Ellis Washington
Holocaust Democrats and the Night of the Long Knives
By Ellis Washington
August 31, 2015

Every single one of us shuddered [during the Night of the Long Knives]; nevertheless each of us understood clearly that he would do it the next time if it were ordered

and if it were necessary. I mean here the evacuation of the Jews, the annihilation of the Jewish people.

~ Heinrich Himmler, Poznen Speech, Oct. 1943

Continuing my essay series showing the many existential historical connections and policy similarities between the Weltanschauung (Worldview) of the Nazi National Socialist Party (1933-45) and the Wilson-FDR-Obama Democrat Socialist Party (1913–2015). According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial archives the so-called 'Night of the Long Knives' or Rohm's Purge took place "between June 30 and July 2, 1934, the Nazi Party leadership, on the order of Nazi Party Leader and Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler, purged the leadership of the Nazi paramilitary formation, the Sturmabteilungen (Storm Troopers; SA). The Nazi leaders took advantage of the purge to kill other political enemies, primarily on the German nationalist right. Known as the "Night of the Long Knives" or "Operation Hummingbird," the murders cemented an agreement between the Nazi regime and the German Army (Reichswehr) that enabled Hitler to proclaim himself Führer of National Socialist Germany and to claim absolute power."

Because most people don't really study or even understand history in a comprehensive manner, they easily fall prey to the consensus propaganda of today's Cultural Marxist historians and the Progressive Academy; a perverse ahistorical worldview existing since the French Revolution and systematically propagated globally for almost 230 years. In order to hide, to deceive the many and obvious historical precedents of Hitler and the concurrent Democrat Socialist Party, particularly under the administrations of Woodrow Wilson and FDR, LBJ and Obama, their Progressive consensus view of history scrupulously hides any and all historical comparisons and similarities to their Socialist political cousins in Germany, yet one obvious Nazi tactic called the Night of the Long Knives has so many political connections to the politics of today, only the most partisan or willfully ignorant can be blind to these similarities.

History is literally the chronicling of the patterns and predictions, the glories and grotesqueries of man. One undeniable fact of history is that Adolph Hitler and the Nazis weren't very original, in fact they derived almost all of their demonic ideas from the past, from history especially from the Democrat Socialist Party in America, or as I more accurately call them "Holocaust Democrats." They used Glieshaltung (bringing into line; forcing into line) to establish a Socialist Weltanschauung (Worldview).

Political Pretext of the Purge

Hitler was a megalomaniac with extreme narcissistic tendencies, therefore Hitler could tolerate no one threatening his Messiah Complex. Thus by June 1934, the SA, led by Hitler's close friend and SA Chief of Staff Ernst Röhm, had expanded to a force of nearly three million men. The SA significantly outnumbered the German Army or Reichswehr, which the Treaty of Versailles had restricted to 100,000 men. The incessant determination of the SA leaders to supplant the officer corps of the Reichswehr with a "People's Army" became an existential threat to both Hitler and the Third Reich thereby prompting the strategy and necessity to kill all SA leaders and collaborators in a ghastly event known as the Night of the Long Knives; an internal coup d'état that would give Hitler absolute powers and allow the Nazi government to continue in power and repression over the Jews.

Thus President Obama a Democrat Socialist, like Chancellor Hitler, a National Socialist, can tolerate no opposition to their tyrannical power and thus through political expediency in his rise to power Hitler tolerated and used his SA Chief of Staff Ernst Rohm and his longtime friend to exploit for political ends his expanded force of nearly three million men, nevertheless after 18 months in office Hitler was now ready to solidify his absolute rule as Germany's messiah by murdering the only man who had comparable power to him, Ernst Rohm.

Likewise Obama having won a stunning and surprising political victory over the Democrat presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton in 2008 and 2012 must now eradicate (metaphorically speaking) his political enemy from obtaining power in 2016 by leaking embarrassing info about the Benghazi murders and highly classified email Hillary which she her staff held and sent on her personal computer server. These Obama tactics have caused Hillary to drop so precipitously in the polls that its caused her rival, the Socialist Bernie Sanders (D-VT) to come within 7 points of Hillary in the latest polls.

The Purge (After Pretext, Before Policy)

According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia, "Hitler tasked Himmler and the SS with carrying out the purge. On June 28, Hitler ordered Röhm to assemble the top SA leaders at a Bavarian spa in Bad Wiessee. SS units, commanded by Dachau concentration camp commandant Theodor Eicke, surprised the SA leaders on the morning of June 30 and transported them to Munich's Stadelheim prison. There SS men shot most of them. Hitler remained indecisive about Röhm's fate until July 1. On that day, at the Nazi dictator's expressed order, Eicke shot Röhm in his cell in Stadelheim. Röhm reportedly died with the words "Heil Hitler" on his lips."

"In all, sources identify by name 85 persons killed in the Röhm purge; the actual toll is estimated at between 150 and 200 persons. The police took more than 1,100 persons into protective custody, including many SA officers."

