Barbara J. Stock
November 6, 2005
How long before Europe falls?
By Barbara J. Stock

Liberals in America are trying to take over the White House and dictate to a sitting president who should be on his personal staff. The media follows the president to foreign soil to hound him about "Plamegate," and all the while, parts of Europe are coming unglued. The liberal media in America barely mentions it. The media carefully sidesteps the fact that the riots in France are Islam-driven. The riots in Denmark are barely mentioned. The Muslim riots will spread and demands for Muslim autonomy will be made. This is just the beginning of the war for Europe. The second phase of the Islamification of Europe has begun and all the mindless journalists care about is that "Scooter Libby" pled innocent at his first court hearing.

On the surface, it seems that the youth of Paris are just out raising hell and burning cars for the fun of it, but that isn't what is happening at all. The suburbs of Paris are burning and it isn't because of some bored kids. What no one seems to want to mention is the fact that is it angry Muslims who are burning the city every night. Cars are overturned and the violence is escalating. A woman on crutches exiting a bus was doused with gasoline and set ablaze. These "boys" have now moved from burning cars to burning people.

The story was reported that two Muslim boys were trying to avoid a police checkpoint and decided to hide in a high-voltage electric substation. The boys were killed when they touched something they should not have touched. The police deny that they were chasing the boys, but Muslims have used this as an excuse to tear up schools, trains, shops, and any car that dares venture near them and their "turf."

Islam seems to own the suburbs of Paris and it's unlikely it will give them back to France. It is equally unlikely that France will demand the suburbs be returned to French control. Chirac seems befuddled and unable to regain control of streets of his own country. This is just what Islam was hoping would happen.

Many French authorities seem bewildered and unable to deal with the uprising. What did they expect? When a country opens its borders and allows Muslims to pour in without demanding that they accept the local culture, riots should not have been a surprise. The vast majority of Muslims that have immigrated to European countries come with no intention of blending with the locals. They have come with a purpose and that purpose is to take over the country. Most Muslim immigrants gather together, live in poverty, are unemployed and living on the dole with nothing to do but reproduce, get angry, and be taught endlessly that Islam will make it better. Of all the countries in Europe, France has probably been the most accommodating. This is its reward.

France is witnessing a skirmish. A "feeling out" of what the French authorities will do and how this uprising will be dealt with. So far, the Muslims are winning. Some arrests have been made but it seems as though the French are just hoping the rioting Muslims will just get tired and go home. So far, that doesn't seem to be happening. The violence is spreading and along with the fire bombs, guns are being used.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin stated, "The return to calm and the restoration of order are the priority our absolute priority." Unfortunately, de Villepin offered no solution to the problem. What the French should do is deport each and every one of the rioters and their families back from whence they came but they won't. That wouldn't be "politically correct." Meeting a crisis head-on just isn't the French way. The government will try to "reason" with the rioters to get in touch with their anger so that their anger can be understood. Muslims will make demands and those demands will be met. Round one: Islam wins.

The French will blame themselves for their lack of sensitivity to the Islamic way of life for the unrest. After consultations with Islamic leaders it will be decided that expecting Muslims to become French was an infringement on their rights. In the end, it will be the French that change, not the Muslims. Once again, Islam will be rewarded for violence and its cause will be advanced.

It is even worse in Arhus, Denmark. Muslim youth rioters in Arhus have openly declared war on the Danish government. The rioters chanted, "This land belongs to us!" Meeting with reporters, the spokesman told reporters that Muslims were tired of being oppressed and harassed. With their faces covered to hide their identities, they gave an ominous warning to the local police: "The police has to stay away. This is our area. We rule this place." And it seems they do.

The Danish paper, Jyllands Post, added fuel to the fire by daring to publish some editorial cartoons that involved Mohammed. Any insult to Mohammed or Islam is punishable by death. In typical Muslim fashion, mindless fury took control and their own neighborhoods were torched and fearful firefighters refused to fight the fires. So far, the only weapons the Muslims used have been firebombs and rocks, but this too will change as they realize the terror they can put in the average Danish citizen's heart. If the police and firefighters won't enter Muslim neighborhoods, the Muslims will begin to take over more neighborhoods. Soon, in the heart of Denmark, there will be something rotten Lebanon.

Soon, there could be Muslim uprisings all over Europe. It's unlikely there will be riots in the old eastern block countries. These countries simply won't tolerate that kind of behavior and Islam knows that. One thing Islamics know how to do is pick their targets. Western Europe is weak.

Islamics do make mistakes as they did when America was attacked. After two decades of weakness, Islamics did not expect the reaction to the attack that they got. Genuinely surprised by the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, Islamics had to fall back and regroup. Now, they use our own left and the obliging media to help Islam win the war. After all, why expend money and blood on another frontal attack when American senators like Kerry, Kennedy, and Boxer will do the fighting for them? Islamics have learned how powerful the peaceniks are in America. All Islamics have to do is wait and be patient.

Time is short for many European countries. How these Muslim uprising are dealt with will tell the tale. If the trouble makers are thrown out of the country or in prison, there is hope. If the governments scramble to accommodate Islam at the expense of their respective cultures, the war will be lost. Instead of the Nazi salute, Europe's salute will be bowing to Mecca. Is there much difference between the two?

© Barbara J. Stock


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Barbara J. Stock

Barbara is a retired Registered Nurse after over 35 years in the field. She is pro-life at both ends of life's journey. Mother of two, Grandmother of two, she is pro-America and anti-progressive. Absent from writing for too long, she is back and determined to make a difference.


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