Johnny D. Symon
Collectivism, sociopathy, division and other cancers; The cure!
By Johnny D. Symon
October 16, 2012

That gross folly of European unity under the banner of a single market is now laid bare. Open borders are closing. Economies have collapsed and are collapsing. The European Commission's multicultural program that flooded EU countries with unwanted immigrants in cloak-and-dagger style, is bearing down on the community's national welfare programs.

Europeans are finally beginning to wake up to the reality that nothing is really free in the community, sooner rather than later the taxpayer bears the burden of community socialism. The spend, spend, spend and control mindset of the EU system's politicians is at last being recognized by many European taxpayers.

Mario Draghi, European Central Bunkum's (ECB) head boy, has just one habitual solution to the problem, and that is to print more worthless inflationary fiat paper. It says euro on it, which makes no difference to the fact that basically anything euro is long past its sell by date.

Mario Draghi is of course on the membership list of The Committee of 300, as is George Osborne in England, who has been most successful in his position at destroying the UK economy. Yet with the fake conservative Pram Minister, David Cameron's recent reshuffle of his cabinet, Osborne remained in his position. You all may remember in my last post that I mentioned that David Cameron was also a member of The Committee of 300, so it therefore should come as no surprise that David kept Osborne, his fellow committee chum, in place. No surprise at all.

But lately a trend has begun to develop in England that does interest me. It piques my curiosity, for some weeks back Cameron's fellow "conservatives" began to question whether David was a man or a mouse. No puzzle there, for most of us know that he's the latter and is a national pipsqueak. But more recently, a few days ago in fact, none other than the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, denied that David was either a man or a mouse, for he openly proclaimed his belief that David was in fact a "broom!", thus providing a third possibility.

I wonder what will be the fourth? For it's sure to come ... a roach maybe? A table, a chair, a glass of wine, or perhaps more plausibly, a roll of toilet paper for The Committee of 300's boss to use. I reckon that's the one, which also means that Nick Clegg is another roll, but his primary role, as befits his surname, still stands as a blood-sucking horse fly, and they both share the same loathsome whining voice, the college boy pansy sound. Does the average British voter like hearing those sounds? Is that why they voted for them? Or is there another reason?

Perhaps the reason is that the average British voter, like the average American voter, has been fooled into accepting that there's no other choice. It was labor again or the conservatives last election. However, last election the conservatives, so-called, in England failed to convince the majority of voters that they were a sound alternative, and that's why they had to team up with Nick Clegg and the "libewal democwats," and the rest is history in the wasting. What a jumped up pair they are. A joint welcome mat for the New World Order.

Labor's Ed Miliband is yet to call David Cameron anything else than David C, but he does have a new name for a future world government, or new world order. He passionately calls his big idea One Nation, or is it Won Nation?

I reckon that the average British voter is beginning to suss out the realities of collectivism. They lament the fact that as they walk the streets of their villages, towns and cities, few speak their native tongue, I should know because some of them have told me this, and it's not racism on their part, they simply regard that anomaly as a lack of courtesy on behalf of the newfound Brits.

But that's democracy in action. If 51% say yes, and 49% say no, then it's tough luck for the 49ers. They have to sit out another four more years in the hope that they may finally tip the balance and become 51 or 52%. Put this way it seems quite absurd, at least to my shopworn and somewhat oblique mind.

When the president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, made mention of the huge mixed multitude of protesters milling around the congress building in Madrid in protest at his austerity measures, the enormous protest phased him not, or so he would have us believe when he said the protesters were a minority and the majority, who did not protest, he was for them. That's more or less what he said in Spanish, though just for the record, protesters have staged events in 56 cities so far, therefore the scope of Spanish disgruntlement is far greater than the powers that be would care to have us believe.

Nonetheless, Mariano's excuse was a novel approach and one we've all grown used to expect from a politician, for the truth is that the majority of those that stayed at home were also against those measures, and Mariano knew it or he would simply have called for a referendum to test the waters and prove his case.

Just a few months ago when both Spain and Greece received about an 80 billion euro bail out from the EU (more worthless paper by the way), Mariano was so pleased that he announced that much of the dough he was going to give to the bankers, and that statement was a giveaway in more ways than one. Quite a few Spaniards took note of that statement. They began to see Rajoy as just another Zapatero in PP clothing, and that is in fact what he is. A collectivist-minded politician, with only the bankers' welfare in mind. Though just a few scant months back he and his party were swept into power on a majority vote, the average voter believed that the PP would turn the whole thing around and inject new power and energy into industry and the Spanish economy. How wrong they were.

