Ellis Washington
Vladimir Putin: More like Reagan than Obama
By Ellis Washington
January 20, 2016

Peace through strength. Trust but verify.

~ Reagan

We are going to pursue terrorists everywhere. If they are in the airport, we will pursue them in the airport. And if we capture them in the toilet, then we will waste them in the outhouse. ... The issue has been resolved once and for all.

~ Putin

Reagan and Putin

Palin and Trump

Will Sarah Palin throw her support behind Donald Trump for president? Apparently the New York Times has the scoop and the answer is Yes.

Former Vice President nominee and Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, in a Nov. 2015 interview on Fox News was praising the Russia's President Vladimir Putin for his strong leadership and aversion to following the servile political correctness worldview of the Socialist-Progressive Left. Here's a clip from the show:
    PALIN: "And there Putin is doing his job. You know you have to hand it to the man that nobody has to guess whose side he is on. He's putting his people first and doing the right thing and I think that maybe some other leaders could – kind of learn from some of that that he's exuding that strength."

    KILMEADE: "He also assassinates his enemies, so that's the negative side to him."

    PALIN: "Exactly. I mean that's one thing. Good, bad or ugly, though, you have to give the man some due respect."

    KILMEADE: "So do you think we should work with him? Do you think we should work with him? The president has that secret meeting that we all saw take place. Do you think we should go into a triumphant, three-pronged attack against ISIS with France?"

    PALIN: "I think we have no choice but to do everything possible, everything within our power, and working with 'allies' to get in there and, you know, eradicate the evil. But we have to be vigilant and aware that Putin in many respects is part of some evil. So we have to you know like Reagan's old trust but verify, we have to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to Putin."
Putin and ISIS

History has an inexorable, and thus a predictable pattern. In geopolitics and foreign policy, history repeatedly affirms that strong leadership dominates hypocritical leadership. Thus, Vladimir's Putin's brand of leadership (Total War) triumphs over the feckless diplomacy school of leadership (Hypocritical War), because Putin understands that we live in a very dangerous world where philosophical theories pontificated in faculty lounges of the Academy are no match for devout Islam and ISIS who measure their triumphs not by the number of scholarly articles and books published in coveted journals, but by the number of little girls they rape; by the number of Yazidi, Muslim, and Christian heads they cut off and display to a horrified and scared world.

The difference between Obama and Putin's approach to foreign policy is that Obama wants to make the U.S. afraid, but Putin wants to make the Islamic/ISIS murderers very afraid by taking the grotesque terror they put on the world right to them, to their house, to the houses of their families – Two different approaches and thus two very different existential realities.

For example, General James Zumwalt, in an Oct. 30th article skillfully analyzed the litany of ISIS "high-publicized videos, legions of soulless bodies fill its ranks, regularly demonstrating limitless savagery in executing their enemies. Beheadings, burning prisoners alive, attaching bombs to babies to show new recruits how explosives rip a human body apart, running tanks over prisoners, etc. – no means of execution is beyond the pale as they market fear. But fear can be a double-edged sword. A force capable of demonstrating this has just entered the fray in Syria. Having used fear previously very effectively against Muslim extremists, this force looks to do so again – only this time its blade will come down on ISIS."

As a distinct and ultimately much more effective brand of leadership that Obama's Hypocritical Model is evident with the war strategy of Russia's Special Forces equal to our own top fighters like the Delta Force, Navy Seals, or Rangers. "Russian President Vladimir Putin recently dispatched a military group in which he has great pride and confidence – his special forces – to Syria. The group has been honed into a uniquely skilled counter-terrorism killing machine, known in Russia for getting the job done. Russia's special forces originated out of a terrorist act perpetrated more than four decades ago by another violent Muslim group," General Zumwalt writes.

Terrorists: Sticks and stones will break your bones – but Vladimir Putin will kill you

Brief History of Russia's Special Forces

In detailing the history of Russia's Special Forces, Zumwalt says it coincided with the terrorists attack at 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany where Palestinian terrorists of Black September kidnapped and killed eleven Israeli athletes and a German police officer. However, in 1972 it was Yuri Andropov, who as the head of the Soviet secret police created the special military force specifically tasked with using terrorist tactics and training in counter-terrorism against Russia's most intractable enemies. The Russian Special Forces was thus created in 1974 and unlike U.S. and European forces felt no compunction to abide by the Geneva Conventions or to employ mercy, tolerance since Russia's fanatical Islamic enemies did not follow the Geneva Conventions. Instead, Special Forces followed the Old Testament biblical mandate of "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" times 100.

Since 1975, Putin has been a member of the KGB until President Boris Yeltsin promoted him to President in December 1999. To demonstrate to devout Islam what would happen to terrorist's attacks against Russia, General Zumwalt cites a 2006 incident where Putin unleashed his Special Forces against Muslim militants after four Russian officials were kidnapped and killed in Iraq. Unlike the feckless President Obama, Putin did not preen and prance around before the United Nations blustering about what he would do, Putin acted immediately and decisively and told his Special Forces that these enemies were to be individually hunted down and killed or "destroyed." This take-no-prisoners strategy was repeated in 2010 when Special Forces in the Russian navy destroyed Somali pirates who tried to commandeer a Russian ship in the Straits of Hormuz.

