Stone Washington
Batman Superheavy = Super-Great GOP, Part 2
By Stone Washington
June 20, 2017

Commissioner Gordon, in mechanized suit, patrolling Gotham as the New Batman

"There is a secret corner of nature we're only now just discovering. A dark and hidden section of the periodic table. Its full of mysterious new elements. Material beyond our reach... until now. Strange and glowing with possibility. These elements only exist for a moment, a flash of atomic collision below Gotham beneath Gotham – and then they vanish. In that moment, we have to determine – it's our responsibility to determine – are these new things wondrous... or horrifying."

~ Geri Powers, CEO of Powers Inc.

Introduction to Superheavy – Part 2

In continuation of my previous article following the compelling Batman saga, Batman Superheavey, Jim Gordon reveals to Bruce Wayne the dangers of the rising criminal Mr. Bloom and his deadly high-tech "seeds" awarding super-powers to common thugs. Gordon asks Wayne for help to reconfigure his batsuit (which is mostly Wayne's design), to which Bruce denies, telling him he isn't the old Bruce Wayne Gordon thinks he is, who used to aid in creating Batman's weaponry (along with Bruce secretly being Batmans alter-ego). Bruce is uninterested in his former technology, and Gordon leaves as Julie enters the room, complimenting Gordon on his heroic work as Batman. Outside of the Center, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's former Butler and technical aid for Batman, and Clark Kent (Superman's civilian alias), speak on how Bruce isn't the same as he used to be. As the two drive back to the Batcave (Batman's former base of operations), Alfred (broken-hearted), describes how he felt when the cave system collapsed on Batman and Joker, killing the two. He said that just before he was going to burn all traces of Batman's mission 3 weeks upon his supposed death, Alfred's daughter Julia called him and revealed that she had miraculously found Bruce alive and fully healed where the cave collapsed.

In the Batcave, Alfred and Clark observe Bruce's changed brain synapses in a hologram. They deduce that Bruce died, but that the supernatural serum known as Dionesium (see Endgame article for specification) quarried in a lake in the cave seeped into Bruce's broken skull, reviving his dead organs, radically changing his brain chemistry. Alfred told Clark how he had to educate Bruce about his past upon his amnesiac return to Gotham, including how his parents were tragically shot by a criminal in front of him when he was a boy. Before Alfred revealed to Bruce the secret of his days as the hero Batman, Wayne stops him and tells him that he can't relate to his past because he simply isn't the man Alfred is describing anymore. While the men spoke, Alfred describes how Julie Madison then visits Bruce and the two revive their child-hood love interest with one another (formerly unable to as Bruce focused solely on protecting Gotham as Batman). Clark cuts him off and tells Alfred that he must tell Bruce that he's Batman and that he will tell him himself if need be. Alfred then pulls out a Kryptonite (Superman's weakness) ring and holds it over Clark, who cringes in fright as Alfred states,

"Go ahead, fly to him. Tell him. But before you do, know this. Bruce Wayne has no combat skills. No detection skills. Every bit of his fifteen years of training and experience as Batman is gone. And it's not recoverable, because the memories were never there. It's a new brain. Asking him to be Batman is like me telling you to fly under this ring's glow. He is powerless, and to wear the cowl would be a death sentence."

Alfred tells Clark that perhaps Bruce can relearn his multifaceted abilities but reveals that Batman largely grew out of Bruce's mental scar occurring from the psychological trauma and primal anger developed from the memory of his parents being shot in front of him as a young boy. But Clark tells Alfred that Batman always has a way out of a difficult situation and a way back to reality. Alfred then shows Clark Batman's final creation, an unfinished machine that Batman had built in the past before his final encounter with the Joker. Alfred reveals the machine to be a device capable of ensuring that there would always be a Batman in Gotham through clone technology, by using Bruce Wayne's DNA to grow each successive clone to age 27, while instilling in it all the pain and memories up to the moment he became Batman. Alfred described it as an unnatural genealogy of Batman giving life to himself for future generations to always protect Gotham. Alfred states that the machine was never even close to finished and explains that Batman wasn't meant to live forever, focusing on how Bruce is now enjoying a peaceful life that he would have experienced absent of the pain of losing his parents.

Alfred and Superman exploring the possibilities of Batman's supposed legacy

Elsewhere, Gordon, in his Bat-costume, absent of his mechanical Batsuit, uses the stealth tech in his costume to silently sneak into a warehouse belonging to the Devil Pig gang. Julia tells Gordon via earpiece that he can't activate his Batsuit because that will alert Powers to his secret mission, as he wasn't ordered to sneak into the warehouse in search for intel on Mr. Bloom. Gordon speaks on how many of Gotham's major gangs such as, the Devil Pigs, the Whisper Gang, and the Four Fives, have been around for hundreds of years and most members hold grudges with Gordon's policing work in the past. As Gordon wonders how Mr. Bloom can negotiate with each gang, Qi Tsu, the leader of the Devil Pigs and six other gang members enter the room with loaded semi-automatic rifles. Tsu says Bloom is a friend and that Gordon doesn't stand a chance of survival being outside of his special robotic suit.

