Grant Swank
May 15, 2008
Obama is not Christian but Muslim
By Grant Swank

Per Andrea Useem of Religion News Service, the Pew Research Center poll reveals that one in 10 Americans say B. Hussein Obama is Muslim, not Christian.

Obama denies that he is Muslim. That must make American Muslims feel quite comfortable.

He informs media that he is "Christian" though his ethical positions do not square with the Word of God, particularly his support for human stem cell research, sodomy and killing womb infants.

Theologians in the know categorize Obama as a liberal religionist rather than a biblical Christian. He cannot have it both ways that is, claim to be "Christian" while slicing up the Christian's holy Book.

In fact, Obama stresses that he is Christian in order to gain acceptance in America so that he can make it to the White House. He thought his membership in the ultra-liberal United Church of Christ would help.

Now we know that his alliance with a blackist racist Jeremiah Wright has done Obama no favors. He is linked with blackism and anti-Jew for Wright blasted both whites and Jews, siding with Muslims and black revolutionists.

As to Obama being Muslim, his father was Muslim, he was schooled in a strict Muslim school as a child, he has alliances with Muslim leaders in America and Africa. His cousin is a legalistic Muslim who ran for Kenyan presidency, promising to install the dreaded sharia so-called "legal and justice system" of the Koran.

He may say that he disavows Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam now but why is it only now that he does that? He was in the same cadre with Farrakhan types for the past years, particularly under the tutoring of pro-Farrakhan Wright.

Obama has Nation of Islam members on his Congressional and campaign staffs. He planned alongside Farrakhan and Wright for the 1995 Muslim Million Man March on Washington DC.

Obama allowed himself to be dressed as a Muslim while in Kenya, recited a Muslim prayer honoring Allah as the only true deity, and stated that reciting the ritual gave him immense peace.

A Christian does not witness to Allah as being the power God. Obama did just that.

America's religious tolerance is working against the Republic regarding Obama's lie. Obama, of course, is mandated by Allah to lie for that is a virtue in Islam when furthering Islam World Rule. Obama lies every day with one goal White House residency.

Obama is Muslim. The number of Americans sizing him up as same must increase from one in 10. I pray it will be 10 in 10.

He's lived twenty years with a cultic preacher who has proclaimed hate against America.

Jeremiah Wright has contexted that hatred against whites, but when you get right down to his rants, they are hatred against America, disrespect for America, slamming America for being responsible for 9 / 11 and so forth.

A Muslim hates America, has no regard for its Constitution, its history and is an anarchist at heart. Wright's sermons border on if not endorse outright anarchism as blackism.

Obama as a Muslim agreed with Wright.

Second, Obama is a liberal to the nth degree, the left of the left in Congress. That would fit a Muslim who is for death bottom line: death to unborn babies, death to biblical definition of family and marriage, death to Judeo-Christian backdrop, death to freedom of religious expression, death to biblical morality.

Muslims live to die. They embrace death as the final glory offering to Allah.

Third, Obama does not regard the Jesus of the Bible as his Jesus. If Obama did so, he would live by Jesus' ethic which does not include abortion and homosexual open recreation.

Muslims accept Jesus but not the Jesus of the Bible. To Muslims Jesus is a prophet, not the incarnate deity of the Bible. Therefore, Obama is right in line with the Muslim definition of Jesus as he proclaims that he met Jesus in an epiphany at his Chicago church.

Obama does not know his Bible as a biblical Christian knows his Bible. When asked what the Bible says about homosexual lifestyles, Obama told the inquirer to check out the Sermon on the Mount. That passage in Matthew 5-7 says nothing about homosexuality.

Fourth, Obama promises "change" and "unite." He does not define what he means by "change." That change could be pro-Muslim which is Islam World Rule.

That "unite" could be uniting Muslim sleeper cells and ignorant Americans around an anti-Republic overthrow. Wright promised via his National Press Club clown-address to walk right into the Oval Office as a power leverage once Obama is elected.

Obama's wife, Michelle, is a liberal lawyer who holds to the same theological and political liberal bases as B. Hussein. They train their children likewise. This is a Muslim mask family.

Michelle has no regard for unborn children, even endorsing partial-birth abortion as does Barack. She is for sodomy, too.

She has been angry at America until Barack's political success. Her explosion in glee in finally being proud to be an American is evidence that prior she was angry, just as Wright preaches anger, hatred, and revolution.

Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, is the Taube/Diller distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.

He writes knowledgeably about Islam and now focuses on B. Hussein Obama's Muslim childhood as related to his sincerity or lack of in running for US President.

Now Pipes provides significant detail, capped with his final paragraph as stated here:

"If he was born and raised a Muslim and is now hiding that fact, this points to a major deceit, a fundamental misrepresentation about himself that has profound implications about his character and his suitability as president."

Read "Barack Obama's Muslim Childhood" at FrontPage/Mag at

© Grant Swank


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