Sylvia Thompson
Wolf in sheep's clothing: Richard Grenell has made inroads into Trump's administration and the Republican Party
By Sylvia Thompson
August 29, 2020

Bryan Fischer, a columnist, recently published the article “Ric Grenell and Log Cabin Republicans Threaten GOP Platform on Sexuality.” (

Richard Grenell is an activist homosexual who has made tremendous inroads into the conservative political movement. I suspect his success can be attributed partly to help from Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner.

The Kushners are supposed to be Orthodox Jews. How they square acceptance and promotion of disordered sexuality with the Word of God (the Bible) escapes me. But evidence indicates that Ivanka influences her father, President Trump, toward acceptance of what Almighty God condemns.

President Trump held before his presidency, and to some degree probably still holds, a New York cosmopolitan attitude toward sexual deviancy. It’s an “each to his own” view of sexuality and a belief that morality is relative. Since becoming President, however, Trump has learned that the New York cosmopolitan view is diametrically opposed to God’s view—that same God who created sex and sexuality as chronicled in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

Trump’s advisory team on religion no doubt informed him that there are far more Bible Christians in this country than New York-cosmopolitan types. Consequently, in his first term, he has been walking a thin line between trying to appease the sex activists, such as Grenell, and Bible Christians who played a very significant role in putting him in office. There seems to be an early push to ensure Trump’s open support of mainstreaming deviant sexual behaviors during a second term. Should he abandon most of his supporters then, it will not jeopardize a reelection.

Bryan Fischer’s concern with Grenell and the homosexual activists who make up the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) is that they will corrupt the current conservative platform of the Republican Party. In 2016, they made efforts to pervert the intent of the platform but were held back by strong GOP leaders. I recall reading about the event, where the LCR members refused to back down after they had been respectfully listened to and rejected.

It seems fate prevented the gathering of the Republican National Committee (RNC) to develop a 2020 platform. Democrat governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina refused permission to the RNC to convene before this year’s national convention, citing coronavirus concerns. The Committee would have considered revisions to the 2016 platform at that meeting. As Fischer pointed out in his article, the 2016 platform is what carried Trump to his win; therefore, its fundamental concepts are not in need of revision. Changes would no doubt be only to appease LCR activists.

It's reasonable to assess that “conservative homosexual,” which is how some homosexuals view themselves, is an oxymoron—that is, if “conservative” means to conserve what has been proven through time to be beneficial, wholesome, and morally sound.

Conservative concepts in the 2016 Republican platform, such as natural marriage being the union of one man and one woman and every child’s right to a married mother and father, are anathema to homosexuals. They are, after all, the people driving the assault on these concepts, which are the foundation of civil society.

Fischer warns that with the Bostock ruling from the Supreme Court (which redefined the word “sex” in current civil rights law to include “sexual orientation”), it is a given that homosexual activists such as Grenell and the LCR will intimidate and pressure Congress to validate the Court’s ruling. They want to force upon the American people, through legislation, an acceptance of deviant sexual behavior of all kinds.

We must never forget what happened to the Boy Scouts of America and America’s military when sexual deviancy was allowed to permeate those once highly regarded organizations. The former has been permanently destroyed and the fate of the latter is still hanging in the balance. We don’t know yet how social engineering foisted upon the military ranks has ultimately affected the fighting forces. Is there the necessary unit cohesion to overcome the negative effects of an infiltration of women and openly practicing homosexuals? The military’s fighting strength has not as yet been tested as it was in the past. Can we take on China if necessary?

While I share Bryan Fischer’s concern about the threat that bowing to sexual deviancy will pose to the Republican Party (the only party providing a conservative counterbalance to the socialist Democrats), I see an even greater threat. That is the eventual criminalization of Judeo-Christianity in America—a nation founded by Christians for the unfettered worship of their God.

When the courts start demanding that Bible Christians be forced to follow laws that we cannot and will not follow, because those laws contradict the laws of Almighty God, then we will experience what Christians throughout the world have experienced. Some of us will refuse in the manner of the young Hebrew men in the day of Daniel the prophet (Daniel 3:12-18). Some will bow. A number of religious leaders have already caved to the bullying tactics of the sex activists lobby, even to the point of perverting God’s Word. They misrepresent or simply ignore the clear Bible message condemning disordered sexual orientations.

Throughout the ages, evil forces have led governments to persecute true followers of Christ. Hitler’s Nazis did it; Stalin’s Communists did it; and Islam’s faithful are doing it to this day. The modern-day assault on Christianity by sex activists is no different.

Fear manifests itself in all organized persecution of Christ’s followers, and it’s not a fear of individual Bible Christians who stand firm. Today’s activists can easily destroy us. With their money and power, they can buy legislators who make the laws to ensure that constitutional, First Amendment rights are decimated. They can solicit cancel culture to destroy people’s livelihoods and reputations.

They can do all these things, but it is God’s Word (the Bible) that they fear, because it unequivocally condemns them. In the end, it is Almighty God they have chosen to take on, and they are destined to lose that fight.

The sex activists lobby can and probably will take down the Republican Party, as they have destroyed everything wholesome they’ve touched—that is, unless conservative patriots in the Party resolve to push back and hold fast to the guiding principles of the platform they now command. Only time will tell if they succeed.

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