Historically speaking deeds of genocidal and unexpected acts of barbarity have always been a favorite tactic by tyrants throughout the ages. Historical examples comparable to Nazi purges is how at the 1972 Democrat Convention, the party was purged of all so-called "moderate" or "liberals" and the Progressives, Socialists and Communists took over the Democrat Party with their candidate Walter Mondale as their chosen leader. We remember the results: the Socialist Mondale lost in a legendary landslide to Richard Nixon, but what historians don't tell you is how devoted to the Progressive Revolutionaries were. Though they 'lost' the election, they actually won history in their efforts to shift the political pendulum to the Left – packing the Court with activist judges, legalization of Abortion (1973), the rise of the Feminism, Gay Rights, "Social Justice," Affirmative Action, Black radicalism, and destruction of the Black family through Socialism slavery and endemic pathology. On some levels all these policies were enacted quickly, unexpectedly like Hitler's Night of the Long Knives. The 1950's vanilla America depicted in TV shows like 'I Love Lucy' or 'Leave it to Beaver' was forever dead in America who under the Democrat Socialists would have her own Night of the Long Knives 40 years after Hitler and the Nazis.

Using Hitler's Purge to Consolidate Absolute Power

"The elimination of the SA leadership had several important long-term consequences. First and foremost it cemented an alliance between Hitler and the German Army leadership that would remain intact, with rare exceptions, until the end of World War II," according to the Holocaust Encyclopedia. "Second, as a reward for their loyalty and their role in carrying out the purge, Hitler decreed the SS to be independent of the SA on July 20, 1934. The SS now had complete control of a centralized political police force and a centralized concentration camp system. By 1936-1937, Himmler would complete the consolidation of all German police forces under SS control and remove the police from any form of legal or judicial oversight."

"Third, the Röhm purge ended the role of the SA as a political player in the Nazi regime. Although it continued to exist under Röhm's successor, SA Chief of Staff Viktor Lutze, outnumbered other formations of the Nazi Party, and engaged in murderous violence, both during Kristallnacht in 1938 and during shooting operations in German-occupied Poland and the Soviet Union, the SA never recovered its political clout in the Nazi system," according the US Holocaust Museum archives.

Finally, the political, tactical murders by Hitler of June 30-July 2 epitomized a critical period of Nazi era history in regards of the Nazi's willingness to deconstruct the rule of law and the standards of civilized society to use democide (State sponsored genocide of its own citizens) for the advancement of the Nazi Aryan State. This understanding, this Weltanschauung was remembered and enshrined into Nazi orthodoxy years more than nine years later by Heinrich Himmler's infamous "Final Solution" speech he gave to SS generals at Poznan in October 1943. Here, Himmler raised the issue of the Final Solution of Germany's "Jewish problem" meaning the physical eradication of all Jews living in Europe during World War II.

To demonstrate the unmistakable connection to Hitler's Night of the Long Knives as an integral part of Hitler's Final Solution, in presenting the subject Poznan speech, Himmler openly referred to the SS part in the Röhm purge as an historical example of the SS fanatical zeal to achieve Hitler's divine will on any order by the Fuhrer without question. He said: "I wish to bring up to you in complete frankness a difficult chapter. We should be able to talk about it quite openly among ourselves, but we will never speak of this publicly. As little as we [the SS] hesitated on June 30, 1934 to carry out the task that we were ordered to perform and to stand comrades who had gone astray against the wall and shoot them, so little did we speak about that and [so little] will we speak about that [in the future].... Every single one of us shuddered; nevertheless each of us understood clearly that he would do it the next time if it were ordered and if it were necessary. I mean here the evacuation of the Jews, the annihilation of the Jewish people."

Nazi Pretext against Homosexuals, Obama Pretext for Homosexuals

The great German historian William Shirer in his classic opus on Hitler and the Nazi Era, The Rise and Fall of Third Reich, eloquently described how masterfully Hitler used the tactic of the pretext to take a quantum leap in power acquisition, for example Hitler and Goering's role in the Reichstag fire were just three weeks after being voted Chancellor of German, the German Reichstag (Parliament) building was burned to the ground. Hitler immediately exploited that crises to murder over 1,000 people (mostly his Communist Party rivals) in a series of Nazi show trials as a cover up for his and Goering's crimes of burning down the Reichstag. Cui bono? – Who benefits? Historian Shirer wrote:
    It will be remembered that the aged President [Hindenburg] was bamboozled into signing the decree the day after the Reichstag fire when Hitler assured him that there was grave danger of a Communist revolution. The decree, which suspended all civil rights, remained in force throughout the time of the Third Reich, enabling the Fuehrer to rule by a sort of continual martial law.
Therefore whether you refer to the Beer Hall Putsch, the Reichstag Fire, the Enabling Acts, the 1935 Nuremberg Laws against the Jews, the Anschluss (annexation) of Austria in March 1938, the Annexation of Czechoslovakia in Sept. 1938, the invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939 which unleashed World War II, etc., etc...it's always the same historical refrain – Pretext – Pogrom (Purge) – Policy. Thus history is an existential pattern of glory and grotesqueries of man. We saw it in Hitler's "continual marital law" or what Lenin's Head of the Red Army, Leon Trotsky would call "the Perpetual Revolution" years before to identify the comprehensive means and ends of Communist Revolution. This is the historical legacy of the Democrat Socialist Party.

