Candidate tossed for challenging 'blah blah blah' reporter calls for impeaching Obama
Stephen Stone, RenewAmerica President
May 11, 2014

Mark Callahan, the U.S. Senate candidate who was booted from an Oregon editorial meeting for daring to confront a reporter who wrote "blah blah blah" in quoting another candidate's words, has signed a pledge calling for impeaching and removing Barack Obama for his "willful and repeated" abuses of power.

Callahan — whose defense of fellow candidate Jo Rae Perkins at the Willamette Week got him ejected by its editorial board — recently signed a candidate pledge that states, "I acknowledge that my sworn oath of office, if I am elected, will require me" to "support the initiation of House impeachment proceedings against President Barack Hussein Obama, and his inner circle."

The pledge Callahan signed also affirms he will "vote to convict and remove those impeached if evidence of criminal, corrupt, or treasonous behavior; dereliction of constitutional duty; [or] abuse of the public trust...warrants that constitutional action."

The pledge — a grassroots initiative of Pledge To Impeach, co-sponsored by RenewAmerica and Conservative Majority PAC — is available to all interested House and Senate candidates.

Jo Rae Perkins, the Senate candidate defended by Callahan at the editorial board, has also signed the pledge.

In the aftermath of the Willamette Week controversy, Callahan has appeared on Fox News' Fox & Friends, and was interviewed by Fox's Tucker Carlson, and Neil Cavuto.

Besides writing "blah blah blah" in place of Perkins' words, the reporter Callahan challenged also mocked him for believing in the "Easter Bunny" for his skepticism of global warming.

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