Wes Vernon
July 9, 2007
Opponents of U.S. sovereignty plan to sneak their agenda around Congress
Red China to monitor non-Chinese shipments within U.S.?
By Wes Vernon

The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) whose U.S. operation conducts its business in secrecy in the bowels of the U.S. Department of Commerce is plunging ahead with a program that may end America as we know it.

We can argue all day over to whether this is another case of "unintended consequences." (This column does not buy that.) The SPP appears to lead ultimately to a North American Union (NAU) or "community." Under that scenario, the borders of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico would be (de facto, if not formally) erased.

It will not happen overnight. This column has documented that the powers behind the plan (multinational corporations, politicians, and academic one-worlders) envision "evolution by stealth" i.e., do the job in steps patterned after the manner in which the European Union was established. (For details, see our previous offerings Illegal aliens and Monster Highway, 10/9/06; North American Union Evolution by Stealth?, 3/26/07; and America's Borders: Going, Going Gone, AIM Report linked by RenewAmerica 12/25/06.)

Compounding the threat to our sovereignty and security is the fact that Communist China figures into some of the transportation plans right in the heart of the USA. Details on that are upcoming.

First, the end-run around Congress

There was an interesting debate here in Washington on June 20 dealing with this issue. Sponsored by Judicial Watch whose president, Tom Fitton, uncovered secret documents related to the issue of the NAU the confrontation at the National Press Club included Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum and Rosemary Jenks of Numbers USA. They were arguing for full disclosure of plans the North American community backers have in store for us.

Arguing that there is nothing to be concerned about in all this were Dr. Robert Pastor Vice President of International affairs at American University, and guru of the entire North American "community" movement and David Bohigian, Assistant Secretary of Commerce in the Bush administration.

Nobody here but us quality-of-lifers

Bohigian argued that the plan for "cooperation" among the three countries of North America is (1) not a loss of our sovereignty; (2) not a proposal to unite Canada and Mexico; (3) not building a NAFTA superhighway; (4) not creating a single currency; and (5) not creating a separate legal or judicial system. All that's at stake here, he said, is "quality of life" on the continent. (Ironically, sitting right next to him was Dr. Pastor, who has argued for the Amero.)

As Dr. Jerome Corsi clearly shows in his new book The Late Great USA all the actions undertaken by those pushing for more linkage or coordination on this continent are eerily reminiscent of how the European Union (EU) came into being. Many governments of the European countries are shadows of their previous selves, having ceded responsibilities to a super-government not all at once, but step by step over forty years.

America Firsters skeptical

Dr. Pastor and Assistant Secretary Bohigian said there is nothing in their plans that would justify a treaty. Bohigian even went so far as to say, "I don't see anything frankly in this SPP that would even rise to the level of legislation let alone a treaty." Ergo, no need to get the OK of a Congress elected by the people. How convenient.

I'm not a lawyer. But Phyllis Schlafly is. She put it this way: "There isn't anything in that entity-document-treaty [or whatever one prefers to call or not to call it] that is called Security and Prosperity Partnership. It's just these people getting together somewhere in Mr. Bohigian's offices and working on and changing our administrative law. And we don't think it should be done that way. Any changes in our regulation should be posted in the federal register so we can comment on it and pass on it. It should not be passed on by some Canadians and Mexicans."

And BTW, they're still not through with immigration

A giant step toward a North American "community" indicates the political class has not learned its lesson from the crushing defeat it suffered in its war against the American people on the immigration issue (which, by the way, is part and parcel of the plan to "integrate" the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Dr. Pastor himself has said as much in Senate testimony cited previously in this space).

Author and scholar Jerome Corsi says the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) a powerful think tank in this town (Kissinger, et al) plans to submit a report to the White House and Congress by September 30 on the supposed benefits of the three-nation "integration."

The study, according to CSIS itself, deals with "labor mobility, energy, the environment, security, competitiveness, and border infrastructure and logistics."