In modern times (circa 1900 – present) the Communist-Progressive Revolution under the Democrat Socialist Party has since Mondale's 1972 Purge at the Democrat National Convention solidified its power over all 50 states in America, but this fascist revolution, this Cultural Marxist worldview has spread to one degree or another to every country in Europe, Russia, China, the Middle East, South America... all over the world.

Remember that Hitler's Night of the Long Knives didn't just kill Rohm and his SA troops. The Nazis also murdered virtually all top SA leaders both in Munich and throughout Germany. Furthermore, following the Holocaust Democrat mantra – Never allow a crisis to go to waste, Himmler's savage SS used the occasion that crisis precipitated to eradicate several other political rivals, including former factions thought to have betrayed the Nazi revolution. Besides Röhm included among the SS leaders killed between June 30 and July 2 were; Reichswehr General Kurt von Schleicher, Hitler's predecessor as Reich Chancellor, and his wife; Major General Kurt von Bredow, Schleicher's friend and ally; Gustav von Kahr, the Bavarian chief of state did not support Hitler's 1923 Beer Hall Putsch; and Gregor Strasser, a former Nazi officer who had supported the 1932 electoral compromise with then Chancellor von Schleicher; an arrangement that would have prevented Hitler from seizing power.

After the purge, Goebbels initiated a propaganda war to depict Hitler's actions as a necessary Reich strategy to expose all traitors who plotted a coup d'état in an effort to push Germany into political anarchy. In rationalizing the assassinations, Nazi Party officials used Röhm and the SA's known homosexual acts against them for propaganda ends. Goebbels argued that Röhm and his SA's homosexual acts would weakened both the moral strength of the Nazi movement and threatened national security. Nevertheless Hitler himself had at no time complained or remarked on Röhm's sexual preference, yet Röhm's death functioned as an self-serving excuse for Himmler and the Criminal Police detective force to increase its persecutions of homosexuals by expanding the types of prosecutable homosexual acts and increasing the punishment for sentences on charges of homosexual acts.

Once again Hitler's fascist tactics have been used by the Obama Socialist Party for decades. For example, during the socially turbulent 1960s the radical terrorist organization, Student for a Democratic Society (SDS) had a mantra – The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution. A few year later came the publication of his how-to-book to destroy America, Christianity and Capitalism from within called Rules for Radicals (1971) by the Socialist Saint Saul Alinsky, beloved by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the latter who did her senior thesis on Alinsky at Wellesley College (1968). Rule No. 12 says Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Alinsky's opus is the strategic and tactical political blueprint for Holocaust Democrats in modern times.

Finally, Obama's former Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel always said, "Never allow a crisis to go to waste." These and other Socialist tactics and phrases were specifically designed to seize and wield absolute power over their political enemies ('We the People'); they haven't changed since the days of Hitler and the Nazi Party's rise to power in the 1920s-40s.

President Obama's policies towards special treatment of homosexuals has caused the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) agenda to expand quickly and exponentially beyond even their wildest dreams. The LGBT agenda reached its apotheosis in the recent Obergefall decision whereby the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage and in the words of Christian leader Dr. James Dobson, "constitutionalized sin" and "Fundamentally," he contends, "it's a way to open up vast new avenues to attack Christianity."

History is circular. Fascists of all names, of all ages all want the same thing, POWER. How to get it? – The Pretext, the Pogrom (Purge), the Policy. It doesn't matter what your views are on homosexuality, it only matters how you seize more power over the masses. In the 1930s and 40s Nazi history demonstrated the Nazi pretext against the homosexuals and since 2009 Obama's Holocaust Democrat policies demonstrated a pretext for Homosexuals which were catalyzed in the Obergefell same-sex marriage decision.

Hitler would be pleased with how systematically his National Socialism policies have been implemented today in America under the Woodrow Wilson-FDR-LBJ-Obama Socialist Party. Like Hitler, Obama uses the same tactics of elevating a favored minority group like the LGBT community, illegal aliens, the Feminists, the Abortion Gestapo, or the "Black Lives Matter" Movement and using them to denigrate and deconstruct your real enemies including conservatives, Christians, pro-Israel Jews, the Tea Party, pro-gun Americans, business owners, and generally everyone who believes in American exceptionalism, Veritas (truth), Natural Law and God.

Book Notice

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Invitation for manuscripts

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