Ellis Washington
America the beautiful... America the racist... America the hypocrite!
By Ellis Washington
May 4, 2014

"I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? ... Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners that created the league?"

"Black people are the Enemy" (including his Black girlfriend)

~ Donald Sterling

Prologue: When Arkham Insane Asylum becomes Arkham Nation

I am an intellectual. That means I think very deeply about everything I write on, like a philosopher. That makes most people very uncomfortable in reading my work, because my type of prose is intended to provoke substantive change: perhaps even a personal epiphany experience where status quo is no longer possible to maintain. That said, in writing about the Donald Sterling/LA Clipper racist affair it is always helpful to begin my apologetic by hearkening back to first principles – Veritas (truth), cowardice, complicity, careerism, Hannah Arendt's 'banality of evil' thesis, Elie Wiesel's 'silence is consent' thesis, are all essential elements of human nature and human history.

Most writers write on a micro-level discussing details of a specific, narrow subject, event or person. Other writers discuss ideas on a macro-level putting specific ideas in a larger context. Here, I will write on a metaphysical-level, launching my critique against Donald Sterling (micro), against America (macro) and against what the Nazis called Weltanschauung (worldview) that allows and encourages a scoundrel like this to be successful in America while the hundreds of employees he has from his NBA holdings, to his commercial and residential property holdings, etc. and the tens of thousands who attend his arena hundreds of times over his three decades of ownership, enable this slumlord racist to happily cash his blood money checks, enjoy what the Roman poet Juvenal condemned as "bread and circuses" and now have the audacity to fake like, "I didn't know..." That's a meta-level analysis, or at least the beginnings of one. In other words, in this article I will hold everybody's feet to the fire.

A meta-level view of a racist society

Here are two Socratic questions you should consider to use as a lens to view the universal condemnation of Sterling's words by the media, politicians, academics, sport figures and writers, etc... Use these paradigm questions to test their authenticity:
  1. America, if you are so outraged at Sterling's racist comments in April 2014 and he's been an NBA owner since 1981 with a well-known history of racist, immoral and hateful acts, can you show us one statement, one substantive act of trying to fight against Sterling on behalf of the many people he has abused during his 33 years as an NBA owner prior to April 25, 2014 when the racism story first became public?

  2. America, so you claim to hate racism and in words of LeBron James "has no place in our league," then why does the NBA, a league with almost 80% Black players not say one word of criticism of the policy by Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party that annually pays over $500 million to the abortion group, Planned Parenthood, for the specific charge of killing 36% of all little Black babies born in America – (15-25 million since 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade)?
This meta-level analysis condemns all statements on the Sterling racism affair as deceptive projections of personally held racist views and acts that ignore the factual structure and historical paradigm of the questions above. For the Bible in I John 4:20 says: "For he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?" Likewise, how can you say you are not racist (or a racist sympathizer) if as a NBA player, owner, sponsor, executive you make millions promoting political policies leading to the direct genocide of your own race?

Ideological racism inside the Academy?

Earlier this week I wrote two Facebook postings about the Sterling racism story and offered an iconoclastic, contrarian view where I questioned the Groupthink, piling on by the sports journalism field (one of the most racist and segregated in American society). I also expanded the critique away from the narrow confines of one sports team out of 30 (because only 1 out of a million people even possess the talent to ever play in the NBA), to focus on a hidden aspect of racism that virtually every American citizen in some manner or form either accessed or knows someone who did – namely despite the fact that well over 150 million people in this country either went to college or knows someone in their family who did, yet on average 0%-5% conservatives are prevented from their vocation on the faculty by racist White "gatekeepers" at Americas colleges, universities and law schools who have a venal hatred of conservative ideas especially when spoken from the mouths of Black conservatives like me.

The numbers of Black conservatives like me on the faculty of America's colleges, universities and law schools hovers around 0-1%, yet the numbers of my fellow Black brothers who are inmates (i.e., graduates) of the multi-billion dollar White prison industry which profits for putting over a million Blacks in state and federal prison. Yet we have no Branch Rickey (the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers who broke the color line in 1948 by allowing Jackie Robinson to be the first Black professional baseball player) to plead our cause; to break down the walls of racism and discrimination for us. We have no list of multi-million dollar sponsors who can threaten to withdraw their financial support from state and private institutions of higher education. Black conservatives like me have nobody who gives a damn about us, no lobbyists in Washington, D.C. to use the vast machinery of the federal government to verify our numbers exist in proper proportion in every American institution, especially the academy so that intellectual "diversity" on all college and university campuses, in all departments and levels is maintained or that school loses its accreditation and its state and federal funding.

