Sylvia Thompson
The false comparison that homosexual activists make
By Sylvia Thompson
July 15, 2015

I listened during a television news show to a spokesman for the homosexual cause failing miserably to make the case that they (homosexuals) are not against religious freedom. He claimed they oppose "discrimination" against homosexuals when Christian businesses choose not to involve themselves in homosexual activities.

As so many leftists do, the spokesman compared the perceived discrimination to refusing service to a patron because the patron is black.

What that spokesman conveniently avoided is the immutability of being black. As such, laws against discrimination based on race are equitable laws (in man's and in God's eyes). As a black person, I can be nothing other than black, regardless of what I do.

Being black is a God-given, as is being any other ethnicity. The behavior of a black person, however, is not immutable and neither is homosexual behavior. Any business can refuse service to a black person or any other person for behavior that they cannot, for legitimate reasons, countenance. And scriptural reasons are legitimate.

Some Christian businesses may require that drug dealers of any color not carry on deals in their establishments, even in a city where drug dealing is legal. If the perpetrator is black, the rejection has nothing to do with his color, but rather his behavior. For the believing Christian business owner, drug dealing is against God's laws that prohibit willfully harming fellow human beings.

A Christian business may refuse to honor a madam's request to cater a celebration for her stable of call girls and their most loyal johns (even in a city where prostitution is legal). Prostitution is against God's laws that prohibit fornication and adultery – the life's blood of the prostitute, of any gender or ethnicity.

Whether or not homosexual behavior is against manmade laws (as it certainly was throughout American history) does not alter the fact that it is, as is drug dealing and prostitution, against God's laws. A Christian business that receives a request to involve them in any way in the homosexual cause would refuse such a request from a homosexual of any ethnicity.

Homosexuality is expressed in behavior; being black simply is.

In fact, if a homosexual does not make known his choice of homosexuality, nobody would know what that person does sexually. As such, a homosexual who is not trying to advance the homosexual cause can be served in a Christian business. Just as a drug dealer will be served if he is not soliciting the Christian's involvement in his dealing or using drugs and a prostitute will be served if such service has nothing to do with the behavior.

Almighty God requires that humans not engage in homosexual behavior. And the very fact that He requires we not make that choice, proves such a choice can be rejected – difficult, maybe, but not impossible. He would not have set the requirement if humans were incapable of avoiding the behavior. That's not the way the God of perfect justice operates.

For the believing Christian, all aspects of life (including work) are to be guided by biblical principles. The Founders built into the Constitution the right to hold fast to those principles. There is no right to homosexual or any other God-condemned behaviors in the Constitution. What the Supreme Court or any other legal authority says about the issue is irrelevant. And what's more, all kinds of businesses cater to the degeneracies of humans. In today's America, what a customer cannot secure at one establishment, he can secure elsewhere, no matter how vile and degenerate his request may be.

This brings to mind the dating service, originally set up for men seeking women and women seeking men, primarily for lasting marital relationships. Homosexual fascists threatened the founders of the service with a court case to force them to match homosexuals. There were (and I am certain, still are) many dating services catering to homosexuals, but was targeted because its focus was biblical, natural marriage and family. Legal costs and harassment drove the founders to cave, much to the consternation of a lot of decent people, Christian and otherwise.

That is how homofascism works, in a nutshell.

Whatever the depraved state of homosexual activists and whatever the satanic hold they may have on the legal system in this country, believing Christians must answer to God whenever Caesar runs amok.

It does not matter what the consequences may be, even if those consequences are imprisonment or death, or both. In the ultimate end, when God intervenes, the Christian who follows His dictates will be vindicated. The stubbornly unrepentant will eventually be destroyed, regardless of what weak-willed and apostate professed Christian leaders tell them.

Therefore, a comparison of the civil rights of people who are immutably black to homosexuals who choose their behavior is a bogus comparison. I am certain the homosexual movement is well aware of that fact. Disingenuousness and lying, after all, are its primary hallmarks.

As I have said before, this issue has nothing to do with civil rights. It is all about a small, tyrannical segment of our rotting culture that has foolishly taken issue with Almighty God. They will sorely regret that choice in due time, if they are not already regretting it.

The rampant disease, both medical and mental, permeating the homosexual and other deviant populations is staggering for such a small portion of society. It should be clear evidence that those who embrace deviant sexual sin are way off base. But apparently not; it may take something even more drastic than dying in droves to open eyes and hearts.

Correction: The dating service threatened with court action by homosexuals was eHarmony, not, as originally stated in this article.

© Sylvia Thompson


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