Ellis Washington
Reinhard Heydrich: Hitler's hangman and alter ego
By Ellis Washington
September 17, 2015

"Truth and goodness had no intrinsic meaning for him; they were instruments to be used for the gaining of more and more power. To debate whether any action was of itself right appeared so stupid to him that it was certainly a question he never asked himself."

~ Wilhelm Höttl, SS Officer, Secret Agent

Biography of Heydrich

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica and Robert Berwarth's essential book: Hitler's Hangman: The Life of Heydrich, Reinhard Heydrich (Yale University Press, 2011), Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (1904-1942), was a principal officer of Nazi Party leadership who was Heinrich Himmler's chief lieutenant in the paramilitary corps known as the SS or Schutzstaffel ("protective squadron" or "defense corps"). Heydrich was so fanatically devoted to Hitler's Aryan madness and zealous as a major plotter and planner of the Holocaust that during the beginning years of World War II that he was given the nickname "The Hangman" (German: Der Henker).

How did Heydrich become so violently and psychotically anti-Semitic? Some historians believe his hatred of the Jews originated from his family being falsely accused of partial Jewish ancestry where during his youth he was bullied in school and nicknamed "Moses Handel." Also, his father, Richard Bruno Heydrich, a famous musician in his own right and composer, directed a musical conservatory and sang Wagnerian roles in the opera where the father instructed his son in to worship the cult of Richard Wagner – a proto-fascist and venal anti-Semite who was Hitler's favorite composer, and along with Nietzsche, his favorite German. "Reinhard" referred to the tragic hero from his father's opera Amen, and "Tristan" who was the protagonist in Richard Wagner opera, Tristan und Isolde. Heydrich's mother was a demanding disciplinarian who would punish Heydrich and his siblings over the most trivial infraction.

In 1919, Heydrich joined a Freikorps paramilitary unit and entered the German Navy in 1922. Commissioned as a naval officer, he was discharged in 1931 after a naval court convicted him of misconduct (for refusing to marry a shipyard director's daughter with whom he had had an affair). Also later that year Heydrich joined the SS. A chance meeting and introduction to Himmler put Heydrich's career on a fast track upward and he was assigned with the organization of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD; "Security Service"), the intelligence and surveillance arm of the SS, according to Berwarth's book on Heydrich.

In early 1933, soon after Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, Heydrich was appointed chief of the political department of the Munich police force where his administrative talents organized and consolidated the political police forces throughout Germany under Himmler's control. Heydrich's meteoric career advancement was directly linked to Himmler and he rose quickly through the levels of the Security Service (SD). In 1934, he was appointed SS chief for Berlin and when Himmler became chief of all German police forces in 1936, Heydrich assumed command the SD – Sicherheitsdienst, the criminal police, and the Gestapo.

Historian William Shirer, author of the classic treatise on the Nazi Era, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1960), wrote in personal and graphic terms about the atrocities of Heydrich and his SS savages looting Austria during the Anschluss (the annexation of Austria, March 1938): "I myself [William Shirer], from our apartment in the Plosslgasse, watched squads of S.S. men carting off silver, tapestries, paintings and other loot from the Rothschild palace next door. Baron Louis de Rothschild himself was later able to buy his way out of Vienna by turning over his steel mills to Hermann Goering Works. Perhaps half of the city's 180,000 Jews managed, by the time the war started, to purchase their freedom to emigrate by handling over what they owned to the Nazis."

Shirer continues to chronicle Heydrich's litany of grotesqueries against the Jews: "This lucrative trade in human freedom was handled by a special organization set up under the S.S. by Heydrich, the 'Office for Jewish Emigration,' which became the sole Nazi agency authorized to issue permits to Jews to leave the country," Shirer writes. "Administered by Karl Adolf Eichmann, it was to become eventually an agency not of emigration but of extermination and to organize the slaughter of more than four million persons, mostly Jews. Himmler and Heydrich also took advantage of their stay in Austria during the first weeks of the Anschluss to set up a huge concentration camp at Mauthausen, on the north bank of the Danube near Enns."