One would imagine if the report goes to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, it will be cordially received by Chairman Joe Biden (D-Del.) and Ranking Member Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), neither of whom ever saw a sovereignty-threatening proposal they didn't like. So if there's no legislation and no treaty, how does the CSIS report fit in with the plan to avoid congressional input?

In an e-mail to this column, Dr. Corsi says, "The plan is to present [as] fait accompli to Congress an admitted 12 million illegals to cross the border about of them under [George W. Bush] and then tell us there's nothing we can do but to pass a law that legitimates their effort to stay even though the Mexicans remain citizens of Mexico. Same with [Homeland Security Secretary Michael] Chertoff saying he can't enforce the laws unless he gets new ones. Pastor also gave them a hint that the next 9/11 may be used as the impetus to advance the North American Union further along."


Both Phyllis Schlafly and Rosemary Jenks made the point that if SPP were doing something to be proud of, why has there been no publicity about its workings? Bohigian shrugged his shoulders, in effect saying that's out of his hands.

Having been a journalist for decades, I was not about to let that one stand. In the Q&A period, this reporter challenged the Bush administration to gin up the publicity. The government is loaded with well-paid flaks whose sole responsibility is to see to it that word gets to the media. Furthermore, the administration could persuade its allies on Capitol Hill to issue press releases and hold news conferences or the White House can hold its own press conference shouting to the world about the great things they are supporting under the rubric of North American "integration."

The Red China angle

It's bad enough we're to open the borders and surrender our sovereignty to a trilateral entity that at the very least seriously compromises our economic interests and at worse is a sell-out on the issue of our security. Now we learn Communist China, that kindly benefactor of sprayed bullets at Tiananmen Square, is also to be involved.

One very illuminating chapter in Corsi's fact-filled tome is that "China stands to gain most from the widening of American markets that would result from the formation of a North American community."

That much we surmised, given (1) that the Chinese have invested in huge deep-water ports on Mexico's west coast (circumventing unionized American jobs at U.S. west coast ports) to take goods to heartland America and (2) that through the Chinese-controlled firm Hutchison-Whampoa (which in turn controls both entrances to the Panama Canal), the Chicoms will benefit from the planned development of a new deeper and wider Panama Canal. This "will permit megaships with goods from the Far East and China to sail directly to Gulf ports and East Coast ports such as Miami." It would facilitate easier Chinese access to ports along the Mississippi River which reaches 30 states "without touching dry land," notes an official of the Port of New Orleans.

As Corsi explains: "Even goods produced by cheap Red Chinese slave and near slave labor would not be competitive in the United States if transportation costs from Asia could not be reduced dramatically," which this arrangement facilitates.

But that's not all

To enable faster processing of goods from China, developers are working on a system of sensors to track the shipments of containers once they are within North America. Lockheed Martin is working with NASCO (North American Corridor Coalition, Inc.) to track cargo remotely along a super corridor stretching across the U.S. from Mexico to Canada.

So what? Here's what. The Chinese-controlled Hutchison interests referenced above own 49 percent of the Lockheed-Martin subsidiary that worked on the technology project with NASCO

Can China be trusted?

The late Constantine Menges, PHD with national security experience at the White House and the CIA warned that China (a) can launch nuclear weapons that in 30 minutes could kill 100-million Americans; (b) defines the U.S. as its main enemy; (c) through espionage, has stolen designs for nearly all U.S. nuclear warheads and many other military secrets; (d) buys weapons systems from Russia designed to sink U.S. aircraft carriers; (e) has threatened to destroy American cities if the U.S. helps democratic Taiwan; (f) is a leading supplier of weapons of mass destruction to rogue and/or terrorist states such as North Korea and Iran.... And all this is outlined in Menges's China, The Gathering Threat.

Is this a nation we can trust for further involvement in our commerce right within the U.S.?

An American agenda

We would get results from Congress in a hurry if Americans were as focused on this issue as they were on the immigration debate. That requires publicity. In the mainstream media, Lou Dobbs of CNN is doing an excellent job of spreading the word. But he can't do it alone.

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