Nay, how wrong we all are to fall for the two-party collectivist system.

One of my heroes is Paul Craig Roberts. I love his unbiased approach, his strong learned delivery on the most vital subjects that plague a failing republic, and in turn a tired and sick world. But a statement he made in his most recent article, entitled "Don't Vote For Evil," after quoting Gerald Celente, as below;

Gerald Celente says in the Autumn Issue of the Trends Journal, when confronted with the choice between two evils, you don't vote for the lesser evil. You boycott the election and do not vote. "Lesser or greater, evil is evil."

he summed up the argument through stating;

If Americans had any sense, no one would vote in the November election. Whoever wins the November election, it will be a defeat for the American people.

So Gerald Celente, quoted above, presents a two option scenario, ie, Obama or Romney, Romney regarded as the lesser of two evils; you should vote for neither and boycott both. (I corrected the quote by the way. Gerald said "lessor" when it should be "lesser," unless he was playing with a lease grantor angle in the passage, which I somehow doubt.)

But the truth is that there are more than two options. Gary Johnson for example, is still alive and breathing and remains on the voting register. Should a majority of voters reject Obama and Romney and place their vote on Gary Johnson, surely that would be a better option because to not vote at all leaves open the door much like the one used by Mariano Rajoy in Spain. For one way or another the oligarchy who happen to own and control the mainstream media, will find some usable excuse to explain away a situation where the voters rejected both of their choices. Whereas to vote for a third option that's not their choice, and one they can't control, is to effectively break their chain of command, and in effect give them all a good dusting down!

They'll never be able to explain that one away, and I mean never!

G Edward Griffin is another of my greatest heroes. He has an intellect far larger than a barn door. He often wonders at the behavior of an average voter, and says, "They say, 'I voted for HW Bush and his lies. I'm not falling for him again. Anything's better than him, I'll vote for Bill Clinton.' Then later on they say, 'I've had it with him, anything's better than him, I'm voting for GW Bush this time round. He knows what's required. He'll do the business.'

Two terms on the same butthead says, 'That's it. Anything's better than him, I'm voting for that new guy from Africa, the communist, muslim, christian, gay-heterosexual pacifist. He'll bring America and the world to rights.' Shortly after voting for him he gets a Nobel Peace Prize before he starts work, 'So that proves my vote was a good one this time. My past decisions sucked, but here's the real deal.' A little while later, 'Aw good-golly Miss Molly, what happened here? I've had it with him too. Anything's better than him. There's only one other option ... the lesser of two evils! And that one gets my tick.' Okay, this was mainly my rendering of generally how G Edward Griffin puts it, but either way makes the point.

You see, the average voter is led down the GMO garden path by the nose-ring every four years. They never learn, even though they recognize that it's the same path and the same garden each time. It takes four years to reach the end of the path, but every time they reach it they always fall nose-first and knee-deep into the same steaming hot eitchen midden. Seldom does the average voter learn a lesson from this, for if they thought about it a little they'd begin to look around to find a new garden path in a new non-GMO garden, and come fooling-time they'd take that one instead.

But sucker is as sucker does, or sucker does as sucker he is ... something like that. The whole electoral situation is gettin' me brain-tied too, but I have an excuse because some years ago in an ed I described myself as an exile on sane street, so at least I know where I stand, and so do you!

Paul Craig Roberts will remain as one of my heroes, yet his view outlined above shall be regarded personally as one of life's mysteries until the twelfth of never no doubt, and that's a long, long, time. I just refuse to believe that the great Paul Craig Roberts has never heard of Gary Johnson!

Sometimes of late I've even held the possibility in my mind that Ron Paul has never heard of Gary Johnson either, for if he has, surely the best thing for him to do is to endorse him and forget Barry and Mitt. The fact that he hasn't, lends me to believe that I'm facing yet another twelfth of never scenario! I sincerely hope not. Come on Paul, endorse Gary Johnson, it's about time you did the right thing and end the agony.

Years before The Federal Reserve Act was signed through just three corrupt congressmen staying on to vote when they knew everyone else had gone home for Christmas, New Year, the same evil bankers, which included JP Morgan, wrote their manifesto in preparation for the big heist. They knew and they practiced something that we all should know already, and it should be ringing in our ears right through to November and beyond;

And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every
kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and
every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:
(Matthew 12:25)

Let's ignore the direct context of that statement, and apply this knowledge to the two-party system. Surely a two-party system such as democrat and republican counts as National division, and indeed divisive governance in the House, so why do we expect this formula to stand the test of time? Why do we fail to consider the possibility that self-same formula edges America towards the precipice of desolation? For Jesus clearly stated that EVERY KINGDOM DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF IS BROUGHT TO DESOLATION, and he didn't say "maybe!"

