Ellis Washington
Holocaust Democrats, Part 1
By Ellis Washington
August 17, 2015

[There exists] other striking similarities between National Socialists and Obama Socialists. This is not to say that the DNC wants to recreate the Holocaust (though its president [Obama] could do so inadvertently, with his tender-on-Tehran policy).

~ Don Feder (23 Dec. 2011)

These are the type of Hollywood Jews who would have thrown 100 of their fellow Jews into the [Holocaust] ovens just to live for one more day.

~ Dr. Michael Savage, on the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal (Aug. 2015)

Two days before Christmas 2011, Don Feder, a great Jewish conservative intellectual whom I quoted in my 2008 book, The Nuremberg Trials: Last Tragedy of the Holocaust, posted to a truly revelatory essay, "Top 10 Ways Democrats Are Like Nazis." This compelling article not only clearly exposes the illogic of the majority of his fellow Jews in America which always votes for the Nazi-like policies of the Democrat Socialist Party; who like Blacks for decades vote against their own collective religious, political, economic and foreign policy interests (e.g., President Obama's U.S.-Iran Nuclear Treaty [2015]). Also, Feder's essay uses recent history to ingeniously expose how playwright George Bernard Shaw was so prescient in his observation that "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

Now that we are 70 years removed from the end of World War II with the Allied Powers – America, England, France, Russia defeat of the Axis Powers – Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito and their genocidal madness they unleashed upon the world, yet in modern times we are beset by many undeniable facts from recent history and within current geopolitics that all of the major policy positions of the Democrat Socialist Party are essentially same as the political policies of Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist Party (i.e., the Nazis). Furthermore, that many genocidal Nazi policies did not originate with Hitler and the Nazi, but were copied by the Nazis from the several predecessor governments including the Jacobins and Robespierre of the French Revolution (1789-99), Germany's Otto von Bismarck (1871-90) and the Weimar Republic (1919-33) and the first fascist government in modern times under the Democrat Socialist Party administrations of Woodrow Wilson (1913-21) and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-45).

As an expert on Nazi Era and the Holocaust whose oeuvre appears on 5 continents and inside the Chamber's Library of the U.S. Supreme Court, I can truly affirm that the only historical difference between the National Socialist Party of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis vs. the Democrat Socialist Party of Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Barack Obama is that the latter political entity has no visible Swastika.

For context's sake, I will quote Feder's article verbatim followed by my own historical analysis to deduce if his suppositions are intellectually accurate. Part 2 will follow in a few days:
  1. Economic Fascism – Like the National Socialists, Democrats want to maintain the façade of private ownership while putting control in the hands of the state. Whether a business prospered or failed in the Third Reich depended on political pull – how close industrialists were to the Nazi leadership. Similarly, the Obama administration has come more and more to resemble the "crony capitalism" it denounced in 2008.

    Companies whose executives made lavish contributions to the Obama campaign ended up with contracts worth hundreds of millions for products that couldn't possibly be manufactured with private financing. Solyndra is the most glaring example. The private/government partnership typical of fascism is taken a step further. In January 2011, Obama appointed General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt head of his jobs council. Need you ask which candidate GE's executives will invest in next year to keep their jobs?
Four years later all but the most willingly obtuse will be unable to plainly understand that Feder's first supposition is historically accurate on all points? First, in law school we learned the aphorism that 'ownership is nine tenths (90%) of the law,' therefore since the federal government owns and controls over 640 million acres, the federal government (at least in a de facto sense) owns 90% of America... 90% of your God-given, unalienable constitutional rights.

Secondly, because of 100 years of Socialism Slavery dating back to the fascist policies of Theodore Roosevelt (who via fascist executive order confiscated millions of acres of property), Woodrow Wilson, FDR and LBJ America's debt isn't $18 trillion, but over $210 trillion... and growing! President Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party's obsession with "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" has already wasted over 2 trillion in Green Energy scams because they refuse to believe that global warming is caused by the sun not mankind. We don't have that much power. Solyndra was just the tip of the ice berg as more and more scientists get the courage to expose Obama's Green Energy policies as a giant fraud, but why? To put more and more of your God-given 'unalienable rights' within the chains of Socialism Slavery.

Feder continues:

    2. Cult of personality – Hitler, Stalin and Mao were its most prominent practitioners. Obama is no slouch. It started at the 2008 Democratic nominating convention in Denver. Mere mortals accept their party's nomination at the convention site. Not Barack Obama, whose campaign packed 80,000 delirious followers into the Denver Bronco's stadium to hear Glorious Leader-in-waiting deliver his coronation speech amidst fake Greek pillars. (It was all reminiscent of the elaborately-staged events in Nuremberg, where the masses worshipped another man-God [Adolph Hitler]).

