect such foolish remarks from a sinister person like Barack Obama. His smooth talk is solely for the grossly uninformed populace of blacks who listen to him and the folks who agree with his obtuse thinking.

The leftist Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is one of those obtuse-thinking Obama minions. In response to the Eric Garner incident in New York City, de Blasio has called for the retraining of some 35 thousand city police officers. Mayor de Blasio, good race-monger that he is, essentially proclaimed that all city police officers are racists and must be retrained. Again, my question is "retrained for what"? If their racism is the issue, how do you retrain a racist?

Joe Cordero, former NYPD Inspector, drove home this point in a recent interview on the Fox News Sean Hannity TV show. Mr. Cordero, strongly supporting his fellow police officers in face of the despicable treatment they are receiving, offered that the solution to racist cops is to fire them. If they are truly racists, you cannot "train" that conditioning away. Of course, the NYPD does not consist of all or even a majority of racists, or that fact would have been revealed long ago. What is true, however, is that Bill de Blasio, Obama, and Holder along with, I would say, the majority of the Left are race-mongers. And if it takes exploiting race issues to advance their anti-American agenda, they will exploit.

Obama and Holder, and their minions on the Left, have specific designs with regard to those who enforce our laws. Their ultimate intent is to scuttle law enforcement so that there will be less or no opposition against the takeover of the country by the forces that plan its destruction. The Obama Administration will have demoralized and misdirected police officers to the point where they are completely ineffective in their jobs. As a result, many will refuse even to consider going into police work, and crime and chaos will escalate – fitting well into the Left's agenda. It is the same intent behind the ongoing destruction of the military.

Reasoning Americans should refuse to listen to the rubbish coming from political opportunists in this latest racial drama. Minority communities are part of the fabric of America, as are all other communities. They neither deserve nor merit special treatment under the law. You cannot have a nation of laws when those laws are not evenly exercised. The problems in minority communities are not of law enforcement's making. Those problems are the result of decades of leftist Democrat manipulation of black Americans to ensure the party's political power. The sooner black communities wake up to that fact and abandon the Democrats, the better off they and the nation will be.

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