Sylvia Thompson
America is not an outpost for foreign countries
By Sylvia Thompson
March 27, 2016

Discussions are brewing, and appropriately so, regarding whom we should allow into our country. For any with reasonable intelligence, the answer is a no-brainer. We should allow only those people most suited to fit into a westernized, Christian-oriented, English-speaking nation. Such people would be least likely to cause disruption, chaos, and grief to native born citizens. Any nation that does not have the wherewithal to grasp this fundamental truth should probably not be a nation.

Nobody from any culture that is diametrically opposed to America's western, Judeo-Christian foundations should be, or should ever have been, allowed to immigrate to America.

For several centuries, those in positions to make immigration decisions were patriots whose intentions toward the nation were wholesome. Those founding leaders set into law precedent for denying entry to any "class" of people that could potentially pose a threat to this country. And if anybody dares to argue that Muslims are not a class that could pose a threat to this nation that person either harbors devious intentions toward us or is an uninformed dupe.

Leftists' and GOP establishment types' whining about the unconstitutionality of Donald Trump's call for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration are ignorant of our laws. The Founders of America were an astute group of very intelligent, biblically oriented men of good will. They were not suicidal and would never have willingly exposed the nation to destruction by those coming in from other countries. It is no surprise that early American laws did not allow for "dual-citizenship." Allegiance to America was paramount, as it should be today.

Because the Left has so diminished American culture, America is now treated by many from other nations as a comfortable place to move to and continue living the way they lived in their countries of origin. They are aided in this erroneous assumption by Barack Obama and an administration who are, themselves, hostile to America as founded.

In addition, the progressive Left views those entering America with such attitudes as beneficial to their goal of reshaping the country into something more suitable to their liking. Immigrants are being used as tools to relegate those of us who are natives to substandard citizenship. That leftist scheme is called "multiculturalism," and we must fight it or be destroyed by it. Political correctness be damned.

The situation has become so bad that foreigners are emboldened to dictate to us natives what our founding principles are.

Fareed Zakaria, a foreigner from India (who was naturalized) is on record pontificating that America is founded on "diversity" and difference. That assessment is pure malarkey. Our founding principles are not based on diversity but rather are grounded in Judeo-Christianity, which extols inalienable individual rights from the God of the Universe (Yahweh/Jehovah). All people immigrating to America are expected to embrace those founding principles or they should not immigrate to America.

Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico, a nation that routinely dumps its struggling masses on our soil, presumes that we must listen to his prattle about legalizing the illegal Mexican hordes who are currently in America and cease trying to stop the influx of more. He made this ridiculous comment in opposition to presidential candidate Donald Trump's plan to return illegals to Mexico, where they legally belong.

I would venture to say the Muslim threat is even more dangerous than the problem of illegal Mexicans. Mexico is at least part of Western Civilization. The dominant religion and culture is not far removed from America's. Muslim immigrants are of Eastern cultures and those are vastly different from the American culture. Our western dress and cultural norms nowhere near match those of Muslims, and our dominant faith, Christianity, is diametrically opposed to theirs, Islam. The question becomes, why do these people come here?

I recall a couple of decades ago hearing on a news broadcast a Muslim woman lament how difficult it was to celebrate Ramadan in America. My immediate thought was it darn well should be difficult to practice a religion such as Islam in America, a nation founded by Christians for the worship of Christianity. I wondered why she came to America and didn't go to, say, Saudi Arabia or another middle eastern country where she could have been accommodated. The question, again, is why is she here?

In the midst of this untenable situation, a group of American Muslims that include Dr. Zuhdi Jasser have attempted to introduce a "reform" version of Islam, which they think is more representative of that faith. Whether they can accomplish their goal is yet undetermined.

Dr. Jasser was born in America and looks, speaks, and acts like an American, as it should be. After all, Dr. Jasser lives in America, a 200-plus year old sovereign nation born out of Western Civilization and the Judeo-Christian faith. As a fellow native-born American, I expect no less of him. I, and many other patriotic Americans, expect no less from any foreigners who were allowed to settle in our country.

Patriots must stand firmly against those who would diminish our national heritage, because a nation without a language, a faith, an identifiable culture, and an understood history will not survive as anything other than an outpost. And it is well past time that we make it known, America is not an outpost.

© Sylvia Thompson


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