"Operating from their mother ship, the Somalis pirated a Russian oil tanker. Russian naval special forces boarded the tanker, easily routing the pirates, taking them captive and putting them back onboard their mother ship," according to a video report on Military.com. "There, the pirates were securely tied up and the mother ship fitted with explosives. Once back on their own ship, the Russians detonated the explosives." The genius of Russia's geopolitics here is that unlike U.S. and European naval ships that are to this day repeatedly harassed by Islamist Somali pirates – its citizens kidnapped at will pouring millions of dollars into Somali pirate bank account, not a single Russian ship has been affected since Russia's revenge.

Prepare to meet Allah: Russian Special Forces capture Somali pirates

Don't forget years before Putin rose to power Russian Special Forces quickly established a globalist reputation derivative of an earlier era – "They know what we bring." After Moscow invaded Afghanistan in December 1979, Russian special forces were tasked to implement "regime change" in." Wearing Afghan uniforms, they quickly secured strategic government buildings in Kabul. Storming the presidential palace, they followed through on orders to kill every Afghan in the building. Not only was Afghan President Hafizullah Amin killed along with his mistress and young son, but so too were all witnesses," according to General Zumwalt. "Russian special forces played a significant role in Afghanistan throughout the ten year war. But their reputation for taking whatever action necessary to complete its mission was cemented in Lebanon."

Zumwalt continued: "In October 1985, a radical Muslim Brotherhood splinter group kidnapped four Soviet diplomats in Beirut. By the time Russian Special Forces reached the city, one of the diplomats had already been executed. As Moscow's policy was never to negotiate with terrorists, no effort was made to do so. Using a network of informants, the Russians identified the militant group responsible and the kidnappers involved."

Unless America wants to exist in an ISIS-dominated world well into the twenty first century, she must use the same ruthlessness as ISIS does against U.S. Regarding the 1985 incident Zumwalt writes, "[w]ith the kidnappers' names in hand, the Russians immediately rounded up their family members, taking them hostage. They then cut off hostages' body parts, delivering them to the militants along with the threat to continue making deliveries." For those who are too squeamish (or self-righteous) about Russian tactics, please re-read the Old Testament: those narratives are very persuasive to pagans and savages who love to kill innocent people. "The militants got the message. The surviving Russian diplomats were immediately released. For two decades thereafter, Russian diplomats operated safely abroad without fear of becoming targets of Muslim terrorists," Zumwalt continues.

Although in 1985 most ISIS members weren't yet born or were too young to remember Russian ruthless tactics against Muslim fanatics, I assure you Putin will give them a review lesson written in their own blood. "Russian special forces have an operational edge ours do not. While battlefield actions by U.S. forces will, appropriately, always be defined by the laws of land warfare, Russian special forces historically have tossed their moral compass aside," Zumwalt declares. "By doing so, they convey a clear message – in blood – to adversaries."

Hypocritical War vs. Total War

Hypocritical War (Obama) vs. Total War (Putin) who in effect says to the world – "To hell with the Geneva Conventions" – "To hell with the Rules of Engagement." To follow these Marquis of Queensbury rules against ISIS bloodlust is to force our brave U.S. soldiers to fight an insane foe with their hands tied behind their backs. America didn't use the Geneva Conventions and the slavish Obama Rules of Engagement to fight Hitler and the Nazis doing World War II (the last war since Dessert Storm America definitely won). Remember the Allied Powers had Joseph Stalin, the tyrant of Soviet Communism as the fourth member of their quartet forces to fight against the Axis Powers of Hitler's Germany, Hirohito's Japan and Mussolini's Italy, then how can America and Europe be so willfully ignorant of history and geopolitics of the past 100 years can be so diplomatic so suicidal in the face of Hitler Part II (e.g., ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc.)? Putin is no Communist, he's a Christian who goes to church much more than Barack Obama I assure you.

Remember Reagan's wise words he used to defeat Soviet Communism: Peace through strength. Trust but verify.

Putin's Total War (along with Iran and China) has replaced Obama's Hypocritical War and instead of the vaunted Geneva Conventions will use the 'Russian Conventions' to defeat the ruthless, genocidal murderous cult ISIS by being even more ruthless and brutal. Already ISIS has given all its soldier a pay cut since Putin has effectively bombed their oil fields, banks, burning hundreds of millions of ISIS dollars to ash.

If you aren't willing to be as brutal and ruthless as ISIS, but instead like Obama, Merkel and the appeasement European leaders, and open your doors to millions of unvetted Muslim migrants who will never assimilate, that utterly hate your country, despise your Judeo-Christian traditions, and rape, pillage and destroy wherever they go, then Europe will soon become a Northern Caliphate of ISIS and America will be a Western Caliphate of ISIS and Putin will be the Man-of-Action the civilized Christian world will look to destroy ISIS and Islamic terrorism and line their coffins with the Geneva Conventions and burn ISIS at the stake using the U.S. Rules of Engagement to start the fire.

Forget Barack Obama – he is a feckless, Socialist apparatchik who like Neville Chamberlain who bowed to and appeased Hitler, invited World War II, therefore like Chamberlain, Obama's name, policies, and anti-American hatred will soon be burning on the ash heap of history. Instead, I choose to remember the wise words of a truly great leader, Vladimir Putin to make America, to make Russia great again:
    We are going to pursue terrorists everywhere. If they are in the airport, we will pursue them in the airport. And if we capture them in the toilet, then we will waste them in the outhouse. ... The issue has been resolved once and for all.
Said another way, President Donald J. Trump will "Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin" –

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