Gordon uses a gun to shoot his electrical batarangs, knocking down three of the gang members as the group opens fire. Gordon dives behind a counter and shoots Qi at the same time that a massive shark tank directly behind Gordon bursts as a result of all the gunfire. Several man-eating sharks sail into the room on the rush of water and bite apart the limbs of two of the Devil Pig members, all the while Gordon picks off the other members with batarangs. After the gang members are incapacitated and the sharks dead from gun fire, Qi activates a trap door that lands Gordon in an industrial furnace underground. In a van parked outside the factory, Julia is knocked out by one of the gang members before she can do anything to help Gordon escape the furnace.

Gordon struggling in the flames of the furnace

Meanwhile, in an unknown factory, Mr. Bloom is revealed to be speaking with the Penguin, a Gotham mob boss and supervillain to the old Batman, accompanied by four body guards, who is interested in Bloom's high-tech seeds. Bloom tells Penguin that refuses to sell him any because he doesn't fit into his grand scheme he has in store for Gotham. This prompts Penguin to signal one of his body guards to shoot Bloom in the head, and leave, arrogantly remarking that he is accustomed to uprooting upstart criminals like a weed. As the men leave, suddenly a group of elongated sharp fingers stab Penguin's men through the stomach like a knife, with one eventually piercing Penguin through his torso as well. As Penguin is bleeding in shock, he looks up at a revived Mr. Bloom, grown to 20 feet in height with razor sharp fingers, taunting the villain by stating, "Funny thing about weeds Mr. Cobblepot... we're not so easy to kill... and we grow, very fast!"

Elsewhere, with his suit temporarily shielding himself from the flames, Gordon frantically searches for a way to escape the furnace as the temperature rises to 900 degrees. With his batarang gun malfunctioned, and two-foot steel walls blocking him, Gordon takes a leap of faith and throws his final batarang at the coolant coils for the furnace. Above ground, as Qi gathers together his gravely injured gang, Gordon punches him, revealing himself to have miraculously escaped the furnace (having destroyed the coolant coils to cool the furnace). Gordon punches and kicks several of the members that rush after him, but is soon overwhelmed when he is repeatedly stabbed and pinned to the ground by three thugs. Suddenly, Gordon's robotic bat-suit crashes through a window in the factory sent by Daryl, who reveals to Gordon via earpiece that the suit is remotely self-driven to save Gordon. The bat-suit shoots a missile to intercept a rocket propelled missile fired by Qi, and grabs two dead sharks to knock down Qi and several thugs. While blocking gun fire from other gang members, the Bat-suit then grabs Gordon and escapes through a rope let down by Daryl and Julia (who awoke after being unconscious earlier) operating the Bat blimp.

Back at the Lucius Fox Center, Bruce and Julie gaze over a dumping ground of multiple tarps covering the many devices, props, and rubble of the deadly materials the Joker used in his devastating attack against Gotham 2 months ago. Bruce speaks on how the kids at the center have been throwing dirt on top of the materials in fear that another criminal wouldn't find and reuse them. Bruce speaks on how with these materials and Mr. Bloom, the kids at the Center are constantly on edge awaiting the next catastrophe to hit Gotham. Bruce speaks on how his new, more inclusive, lifestyle helping Julie and the children at the Fox Center feels better than what his former more isolated and distanced life could have ever offered (oblivious to the fact that he was Batman). Elsewhere, it is revealed that Mr. Bloom has killed two security guards watching over a door leading to the control room of the Bat blimp. Bloom sneaks into the room to occupy the blimp for some reason not yet revealed.

Later, Gordon meets with Powers at her secret laboratory. She reveals to him a massive collider, and a holographic periodic table embedded into the floor and states that a collider strips atoms of their electrons and hurls them at each other at light speed in hopes of creating a new element. Powers states that this is what her organization seeks in discovering new elements, things that exist beyond the known periodic table. Powers quotes a segment of a speech she later gives at a gala on the topic,

"There is a secret corner of nature we're only now just discovering. A dark and hidden section of the periodic table. Its full of mysterious new elements. Material beyond our reach... until now. Strange and glowing with possibility. These elements only exist for a moment, a flash of atomic collision below Gotham beneath Gotham – and then they vanish. In that moment we have to determine – it's our responsibility to determine – are these new things wondrous... or horrifying."

This reveals the purpose of the title of the story, "Superheavy," which is defined as an unstable element with an atomic mass or atomic number greater than those of the naturally occurring elements. Powers speaks on how there is an island of stability beyond the radioactive decay that she has reached in synthesizing a stable element existing beyond the 80's. She reveals to Gordon "Batmanium," a two-ton bat-shaped super conductor and one of four new elements discovered in the 200's. As Gordon interrupts and pleads for Powers to allow him a chance to track down Mr. Bloom, she fires Gordon from being Batman, due to the controversy of fighting the Devil Pig gang without permission, and tells him to resign from his post at a presentation that she will host that evening.