You see, through considering the above passage in a political perspective, the effect is most somber. Eureka!! That's where the real problem lies. It's based on the model of collectivism and not on the model of Constitutional Law, as regards a Free Republic. Through that passage the evil and divisive nature of America's oligarchy is laid bare for all to see. They provide two choices, and they OWN BOTH. Both argue together on matters of no importance to them, but on matters of extreme importance to the oligarchy the learned among us knowingly watch as both sides come together and vote together.

If America's a free constitutional republic, then such a model provides no space for a two-party system. If it becomes a "democracy" then there's clearly a space made for the planting of two GMO seeds, or should we say GMO weeds? And who in their right mind would place their trust in a GM weed?

Most wise and learned folks understand the concept of democracy as simply two wolves and a lamb discussing what's for dinner, and that kind of situation should have no place in a Free Republic, for democracy is robbery and slavery.

When Spain drafted its Constitution back in 1977 the main pen-pushers behind it were hardened communists, and one of them played a large part in the murder of many men women and children during the Spanish civil war. So with a history of that sort, any promises of safe and sound living from the pen of such an ardent follower of lowlifeness may not be worth the paper it's printed on, and that was in fact the case. For years many a Spaniard told me that the promise of a right to a roof over ones head never transpired, it was only words. Paper promises.

Much of the Spanish Constitution remains unfulfilled and I reckon the promises therein were just the result of plain political showboatin'. Today few Spanish politicians dare mention the Constitution, likewise American politicians are shy to mention the founding documents, it stands in stark contrast to the failure of collectivism. The economy is ruined and many of the people are on the street with no money, no jobs, and no roof over their head. We're still talking both Spain and America here by the way.

It would be only too easy and convenient to blame the socialist PSOE party for all of Spain's ills, but the problem is much deeper than that and all blame apportioned must be wide strafed, for with the birth of a Spanish Constitution arrived a novel concept called "personal taxation." That was the initial price the people paid for a document that would prove to be chock-a-block with broken promises. The draftees were eventually found out to be no more than lousy snake oil salesmen, as the two-party masquerade began.

You see, personal taxation serves as a vehicle to grow government and enrich the evil oligarchy, and the bigger the government grows, the fatter it and its bosses get, till somehow it discovers numerous ways to burn the fat off, such as foreign aid and unjustified wars for greed, profit, dominance, de-population and control.

So it was with Spain as its fledgeling "democratically elected" government began to nibble on the fat of the productive Spaniards daily labor. Though at first, like any other confidence trick in history, the wolves confided in private with a sheep of their own selection who would agree to shepherd the flock as their chosen leader. The wolves of course paved the way for the sheep to make the "right choice," their choice. Thus began Spain's "new democracy." Its president, Adolfo, being an authentic sheep who grazed the same pastures as the flock, guided his kind in the direction mapped out by the wolves. As sheep do, Adolfo grazed through pastures that apparently led to greener fields beyond, and the sheeple willingly followed.

Then along came a wolf named Felipe Gonzalez, concealed within a fleece as white as snow to replace Adolfo, and he beckoned the sheeple on and up toward a green, grassy, knoll. The dark wind-blown grass looked rich and inviting, and on they went until they reached the uppermost patch only to discover in their haste that the other side was a sheer drop, and most of them fell to their doom ... except of course Felipe the wolf, who stood aside, and now lives in the lap of luxury, dining on lamb of the choicest sort, living happily ever after.

The sheeple that survived that high catastrophe began to learn a lesson. They finally ascertained the truth, that not all fellow sheep have their best collective interests at heart, anymore than their enemies the wolves. They noted the many situations where a head-sheep or ram would divide them up, and they'd quarrel as to which side owns the greenest of grasses. In their own way they discovered the truth, and the truth was that the only shepherd worthy of guiding them through those green pastures was invisible!

They had to reach out with the power of their heart and mind to connect up with an authentic shepherd, and those who did were never led astray again. They neither placed their trust in sheep or wolves, thus they lived and they voted happily ever after.

You see the moral of the story is as follows. To make valued judgments, whether it's what pasture to graze or which shepherd to follow, we first must raise our thoughts higher than the animal. The first key is intellectual inquiry, and we must also recall history. Then we search not for that which is seen, but that which is unseen. At first we hear a still small voice in the ether.