    At Obama's $150-million inauguration, celebrity cretins like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz, pledged to their leader to "be the change" (his change). In a recent "60 Minutes" interview, the man whose hubris is in perpetual overdrive obliquely declared himself the 4th best president in American history. Why only 4th? Can the divine image on stamps, coins and statues be far off?
Feder is again right on point here. Like the megalomaniac Hitler, Obama's messiah complex and venal hatred of the Jews knows no bounds and like Nero and Caligula, respects no moral constraints under his numerous and unconstitutional Executive Orders. For example, Rep. Obama was the only politician in the Illinois Senate to vote (three times) against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act, a proposed law allowing a baby born alive (despite an abortion attempt) to die on the table without medical assistance from the doctor. The Nazi had a term Obama's demonic, genocidal hatred of babies – Lebenswertes Leben – Life unworthy of life. The difference here between the Nazis and Obama is that at least the Nazis had a pretext for infanticide, Obama needs none, demonic hatred of millions of babies is enough for this tyrant.

~ Malik Bryant, age 13 (Obama's 2015 SOTU guest)

  1. Penchant for thuggery – The Nazis used their S.A. street fighters to intimidate opponents. In 1972, during the McGovern campaign, the national Democratic Party was taken over by the New Left, whose hallmark was violent confrontations with the police during the '60s anti-war movement. (Obama has never disavowed ex-Weatherman Bill Ayers, who still boasts of blowing things up in the 1960s.) In answer to Tea Party activism and Republican victories in 2010, Democrats have become increasingly unhinged.

    In February, Massachusetts Congressman Mike Capuano told a gang of labor goons in Boston, "Every once and awhile, you need to get out in the streets and get a little bloody when necessary." (The goons proceeded to rough-up counter-protestors.) On Labor Day, Obama appeared at a rally with AFL-CIO Capo Richard Trumka, who had earlier told Illinois UMW members to get out and "kick the sh-t out of every last" worker who crossed picket lines. Lately, we had the Occupy Wall Street Movement (the Obama Jugend) battling cops who came to evict the squatters. Totalitarians of all stripes believe adherence to their vision justifies violence.
Feder is here is on sound historical ground comparing Obama and the Democrat violent tactics to seize power to Hitler and the Nazis. In the early 1920s the Nazi Brownshirts rose in power by perpetrating public violence to all who stood in their path. In 1923, the Beer Hall Putsch was an unsuccessful coup d'état effort by the Nazi Party leader's Adolf Hitler, Erich Ludendorff and other Kampfbund ("Battle-league") leaders – to take power by force in Munich, Bavaria. The riots led to the death of 16 Nazis and four policemen. Hitler served 8 months of his 5 years sentence where he dictated his demonic 2 vol. memoir and blue print of Nazism, Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to his cellmate who later became his Deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess.

Like Holocaust Democrats have done in America since 1800, Hitler was a master of the moment and often used a contrived pretext and violence to destroy his enemies and consolidate his power. For example, less than a month after being voted into office by the German people as Chancellor of Germany, there was a mysterious arson attack on the Reichstag (Parliament) building in Berlin on 27 February 1933.This is where the phrase "Reichstag fire" is employed by modern writers to represent a catastrophic event perpetrated by a political party or political revolution, coordinated in a means that casts guilt on their political rivals, therefore causing the rivals to be regarded with distrust by the general public.

Historian William Shirer in his classic opus on Hitler, The Rise and Fall of Third Reich, wrote how quickly events moved in a fascist direction since from the beginning Hitler was complicit in the Reichstag fire and used that event to systematically murder over 1,000 people in a series of Nazi show trials as a cover up for his and Goering's crimes of burning down the Reichstag. Cui bono? – Who benefits? Historian Shirer wrote: "It will be remembered that the aged President [Hindenburg] was bamboozled into signing the decree the day after the Reichstag fire when Hitler assured him that there was grave danger of a Communist revolution. The decree, which suspended all civil rights, remained in force throughout the time of the Third Reich, enabling the Fuehrer to rule by a sort of continual martial law."

  1. They've come for your guns – The National Socialists inherited a firearms registration law from the Weimar Republic and preceded to make it progressively harsher. In 1938, gun ownership was limited to Nazi party members. Earlier, the Weimar registration lists were used to confiscate guns from "undesirables." The German socialists feared guns in the hands of their opponents. Starting with the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968, every major piece of anti-Second Amendment legislation has been passed by Democrats.

    Fast and Furious, through which the ATF ran guns to Mexican drug cartels, was intended to discredit firearms dealers. Democrats call their gun-grabbing mania crime-prevention. Can they really be that stupid? The states with the least restrictive gun laws have the lowest crime rates. In a recent speech to the NRA, Newt Gingrich unmasked Obama's stealth strategy – rather than push anti-gun legislation, he appoints anti-gun judges and signs anti-firearms treaties. The result is the same.
In a 2012 essay I addressed this very issue: The Nazi Roots of U.S. Gun-Control Laws,. Here's an excerpt: "According to the comprehensive research by JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership), all of America's present gun-control laws have Nazi origins, evidenced by the group's shocking accusation that the Gun Control Act of 1968 was plagiarized almost word for word from Nazi legislation. The German Weapons Law, which existed before the Nazis came to power in 1933, was amended on March 18, 1938, by the Nazi government. The JPFO's claim is based in part by the fact that the 1968 law introduces the "sporting purpose" test to distinguish different types of weapons, similar to the "sporting purpose" test that existed in the German law in question. Sen. Thomas Joseph Dodd (father to Sen. Chris Dodd) was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials (1945-46) and had reviewed copies of the Nazi 1938 firearms law as the 1968 Gun Control Act legislation was being drafted."