Why do you think the majority of college students arrive at college as practicing Jews, Catholics, Christians, possessing a strong moral, pro-American worldview, and come out 4 years later as moral relativists, psycho socialists and evolution atheists? Because as "gatekeepers" to every institution in America and the world, White socialists dislike conservatives, and possess an especially venal hatred of Black conservatives. If you don't believe me just ask Justice Clarence Thomas who was recently called once again an "Uncle Tom by a Black Democrat congressman from Mississippi). These racist gatekeepers prevent people like me from entering virtually every level of society I chose (except of course as an inmate in prison or as corpse at the morgue) and America doesn't say a mumbling word.

Oh, it gets better: Departments of Diversity exist at hundreds of colleges, speech codes, faculty appointment committees, anti-discrimination symposiums are all colossal, hypocritical shams created by Whites, particularly in the Democrat Socialist Party to hide, to assuage their long and vile history of racial hatred against Blacks and against conservative ideas to hide progressives and socialists irrational hostility to America's Judeo-Christian traditions of intellectual thought. The few Black academics for fear of not getting tenure, don't ever lift a finger to help get conservative Black hired as faculty members. And the really galling aspect of it all is that Congress rubberstamps hundreds of billions in appropriations each year to fund virtually every college, university, law school, medical school, Business School in America to continue practicing ideological racism against conservatives and invidious racism against Black conservatives... and nobody says a mumbling word!

NBA = No Black Academics (critical thinkers)

When 29/30 of the NBA teams are owned by mega-rich, entitled, White men who use their power and money to finance a boys game played by 80% Black men who could never realistically make a fraction of that money in the real world, then you begin to understand how easy it was to buy their silence for all of these decades; to pervert their human dignity like trained monkeys in a circus, and make them willing participants in this grand, gigantic hypocrisy we call professional sports, therefore who could logically be surprised that these same cloistered, mega-rich club of autocrats would harbor such vile, evil, racist and discriminatory beliefs. Who would tell? Who would speak out and jeopardize their lucrative NBA careers?

No Black person I know was surprised by Donald Sterling's racist rantings, however, every White person I saw on TV was "surprised." How do you explain that disconnect in America? – because there really are two Americas: one Black and one White. The only thing that surprised Black people was that Sterling's true feelings were caught on tape in their purest form. No White person in America would ever believe his girlfriend's allegations of Sterling's racism without the raw, unedited tapes we heard on TV last week and that's tragic, for Sterling is only one man; there are millions of Whites and Blacks, Asians, all ethnicities of people in America harboring ideas like this and much, much worse, hidden under invisible white sheets of the KKK and harboring grotesque contempt and invidious racism and perversion of anyone not like themselves. That's what I meant when I stated first principles at the beginning of this essay: Cowardice, Complicity, Careerism. These are the 3Cs of racist sympathizers. They allow racism to exist and thrive within every institution of America while the federal government concurrently spending tens of billions annually faking a fight against racism an racial discrimination.

Using sports to promote self-genocide

Now, where do we go from here? The sports world loves and worships Obama, loves the Democrat Socialist Party and promotes their agenda throughout every aspect of professional and college sports – from same-sex marriage, to "giving back" (socialism), to coveting White House visits by Obama, doing commercials for Obamacare, wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month (October). Incidentally, it's always bothered me that the Black players in the NBA and NFL player appear clueless to protest the fact that several prominent studies reveal that breast cancer pink = abortion red. In other words the Susan G. Komen Foundation is using its multi-billion dollar wealth and influence to hide the fact that women who have abortions have a 626% rate increase in getting breast cancer. Nevertheless, every October the useful idiots in the NBA and NFL where pink uniforms and accessories playing the game in solidarity with killing women and killing innocent Black babies, but Why?

America the Beautiful... America the Racist... America the Hypocrite!

When NBA superstar LeBron James states, "There is no room for Donald Sterling in our league," he demonstrates a profound ignorance of history. What the Democrat Socialist Party has done for over 200 years and continues to do to this day is directly and indirectly devoted to killing as many Black people as possible without revealing their evil intent to the masses for that would destroy the Democrat Socialist Party in perpetuity. For example, 36% of all abortions are Black babies, yet LeBron happily does commercials promoting Obamacare which if passed into law gives government the godlike control over every life and death decision over every American from cradle to the grave. When Obamacare passes be prepared for that 36% figure to quickly rise to 50%-60%. You remember what that racist Charles Darwin said in the subtitle of his 1859 pseudo-science book, On the Origin of Species: by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. You see Mr. Black NBA basketball and football player, your genocide has been systematically planned for over 160 years and no amount dunks, or touchdowns or selling Nike gym shoes will dissuade this inevitable result.

