Helen Weir
Stop Obama's enforced health care "option"
By Helen Weir
March 1, 2010

According to Barack Obama, the 8 or 9 million Americans who will lose their existing private health insurance coverage if Obamacare is finagled through Congress are

1. An insignificant segment of the population. After all, at Thursday's "healthcare summit," the President replied to Eric Cantor by noting that there are very, very many Americans out there indeed, among whom a mere 8 or 9 million hardly make it on screen. We might ask, in that case: What about the similar portion of the population who currently lack in any coverage at all needy folks whom Obamacare is supposedly tailored to? Why bother about them, if 8 or 9 million really isn't that many?

... and ...

2. Too ignorant to know what is good for them in the first place. "The One" went on to make an admission that was as staggering as his "spread the wealth" remark during the campaign, although there has been no buzz of commentary about it. He said to paraphrase that if this segment of the population did have to "change" coverage to the government "option" (which would make it really no "option" at all, since consumers would be forced to take it), it would be perfectly acceptable, because the government plan will be "better" than what the private insurers are offering right now.

Hello? Did anyone hear this? Is anyone going to "call the President out" about it? Isn't this what Rush Limbaugh and other conservative and libertarian commentators have been warning America about since the Obamacare debacle began and indeed, for many decades before that namely, that the liberal elite claims for itself not constitutional authority to hold the reins of power in a Declaration-based democratic republic, but rather the right and the raw governmental force to impose upon the rest of us what they believe to be "best," according to their radically secularist and ultimately tyrannical ideology?

By Barack Obama's own admission, then, Obamacare constitutes, in its very raison d'etre, an intolerable infringement of the concept of American liberty. The particulars may shift with bewildering frequency, but the nature of the infringement remains.

Despite the "fix" being in, as far as Senate "reconciliation" goes, Dick Morris believes we can still do something to stop this horrendous piece of legislation from making it through the House. (Is it really "legislation" if it goes against the law of both God and man? Perhaps we need a new moniker in American political discourse: L.I.N.O. And what about Presidents who can't or won't demonstrate their Constitutional eligibility to hold office P.I.N.O.s?)

If you go to DickMorris.com, you will find a rundown of the particulars of the outrage called Obamacare at the present moment. More importantly, you will also find a list of "vulnerable" Democrats in the House of Representatives who just may not be willing to commit this political suicide-bombing of the American public. Dick is asking everyone to melt down the phone lines of these people, whether you live in their districts or not.

It may be impossible to be a big fan of Scott Brown's, but if his election to Ted Kennedy's former seat can be leveraged to halt the takeover of our healthcare system and of our freedom to make choices even as consumers, then let's leverage it!

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