I continued writing that, "It is very probable that it was none other than Sen. Thomas Dodd who brought copies of the 1938 Nazi German Weapons Law, had that language literally translated and copied into America's 1968 Gun Control Act which would explain why the two laws are almost identical. History tells us that the 1938 Nazi law facilitated the disenfranchisement, imprisonment and murder of millions of Jews and millions of other untermensch (sub-humans, undesirables). The 1968 Gun Control Act has already lead to the disenfranchisement of our Second Amendment rights, imprisonment and the needless maiming and murder of countless citizens who, due to liberal fascist anti-gun policies, could not lawfully use a firearm to defend themselves."

  1. Undermine traditional religion while seeking to exploit it – But didn't Hitler say he was a Christian? So does Obama. The religion mongered in the temple of Jeremiah Wright (anti-America, anti-Israel) bears the same relationship to normative Christianity that Obama-nomics does to the free market. Hitler idolized philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and composer Richard Wagner – both militant atheists. In public, Hitler would try to use Christianity. Privately, he was contemptuous of the faith as a conspiracy of the Jews to foist their morality on happy pagans. In 1942, his deputy, Martin Bormann, flatly stated, "National Socialist and Christian concepts are incompatible."

    The Democrats never miss a chance to undermine traditional religion, especially by placing Church-State fetishists on the bench. Until it was exposed by a Republican Congressman and hastily rescinded, Obama's New PC Army tried to ban gifts of Bibles to wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Hospital. The National Christmas Tree on the Capitol grounds has a number of ornaments with references to Obama, but nothing about Christmas or the Nativity or a crèche at the base. The Capitol police threatened to arrest Rev. Patrick Mahoney if he carried out plans to read the Christmas story or sing carols at the lighting ceremony. Totalitarians don't like competition for the people's loyalty. One god at a time, please.
Feder's compelling analysis above is economically, historically and politically accurate, particularly citing Hitler's Secretary, Martin Bormann's admission that, "National Socialist and Christian concepts are incompatible." Socialists have always hated organized religion, especially Judaism and Christianity, and thus their hatred of Capitalism which is derivative of Christianity is easy to understand. The great Austrian economist, F.A. Hayek, wrote: "Many who think themselves infinitely superior to the aberrations of Nazism, and sincerely hate all manifestations, work at the same time for ideals whose realization would lead straight to the abhorred tyranny."

Since the founding of the Democrat Party in 1800, they have lived by Machiavelli's political aphorism: "The end justifies the means" a totally amoral, evil Will to Power worldview derivative of Friedrich Nietzsche together with his 'god is dead' and Christian Slave morality worldviews the Left has integrated this doctrinaire atheism and antisemitism into their DNC official platform. The Nazis called it Weltanschauung (worldview).

In America 2015, have we reached the tipping point? Do we have so many miseducated, useful idiots in the Age of Mass Delusion in America that politicians can murder you in your face and all people care about is getting their part of Socialism slavery – Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, illegal immigration? If people don't get outraged when the Muslim cult ISIS can cut off the heads of thousands of Christians, Yzidis, fellow Muslims and other on camera and President Obama does nothing, isn't this tantamount to the good Germans citizens turning the radio up louder as the trains rolled by their homes filled with millions of Jews headed for the Holocaust ovens? That's why the subtitle of Jonah Goldhagen's classic 1996 book, Hitler's Willing Executioners, is "Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust." Substitute "Americans" for "Germans" and that book could be reissued in America today in 2015!

In war time conditions Hitler murdered over 20 million people just between 1933-45 alone, therefore isn't the Democrat Socialist Party like the Nationalist Socialist Party when in modern times over 117 million babies can be killed in cold blood just since Roe v. Wade (1973) to 2015 and President Barack Obama is so devoted to infanticide that he threatens the cowardly Republicans to shutdown the government if one dollar of Planned Parenthood's ANNUAL $500 million subsidy is cut, and the Quislings that they are, slavishly acquiesce? That is why history will condemn both the Democrats and Republicans and We the People as 'Hitler's Willing Executioners'.

Are we then not like Hitler and the Nazis if U.S. policy and political intent have the same evil result – Genocide? If Planned Parenthood is repeatedly caught on camera selling babies born alive so that their body parts could be harvested to the highest bidder reminiscent of Hitler's "Angel of Death" Dr. Josef Mengele, then perhaps America is like Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s, and thus is finished as a once Great Nation?

The only difference between the political policies of Hitler's Nazi Holocaust against the Jews (6 million casualties) and Obama's Holocaust Democrats (117 million casualties) is the body count, the latter of which is nearly 20 times higher!

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