Sam Weaver
The Big Lie (Große Lüge): Part IV
By Sam Weaver
June 11, 2011

What was the first Big Lie? If you had asked any American from 1776 until about 1960 that question, your answer would almost certainly have included some mention of Genesis 3:4-5. Today, sadly, relatively few Americans would even think to cite the Bible in answering that, or virtually any other question.

Time (in this case, from circa 1960 until today) cannot and does not change the Truth. Only public (i.e., collective) perceptions of the idea of Truth (or, "truth") change. How can the public perception of Truth change so much in the span of half a century? Answer: propaganda. [More on that later; especially in Part IX of this series.]

The first Big Lie consisted of a false statement (God is a liar) and a beguiling promise that could never possibly be fulfilled (You can — or shall — be like God). Today, the ultimate Big Lie is that God does not exist.

In Part II of this series, I mentioned Friedrich Nietzche and his statement that "God is dead." I argued very briefly that Charles Darwin's "theory" of evolution (Origin of the Species) gave Nietzche the confidence to make his claim. I want to expound that thought in this article.

First, however, I should make a few things clear. I expect disagreement among both conservatives and liberals (mostly liberals). As always, I invite — strongly urge! — your feedback. I always want to learn from you!

No Big Lie can be broadly accepted (believed by the general public) without some element of truth. There are at least two elements of truth in Charles Darwin's "theory." 1) The survival of the fittest (a/k/a, the fittest survive) is a principle — even, perhaps, a Law! — of Nature; and, therefore, of Nature's God. [NOTE: Survival of the fittest does not mean that "might makes right;" at least not necessarily. It does mean, though, that right makes might. Think about it!] 2) Species, even genera, can and do adapt (evolve) to (with) environmental, geographical and other circumstantial changes/conditions; resulting in new species and (rarely) new genera.

Charles Darwin admitted on page 292 of The Origin of Species that "[The absence of transitional forms in the fossil record] perhaps is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory." The scientific field of paleontology was in its infancy. Darwin fully (and arrogantly) expected transitional forms to be found in droves as the science of paleontology grew and developed. Except for a handful of questionable — certainly not provable, or even reliable — examples, not one shred of hard evidence exists that any lower life form "evolved" into a higher life form at any time. [NOTE: Google "transitional forms" and you will be bombarded by "scientists" who disagree. I urge you to listen very carefully to their arguments. If you do, and are rational, you will see that their arguments are designed to refute those who disagree with them and are not rooted in either logic or evidence.] Besides, progressive evolution from a lower life form to a higher life form violates one of the most basic and well-known laws of nature (i.e., the Second Law of Thermodynamics — the Law of Entropy). The dearth of transitional forms in the fossil record after 150 years of dedicated excavation and study — not to mention remarkable gains in technology, exposes Darwin's "theory" as a total fraud.

Like Nietzche, Darwin was no prophet. Neither could foresee the errors in Darwin's "theory." But Nietzche's confidence was not rooted in Darwin's idea alone. Nietzche was aware of James Hutton and Charles Lyell.

James Hutton (1726-1797) proposed to the Western World the ideas of uniformitarianism and geologic time. Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) studied Hutton's earlier work and was a close and influential associate of Charles Darwin. Lyell introduced to the Western world the idea of stratigraphy (i.e., stratigraphic geology).

Although Hutton was Scottish and Lyell was British, neither faithfully subscribed to the Anglo-American worldview. Both sought a purely naturalistic explanation for the existence of our Earth. Lyell's good friend, Charles Darwin, sought a purely naturalistic explanation for the existence of man. Nietzche, and others, ran with these "explanations." Nietzche, et. al., declared God to be dead — non-existent — so that they could make the rules. With God out of the way, they could form their utopias and control the "masses." They just had to convince the "masses" that it was all for their own good.

Please refer to the second paragraph of Part II of this series. There were men and women in Europe even before the Renaissance who faithfully rejected "conventional wisdom." It was during that time and by those faithful individuals that modern science began.