Thus, it was quite evident that like the Holocaust Democrats of modern times, Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich and the Nazi High Command were all masters of Doublespeak – saying one thing to your audience while meaning (and enacting policy-wise) quite the opposite. For example, Heydrich was the leader at the Wannsee Conference, Berlin, (20 January 1942), where the plans of the Final Solution against the Jews were finalized. This critically important but secret conference is where all of Heydrich's diabolical duplicitous rhetoric was given its real, evil purpose regarding the murder of all Jews living in Europe. "To take the place of emigration, and with the prior approval of the Führer, the evacuation of the Jews to the East has become another possible solution," Heydrich said. "Although both courses of action emigration and evacuation, must, of course, be considered as nothing more than... temporary expedients, they do help to provide practical experience which should be of great importance in view of the coming Endlösung (Final Solution) of the Jewish question." *N.B.: "Emigration and evacuation" were Nazi code words for the forcible removal of all Jews and other "undesirables" from their homes and shipped off on train boxcars reserved for animals to the death camps.

Heydrich was also major plotter and planner of the Night of the Long Knives (June 30-July 2, 1934), Hitler's internal coup to purge S.A. Commander Ernst Röhm and the German army high command (Reichwehr) – a plot later imitated by Stalin in his own brutal purge of the Red Army as well as Soviet military-related industries between October 1940 and February 1942, in spite of the impending German attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941 (Hitler's failed invasion of the Soviet Union – Operation Barbarossa). Heydrich also concocted a deceitful propaganda campaign of alleged Polish atrocities against Germans living in Poland as a pretext for Hitler's initial invasion of Poland which launched World War II on in September 1, 1939.

Known for his zealous fanaticism and savage efficiency as the Nazi head of the Gestapo, Heydrich imprisoned millions inside death camps and murdered millions of "enemies of the Reich" without the slightest conscience or doubt. For example, during the course of Kristallnacht ("Night of the broken glass") in November 1938, Heydrich organized the systematic destruction of every Synagogue in Germany, the looting of Jewish property, and the arrest of over 30,000 Jews by the Gestapo and the SS and their imprisonment in concentration camps. For his brutal enforcement of Hitler and Himmler's murderous commands, in 1939 Heydrich was promoted to the head of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt ("Reich Security Central Office"), the organization charged with all security and secret police functions in the Third Reich.

A paradox: Heydrich had an aesthetics background, like Adolf Hitler (artist) and Albert Speer (architecture). An accomplished violinist, he played the violin so beautifully that writer Jacques Delarue in his 1964 classic book on the Nazi Gestapo, The History of the Gestapo, wrote, "A talent violinist... he [Heydrich] gave chamber music evening of the highest order.... The most savage torturers of the Gestapo trembled before him." Heydrich also shared this diabolical dualism – a great admiration of aesthetics together with Hitler's grotesque perversion of human nature which was explained by Nazi leader Ernst Kaltenbrunner, who on many occasions personally witnessed Heydrich's evil nature and diabolical acts of genocide against the Jews, writing, "He was a terribly ambitious man with a great craving for power. This desire for power was measureless, and he was extraordinarily clever and cunning."

The Wannsee Conference (1942)

On July 31, 1941, Hermann Goering appointed Heydrich to organize the genocidal machinery necessary to execute the Nazi "Final Solution to the Jewish question," empowering him to take all governmental and logistical actions required for the annihilation of the Jews. Heydrich chaired the notorious Wannsee Conference (January 20, 1942), whose participants discussed the logistics of the Final Solution – a demonic plan to kill all of the Jews in Europe; a plot largely created by Adolf Eichmann, according to the Holocaust Encyclopedia. Conspiracy (2001) was a BBC/HBO television film that excellently dramatized the 1942 Wannsee Conference. What I particularly loved about the movie was how it analyzed the profound psychological depths of Nazi leaders involved, particularly Goering, Heydrich, Himmler, Bormann and others. Actors, Kenneth Branagh (who played Reinhard Heydrich) and Stanley Tucci (who played Adolf Eichmann), did an especially outstanding job. One of the most chillingly violent movies I ever saw which ironically had no violent acts.

