Grant Swank
You pay abortions, Pelosi
By Grant Swank
November 5, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so intent on slaughtering womb babies that she vows to cement it in the blanket health care travesty.

For those who want to read Pelosi's killer sentence, go to line 16, page 96, section 213, under 'Insurance Rating Rules.'

Pelosi prides herself on being a model mother. Her husband and children sit alongside her in family photos. There you have it the liberal American household with smiling-teeth Mom at the center.

What an accomplished female she has become from California on West Coast to Washington DC on East Coast. She's the queen mother of the nation, bound to set us free from biblical values. She's worked night and day with liberal chaps of like evil bent to undercut every scriptural ethic.

Pelosi, Catholic, detests the Roman Catholic moral base endorsed by devout biblical churchmen and women. She does not mind flying in the face of her own spiritual leaders worldwide.

Pelosi writes her own religion. I recall what a hypocritical face she wore months back when standing in a group of Congresspersons, she was quoted as saying, "That's what church is for, isn't it?"

Those white teeth and broad smile circled her words of religiosity. She was responding to some inane comment about religion. With that, she saw her opportunity to court real believers by sliding in the word "church." How dumb does she think we are? Pretty dumb, obviously.

This space cadet of a House Speaker is so dangerous. She stands next in line to Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama. The two are out to rob the Republic of its Christian heritage. Total secularization is their aim. Ditto Europe's godlessness.

Now with the health plan propped for a "go," she does not renege regarding the sentence sentencing womb infants to the dumpster.

With that one sentence, all of us would be paying out for the guillotine laced around every unborn babies' neck. Is this what America at its best stands for?

It's time to dump Pelosi and all her cadre. It's time to take advantage of the recent moralist surge in November's elections.

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