Take a very serious look at every modern scientific field that has been established. At least until quite recently, they have all been established by Christians. (See, for example, here.) [NOTE: There is an article that I read several years ago that lists virtually every field of scientific study and names the founding "father" of each field. I spent much time analyzing and verifying that article. I recall the field of paleontology and its "founder," Georges Cuvier. The author's point was that those "founding fathers" were almost all Christian. My research showed the author's point to be very accurate and credible. Sadly, the author has since passed away and I cannot find a current link to that great piece. The link above is the best that I can find right now that lists some of those "founders" of modern science.]

Nietzche's declaration (the biggest of all Big Lies!); bolstered by the false "science" of Hutton, Lyell, Darwin and others that followed, ushered in the "Progressive Era." The so-called "Progressive Era" was absolutely nothing less than an all-out (almost military) campaign to uproot the Anglo-American (Judeo-Christian) moral, political/ethical, economic and scientific institutions — ideas, principles and values — of the United States of America and to replace them with Franco-German (secular/atheistic) ideas, "principles" and "values."

[NOTE to Glenn Beck: It seems that whenever you mention a book, it becomes a best-seller on Please mention at least two books by Harold Ordway Rugg: Culture and Education in America and The Great Technology: Social Chaos and the Public Mind. (Available here.) Together, these two books explain the "progressive" mindset, and reveal exactly how "progressives" first captured the stronghold of American (public) education and every American institution since then.]

Progressives "killed" God. "God did not create the universe or mankind, nature did!" As a result, they destroyed Truth. "Truth is totally relative. It is what you believe it to be. But you are uneducated, even stupid. Let us educate you in a school that we control. We will tell you what truth is. Truth is, there is no god to save you. We will save you. Trust us!" Yeah, right! Grievously, far too many of us have fallen for their Große Lüge — their intricate web of deceit.

The very concept — the essential American idea — of Liberty is all but dead in modern America. Why? Because we have been "taught" to abandon God! Belief in God is "outmoded, superstitious or juvenile — even dangerous." [NOTE: Allah is NOT God!!!] Free enterprise — the economic backbone of America and God's economic Word and Will — has been replaced with "crony 'capitalism,'" Keynesian — even socialistic — "theory" and reliance on government. Science has become the word and the will of a "consensus" of educated and "enlightened" (i.e., elite) men and women with an agenda to control the masses — you and me.

The United States of America is no longer the home of the free and the land of the brave. Far too many of her people have succumbed to the Big Lie of "Progressivism" (Franco-German ideology) by way of "progressive 'education,'" mainstream media, Hollywood, "mainline" churches and bureaucratic government. <PROPAGANDA?!>

Is it too late to renew America — to set her back upon the course that made her the greatest nation in world history in less than 150 years of her existence? Absolutely not!! In 1776, much less than 1/3 of the people strongly favored — and were willing to fight and die for — independence from Great Britain. The rest either hesitantly favored the status quo or were fearfully (or apathetically) indifferent. The minority — the "underdog;" the free and the brave — ultimately prevailed by the Grace of God. The free and the brave can — and must! — prevail again if Truth, Liberty, Justice and the American way is to be sustained!

We don't need a Superman. Superman is a comic book fantasy. We need about 100 million Americans who are moral, educated and informed. Those 100 million Americans are out there. They do exist! And there are hundreds — maybe even thousands — of modern-day Thomas Paines, Samuel Adams', Patrick Henrys and even George Washingtons out there inspiring, educating, motivating and organizing the free and the brave.

Love freedom! Be brave! Stand up for the Truth and speak out! Truth, Liberty and Justice depends upon you! Boldly reject the Big Lie of statism and "Progressivism!" Conquer group think, relativism and "political correctness." If Truth, Liberty, Justice and the American way offends someone, then, for the sake of God and the United States of America, offend the hell out of them!!

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