Grant Swank
Sheikh to US Muslims: Act friendly, then kill
By Grant Swank
December 16, 2009

Sheikh Mubarak Gilani tells Muslims to "act like you're his friend. Then kill him."

Muslim killer camps increase in America, particularly in the northeast. Muslims boast they are the largest group in the U.S.


These camps teach enrollees how to slit a throat. A woman is in video depicting the technique. Read "'Chilling' new video: How to slit throats" at

Camps also instruct on how to hold a gun to an infidel's head, then shoot.

These Allah devotees are informing the media that they intend on taking over the Republic. That is the major step toward Islam World Rule.

Homeland Security and other governmental agencies have been shown this material with no response to the providers. That is because Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim.

Read "Obama states he is Muslim" at

Obama too works for Islam World Rule and has surrounded himself with Muslims, including his senatorial position in Illinois. Devout Muslims served on his presidential campaign and are now in his DC shadow government.

His compatriots are hiding in their camps throughout the nation until the signal if given to implode our democracy.

Political correctness and political/theological liberalism keep truth from being told to America's grassroots. Therefore, still many conclude Obama to be Christian because he is a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ.

That denomination is like unto Unitarianism in that it does not uphold the Bible as the Word of God. Instead, UCC theology is based on relativism and situation ethics. The situation governs the ethics.

Those who know truth are aware Obama's Chicago church is a cultic warehouse for insurrection, setting Islamics free from Jews ("monkeys" and "pigs) and "white values." This message is spread elsewhere via Black Liberation Theology, the latter quite prevalent in black congregations across the nation.

As civil citizens go to work, prepare meals and enjoy shopping at the mall, Muslim camps are hard at work to kill us all off. Slit the throat. Put a bullet in the head. Whatever it takes to praise Allah.

Daily happenings out of the Oval Office give ample evidence that Muslim Obama himself is beheading the country with scalping our economy and turning the Christian heritage into atheism. He is working through a Dem dictatorship in Congress to twist and turn our nation into the Pit.

Therefore, it is wise for law-abiding, faith-aligned citizens to be wary of their Muslim friends.

These too are attending seminars at mosques where instruction is given to grab the country for Allah. First they are friendly to you. Then they eventually hunt you down to slaughter you.

It's all in the plan set up years ago. Click ISLAMIC TIMELINE FOR GLOBAL RULE at

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