At a different high-tech facility, Duke Thomas sneaks into a room belonging to Daryl, who is fixing Gordon's Bat-suit. The two are revealed to be long-time friends and embrace each other. Duke gives Daryl one of Bloom's seeds that Gordon gave to Bruce (as evidence to investigate Bloom) earlier in the story. Duke entrusts that Daryl will use the seed to investigate who and where Mr. Bloom is and to also discover where Duke's long-lost parents are (lost after Joker's Endgame attack on the city), through aiding Duke in his "Robin initiative" (privately taking up the role of Robin, Batman's side-kick) to which Daryl reluctantly agrees. At the Fox Center, it is revealed that instead of trashing Joker's many deadly devices and objects used in his Endgame, Bruce hires workers to construct a play-ground out of the super-villain's former materials. Bruce tells a shocked Julie that these things once owned by the Joker should be a testament to what the kids at the center overcame and they should see them as trophies to feel proud from (something the old Bruce would have said as Batman).

In the final segment of the story, Powers delivers a speech in front of hundreds of Gotham's politicians, police, business leaders, and all who contribute to the preservation of the city. Powers expresses in her speech her mission to make the legacy of Batman into a program that lasts beyond the original man, into something that can protect the city forever. As she speaks, Gordon in his Bat-costume talks with Julia about going against his orders to resign from being Batman behind the crowd. Suddenly, the Bat blimp (hijacked by Mr. Bloom earlier in the story) crashes through the window, prompting Gordon to push through the crowds and yell for everyone to evacuate the room. Gordon dives across the ground to save Powers from the blimp as it smashes through the building. As the crowd evacuates toward the door, Bloom uses his stretching power to impale multiple people with his sharp fingers, killing many in the process, while manically asking why people are trying to leave and then stating, "the party's just starting!"

Mr. Bloom makes his dramatic and deadly entrance

Message for Modern Day

The epic eighth installment to the Shakespearian Batman saga holds many significant parallels to modern day America. Continuing my analysis started in my previous article, the former Batman's profound legacy upon his many adventures saving Gotham city represents the proud legacy of President Donald J. Trump as a titan of industry running the Trump Organization benefitting New York city (whom Gotham is based off). The amnesiac Bruce Wayne, who has long forgotten his former role as the Batman after overcoming death battling the Joker, relates to how President Trump experienced a sort of remembering/call-to-action in embarking on his true destiny, not simply as a businessman, but as Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful nation in History, and is slowly grasping the prestigious extent of his new role in elected office.

Jim Gordon struggling to establish himself as the new Batman represents the GOP in their efforts to establish their role as the Majority faction in Congress. Gordon's uphill battle against the Devil Pigs and other gang factions in Gotham influenced by Mr. Bloom signify the many uphill battles Congressional Republicans face as they seek to undue the detrimental legacy of former President Obama. The term "superheavy," revealed to be elements that supersede the limitations of the periodic table, represents the extraordinary expectations placed on the GOP in Congress to work hand-in-hand with President Trump in surpassing Presidential Administrations of the past in making America an exceptional and prosperous nation once again. A major example of this was seen in early May when President Trump and Republican Representatives in the House spoke in the Rose Garden on the triumph of passing Trumpcare in the House.

The emergent super-powered criminal Mr. Bloom, represents the Democrats and their emergent efforts to derail and delegitimize Donald Trump's Presidency at all costs (despite the squandering away of any political capital they would need in the upcoming 2018 elections). The weed-like powers of Mr. Bloom and his elongated claws symbolize the razor-sharp and venomous attacks mounted against President Trump that weed through to affect the President and anyone associated with his Administration by the political Left and the mainstream Media (whom Trump rightfully calls the Fake News Media). Alfred and Superman as Batman's former allies now distant from the new Bruce Wayne, represent President Trump's Family and allies now restraining themselves from the political spotlight in order to run the Trump Organization (except for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, which according to recent polls, most view as inappropriate for them to work in the White House).

In conclusion, it is vital now more than ever for the GOP Majority in Congress work side-by-side with President Trump in tearing down the disastrous legacy established by former President Barack Obama, starting with furthering efforts to eradicate the train wreck known as Obamacare. Similar to how the Democrats mounting an all-out witch-hunt against President Trump and his family concerning false stories of Russian-Trump collusion, the weed-like villain Mr. Bloom is on the hunt to instigate war against Batman's legacy and those, like Jim Gordon, who seek to uphold it. One must be cognizant to recognize the seeds of lies and deceit the Democrats and Fake News outlets instill in the public mindset everyday with mounted efforts to derail President Trump's Presidency just as it begins, similar to Gordon recognizing the growing danger of Mr. Bloom's super-powered seeds implanted in various criminals spreading chaos and terror. As the new Batman goes above and beyond of what is expected of him in Superheavy, Republicans must also supersede the norm of politics as usual and act as a "Super-Great" force of good to end Globalist tyranny perpetuated by the Left, RINOs (e.g., Republicans in name only), Fake Media, and nation-destroying Globalists like George Soros, the European Union, and the United Nations, much like President Trump is doing every day.

Happy 71st birthday and Father's Day President Donald J. Trump!

© Stone Washington


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