America's racist history includes more than just slavery

America was in large part built on slavery and racism. Therefore, there has always been room for racists like Donald Sterling to make obscene wealth by exploiting the poor and the disenfranchised. That is why the fact he was a big Democrat Party contributor will be ignored by the same racist, hypocritical media who would never allow a Black conservative like me to write for them or the same White TV media who would never invite a Black conservative like me to offer a pro-America view (you know what Fox News calls 'fair and balanced'), nor would I be invited to join the faculty of most colleges, universities and law schools in America despite my many academic accomplishments. In other words, when the White gatekeepers count "Blacks" in their evil affirmative action numbers game they don't mean Blacks like Justice Clarence Thomas, Judge Janice Rogers Brown, Condoleezza Rice, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Pastor Levon Yuille, or Ellis Washington. Liberal and progressive Whites don't need the KKK hood anymore, invidious racism is written into every institution in America... including the church. How else could an increasing number of ministers throughout America marry people of the same gender even in states who don't allow same-sex marriage?

On August 8, 2009, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Sterling for housing discrimination in using race as a issue in filling some of his apartment buildings. The government's continuing case alleges Sterling refused to rent to non-Koreans in the Koreatown neighborhood and to African Americans in Beverly Hills. The suit alleges Sterling once said he did not like to rent to Hispanics because they "smoke, drink and just hang around the building," and that "Black tenants smell and attract vermin." America, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Black people knew for decades that despite all of the affirmative action programs, the federal equality mandates, the EEOC and anti-discrimination laws in all 50 states, it's all bull – designed to get White people off the hook so they can fake and prance around like they are no longer racists anymore; so they can continue the status quo of unrestrained White privilege; promoting White people being the gatekeepers to every institution in America, while Blacks are aborted, incarcerated, miseducated, turned into circus attractions, and discriminated out of good jobs in higher numbers than even the KKK could ever dream!

Epilogue: Liberal gatekeepers – 'Tear down this wall of institutional racism'

America, don't be Pollyanna like I was for over 30 years as a Reagan conservative. This is a racist country to its core; to its very foundations and in all its institutions from the Academy to the automobile unions; from the law firms to the barbershops; from beautiful treelined White neighborhoods to the concrete cages called the projects and ghettos most Blacks are still condemned to eek out a survival in the twenty first century, and this is under a 2-term Black president!? Racism has always infested every institution in America and has been and always will be and no amount of affirmative action (filling liberal Black quotas), LBJ shaking MLK's hand at the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, or first Black president rhetoric, or token Black socialists or Bush hacks on Fox News, progressive Black faces at Harvard and the Ivy League, or the one member on the Supreme Court (Clarence Thomas), or the one NBA owner (Michael Jordon), will ever remove this indelible stench of racism from this country.

Regarding LBJ shaking MLK's hand at the signing ceremony of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, according to Robert Kessler's 1999 book, Inside the White House, did you know just before that event LBJ said to two governors aboard Air Force One: "If I pass that [1964 Civil Rights] Act I'll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years." Was LBJ right? Here are the numbers: Obama in 2008 = 96% Black vote; Obama in 2012=93% Black vote; Detroit 2012 = 98% Black vote, 108% of voting population endorses Obama in Nov. 2012!

America, Sterling's evil, racist remarks pale in comparison to the racist history, the institutional corruption of the Democrat Socialist Party and innumerable murders of all babies (not just Black babies): Remember the 60 million abortion number doesn't include the millions of innocents killed since 1973 in California, Maryland and New Hampshire, states who don't post abortion statistics and yet why won't the multi-billionaire Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, the RNC, Jewish and Christian organizations, Tea Party groups, conservative Think Tanks, or any Christian or conservative person of power and money help conservatives like me, help my colleagues here on Joshua's Trial radio show fight back against this omnipotent evil of institutional racism, systemic corruption and Planned Parenthood's Holocaust against little Black babies?

Because this is America the Beautiful... America the Racist... America the Hypocrite!

Book Notice

Please purchase my latest opus dedicated to that Conservative Colossus, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Here are the latest two new volumes from my ongoing historical series – THE PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION: History of Liberal Fascism through the Ages (University Press of America, 2015):
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Please circulate this flyer to all your email contacts & Facebook/Twitter followers who may be interested in purchasing this opus which will serve as a ready apologetic against the rampant Marxist-Progressive propaganda taught in America's public schools, colleges, universities, graduate schools, and law schools. Thanks in advance to all my friends, associates and colleagues for your invaluable support! Law and History Blog: www.EllisWashingtonReport.com

Invitation for manuscripts

I am starting a new a program on my blog dedicated to giving young conservatives (ages 14-35) a regular place to display and publish their ideas called Socrates Corner. If you know of any young person who wants to publish their ideas on any subject, have them send their essay manuscripts to my email at ewashington@wnd.com.

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Ellis Washington

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