In September 1941, Heydrich was appointed Reichsprotektor (governor) of Bohemia and Moravia (now in the Czech Republic). Arrogant and self-willed to a psychotic level, Heydrich combined "repressive measures and mass executions" with an effort to appease Czech peasants and workers by improving community and economic conditions. His achievement in "pacifying" the Czech population gave Heydrich a dangerously inflated sense of security which led to his untimely assassination on May 27, 1942 when two Free Czech agents bombed and shot Heydrich while traveling in his car without any bodyguards.

The Assassination of Heydrich – May 27, 1942

English trained Czech Agents parachuted into German-occupied Czech territory with the expressed intent to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich in Prague. Heydrich was the chief of the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA) in Berlin – the SS and police organization most directly charged with executing the Holocaust during World War II, and thus most blameworthy in the deaths of millions of people including 6 million European Jews, according to the Holocaust Encyclopedia. While still chief of the Reich Security Main Office, Heydrich also served as Acting Reich Protector of German-occupied Czechoslovakia.

Czech Partisans had extensively observed Heydrich's movements to determine the most advantageous place to assassinate him. As Heydrich traveled on a familiar route to the airport to fly to Hitler's headquarters for a meeting, at a tight, hairpin turn in the road where his car was forced to decelerate, two Czech agents each succeeded in rolling a hand grenade under his car. Although one of the bombs was defective, the other bomb blast went off and did not initially kill Heydrich, but only wounded him. As if Providence's decree from Heaven would not suffer Hitler's Hangman to live any longer, the grenade splinters in Heydrich's leg and lower back causing a severe infection and leading to his death a little over a week later.

Hitler and the Nazis proved true to their savage bloodlust reputation for revenge. Heydrich's assassination caused Hitler and the Nazi SS to unleash a horrible genocide against the Czech people. The Nazi SS destroyed the Czech villages of Lidice and Ležáky, killing all the men and boys over age 16 and sending most of the women and children who survived to death camps throughout Germany where they were tortured and killed. At his funeral Heinrich Himmler, speaking about Heydrich's devotion to the Third Reich, used emotional and transcendent language derivative of the critical importance of Heydrich's leadership to the genocidal Weltanschauung of the Third Reich: "Whatever actions he took he carried them out as a National Socialist and an SS man," Himmler spoke, "from the very bottom of his heart and through his blood, he carried out ... and understood Adolf Hitler's world vision."

Epilogue: Heydrich in Modern Times

In February 1941, Reinhard Heydrich gave us a glimpse into his black, perverted heart when he said, "It is natural that people do not want to be involved with us too much. There is no problem down to the smallest egotistical longing which the Gestapo cannot solve. Regarded in this way we are, if a joke is permitted, looked upon as a cross between a general maid and the dustbin of the Reich." This statement, though of diabolical intent, historically amounts to an admission we must pay attention to in order to properly understand the Weltanschauung (worldview) of the fascists that are controlling Europe and America today – particularly under the hegemony of the Holocaust Democrat Party whose abortion, welfare policies, and Socialism slavery alone have eclipse even the biblical-scale genocide of Hitler and the Nazis which were under war-time conditions. Yet to this day, the invidious political policies and criminal actions by the Democrat Socialist Party have gone unavenged because they have been so successful at rewriting history and because the Cowardly Conservatives are so utterly obtuse regarding history and politics.

But why? Because on a psychological level most people cannot accept nor believe the existential logical fallacy they have been victimized by – that for generations that they, their parents, their grandparents, and their great-grandparents, and beyond could all have been so utterly and collectively deceived by Holocaust Democrats espousing an even older and more diabolical version of Nazism, that they actively voted for utter evil and racist leaders like President Woodrow Wilson (1913-21) invidious racist policies against Blacks, FDR (1933-45) and his unconstitutional New Deal Welfare State, LBJ (1963-68) and his Socialist Great Society Welfare State, and Obama's New Deal, Part 2, just to name a few treasonous policies that killed the Black family and deconstructed American society. Remember on Jan. 30, 1933, the German citizens used the democratic process to vote Hitler and his Nazi Party into office. Hitler and the Nazis, (which had only 7% of the German population by 1940, 10% by the end of World War II in 1945), did not come to power though a coup, but as a "savior" or "messiah" of the German people. Of course history teaches us that their German messiah, Hitler, was in reality the Antichrist, and Himmler and Heydrich his False Prophet and the Beast.