The hidden, or not so hidden, rulers of the world would have us believe that we are animals in an animal farm, for the oligarchy are sociopaths all. They're bereft of spiritual understanding, whether it be of the North American Indians, through to Judaism and Christianity, for sociopaths create their own reality, their own religion. It's false but it's theirs. So in their narrow universe their reality, false imaginings that they created in their empty heads, happens to become a dominant force for and against all things. They believe themselves to be gods, while human beings around them only exist if they want them to, otherwise, as gods with their hand, as with a fly, they'll squash them out of their own sense of personal creation.

America's dominant two-party system was created in the empty minds of just a few power-hungry sociopaths, many, many years ago. And since in their minds only two were recognized by them, any other entity to appear in front of their face has no substance, it in fact serves as a sort of mirage that desert travelers occasionaly experience, therefore the oligarchy refuse to accept that they exist

But in their case it's their lack of spirit, being sociopaths, that serves as their own spiritual desert. A place of nothingness that they try to fill with the spoils of war, deception and thievery. They truly believe that they are gods, and they have created and own the universe that surrounds them, and, more importantly, they own the future president of the United States, and through owning him they wholly own America.

Sociopathy could be described as an interesting subject, but it all depends on who's interested and how able they are to take on this kind of science. Sociopaths are not exactly human, they look human but their actions are learned through watching others. They have no feelings for others, for to them human beings are simply objects, like a window, a fly, or an automobile. Everything is there only if it's advantageous to them. Nothing is alive unless they wish it to be.

Something I find very strange about sociopaths is that most specialists on that subject, and I include myself, find it difficult to determine, at least initially, if a certain person is a sociopath. However, one sociopath meeting another finds them both in the know at once. That's generally the case, and quite possibly why so many sociopaths rise to the top of their professions, whether it's at the FDA, the Senate, Congress, United Nations, CFR, Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, Committee of 300, The European Union, European Central Bunkum, Federal Reserve, et al. They all arrived there because each and every one of them recognized like with like, and helped the other to the top.

Everywhere you look in high places you can sense the presence of sociopaths, it's the main reason why we all witness terrible crimes against humanity. This type of humanoid views the death of innocents, whether it be through abortion, war, or a planned poisoning of humanity, as nothing more than a means to his end. In fact he regards not the living as having life, unless of course a particular life could prove profitable to him.

It therefore should have become plain to us all that the state of dear old planet earth is the result of the machinations of inhuman humanoids at the top of every profession. They all recognize each other as having the same trade mark. Sociopaths all. That's why the powers that be suppress authentic natural cancer cures, while promoting unnatural cures that almost always kill the patient, sometimes at length and to great expense. They really do not care if the average innocent person lives or dies.

Which brings me around to a subject close to my heart at present. It's a book written by a man called Ty Bollinger. I guess the term book can never fully explain what Ty has presented to humanity. It's much more than paper and print. Perhaps it's his way of paying tribute to so many innocent men, women and children who died horrible deaths, through contracting cancer, and sadly some of his family, including both his parents, departed in this way.

From thereon over the years Ty burnt the midnight oil, a man of faith who sought and found the truth, not only through his Bible, but through an exhaustive search of suppressed medical research, and sometimes of jailed researchers, who discovered cancer cures, then they themselves were discovered and jailed by another cancer of a federal sort which condemned them for the "crime" of caring more for life, for the living, and little for profit.

Ty Bollinger's book is named "Cancer — Step Outside The Box." And the truth is that my words could never convey the enormous realities contained within it. Reading is believing. That's the motto here in this case. Why not consider giving this book to friends and relatives for Christmas. You might well be granting others the gift of an extended and fruitful life, and others maybe prevented from contracting this hideous disease. To the best of my knowledge there is no other book as comprehensive on this subject.

Again, my hero G Edward Griffin, while speaking on the topic of apricot kernels, laetrile, and vitamin B17, made a declaration I'll never forget and soon proved to be true, that "cancer is a deficiency disease, much like scurvy or pellagra ..."

"Cancer — Step Outside The Box" is a huge read, with copious references and bibliography, covering everything and all things cancer, intrigue, coverup, crime and suspense. The Fifth Edition is now available. In order to expose Big Pharma and its equally big corrupt government helpers, this book must be sold and read and its truths spread to the point of critical mass, and with so many truths contained therein, critical mass is not far away. Let us all play our part in proving to the world that ALL cancers CAN be cured through natural means.

© Johnny D. Symon


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