A word about Alan Keyes' "Bucket Brigade"
Stephen Stone, RenewAmerica President
August 29, 2013

Since we posted Dr. Alan Keyes' "Bucket Brigade" plan for saving our nation from the designs of Barack Hussein Obama several weeks ago, the article has received an unusually large response.

The thought-provoking piece continues to receive more than 200 views a day. It's making the rounds.

Because of the importance of the piece, we've spruced up the article with some graphics and clarifying edits, and added a brief note at the end that addresses the main point of opposition from naysayers to impeachment led by Obama-appeasing members of the Republican Party.

Keep in mind that impeachment is the Constitution's way of handling the unprecedented corruption and lawlessness of someone like Mr. Obama and his accomplices. No other remedy exists for blocking, and undoing, such a deliberate assault on the Constitution and the people of our constitutional republic.

Take a look at the latest version of "A Bucket Brigade" (with our follow-up note), and share it with your lists!

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They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. —Isaiah 40:31