In the end, who was Reinhold Heydrich? "He was very young, very handsome, save that his eyes were too close-set; an outstanding example of that blond mixture of effeminacy and toughness which may be observed in any Teutonic night-club. He had immense drive, which was liable to carry him too far; total ruthlessness in the attainment of his own ends, which were wrapped up in personal ambition; no active enjoyment of cruelty except sometimes, perhaps, almost as an afterthought; and a devilish sense of humor," wrote Edward Crankshaw in his 1956 book, Gestapo: Instrument of Tyranny. "Vain as a peacock, but mockingly aware of his vanity, clever, perhaps too clever by half, and contemptuous of the clumsiness of most of his colleagues and superiors, he nevertheless could be clumsy in his use of force and, unlike Himmler, was liable to over-reach himself. He was dynamite, like a character in an American gangster story; and in the S.S. he was able to canalise [sic] his nihilism into a constructive purpose."

Adolf Hitler, who considered Heydrich his favorite protégé, the physical embodiment of the Aryan German ideal, and his alter ego, or the man I believe Hitler wanted to physically be (if his body could have been resurrected from Hell), said of Heydrich: "One of the best national socialists, one of the best believers in the German ideology, and one of the greatest opponents to all enemies of the Third Reich." One of my favorite quotes that captured Heydrich's cunning and savage nature was by Walter Schellenberg, a fellow SS Officer, who in 1949 testified against Nazi war crimes leaders at the International Military Tribunal (Nuremberg Trials), saying, "He [Heydrich] was inordinately ambitious. It seemed as if, in a pack of ferocious wolves, he must always prove himself the strongest and assume the leadership."

A modern-day equivalent to Reinhold Heydrich, in my opinion, would be Obama's three closest advisors who all served as the braintrust to his two landslide election victories in 2008 and 2012 – Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod. Like Heydrich they are all true believers in Socialism Slavery; who all possess an utterly visceral hatred of American exceptionalism, God, institutions, and Natural Law, the latter which is the original political philosophy and jurisprudence that built America and governed the Courts, and established the Rule of Law. Since the Progressive Revolution of the 1860s, Progressives have been very successful at deconstructing the Judeo-Christian foundations of all American institutions and, like Obama's Democrat Socialism contempt of We the People, Nazi National Socialists like Heydrich could decree with unquestioned authority his utter contempt of the German people and how to keep them under Socialism slavery –
    "Depriving the people of their national consciousness, treat them as a tribe and not a nation, dilute their national pride, do not teach their history, propagate their language as inferior, imply they have a cultural void, emphasize their customs are primitive, and dismiss independence as a barbaric anomaly."
Since the birth of the U.S. Democrat Socialist Party in 1800, Obama and the Holocaust Democrats couldn't have followed Hitler, Himmler and Heydrich's diabolical plans and enacted their Evolution Atheist and Socialist policies with more Machiavellian ruthlessness and treasonous efficiency if they had tried.

References: Ellis Washington, The Nuremberg Trials: Last Tragedy of the Holocaust (Hamilton Books, 2008). Robert Berwarth, Hitler's Hangman: The Life of Heydrich, Reinhard Heydrich (Yale University Press, 2011). Speech at the Wannsee Conference, Berlin, (20 January 1942), as quoted in Why Did the Heavens Not Darken: The "Final Solution" (1990) by A. J. Mayer, p. 304. William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Simon and Schuster, 1960), pp. 351, 430-34. Edward Crankshaw, in Gestapo: Instrument of Tyranny (1956).

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