Improved "Ultimate Conspiracy" article available
Stephen Stone, RenewAmerica President
May 27, 2013

Back in October, we ran an article at RenewAmerica titled "The ultimate conspiracy" – which I wrote to warn voters that conspiratorial communists never tend to give up their power willingly, even if they lose a sham election.

In this case, the communist-in-chief at issue was the usurper of the most powerful position in the world, U.S. "president" Barack Hussein Obama, a man who gained his dictatorial perch by deceit, lies, and unlawful twisting of the political process, and who could be expected to retain that coveted perch by any means available, even further unlawful usurpation.

Unfortunately, as I was preparing the article, our youngest son nearly died twice during a span of ten days – first from a freeway collision with a semi, which required him to undergo emergency brain surgery, and then from meningitis he contracted from post-operative complications, sending him back to the hospital for aggressive treatment. As a result, I had little time to complete the article to meet a deadline.

I did meet the deadline, nonetheless. But the result was an article that never received the kind of editing and polish I usually do to touch up things – something this highly provocative piece needed more than most.

So I went back last week and revisited the piece, making sure any loose ends, bold assertions, and factual claims were made impeccably sound and accurate, and any problematic words and phrases corrected. I didn't need to change the substance of the piece – only the manner of presentation. On the whole, any changes were incidental, but the changes I made have given the piece more credibility, something vital to so sensitive a subject.

Anyone who would like to see the improved version is invited to do so by clicking HERE.

I apologize to those who may have thought back in October that I am a certifiable crackpot for my initial piece. I'm still no less a crackpot – seeing, as I do, the conspiratorial communists who have control of our country for the conspiratorial communists they verifiably are; but at least my article makes me appear less rabid and nutty to the uninitiated.

Thanks for your forbearance as I do my darnedest to help keep America on a safe, wise, God-fearing course.

© Stephen Stone


They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31