Sam Weaver
The Big Lie (Große Lüge): Part V
By Sam Weaver
June 26, 2011

In the last article of this series, I focused on the ultimate Big Lie (i.e., "God is Dead."). In this article, and the next three subsequently, I hope to expose at least a handful of the lesser lies that are being used by enemies of Truth, Liberty and Justice for the single purpose of seizing power and control.

My critics almost always tell me (or followers of their blogs) at least one of two things: 1) "You concentrate way too much on religion," or 2) "If you had your way, you would impose your religion upon every American just like the Taliban did to every Afghan, or like the mullahs do every Iranian." I really wish my critics would study the American Founders and Framers; or, at least, take a look at this article of mine — or, perhaps, this one. [NOTE, again, Allah is not God! Neither is government; nor are "experts!!"]

Polls of American citizens by reputable pollsters have consistently shown for decades that those who claim to be Christian or Jewish hover around 78 percent of the U.S. population. I never place much faith in polls or pollsters. However, and maybe it's because I reside in Texas (the gaudy, ostentatious buckle of the Bible Belt), I still believe that a majority of Americans believe in Liberty & Justice and revere the Source of Liberty & Justice — the God of the Holy Bible.

If a very crafty and long-suffering enemy wanted to destroy a powerful nation, he would devise a brilliant, almost fool-proof, long-term plan. The ultimate objective of that plan would be the total destruction (and eventual control) of every religious, political, economic and scientific (e.g., media, art, education) institution of that nation. One of the first and most vital short-term objectives of that plan would be to "hold the leaders (esp., the founders) [of that nation] to obloquy." In other words, one of the most important tactics of an enemy of America would be to deride and defame the American Founders and Framers.

If you are a college student in a publicly-funded school, you have been "taught" (perhaps very subtly) for more than twelve years of your life that the American Founding Fathers were a bunch of rich, white, slave-holding, racist misogynists who were only out for themselves. Maybe you are moral, educated and informed enough to reject this lie. Sadly, far too many of your fellow students are not. They have fallen for this lesser lie hook, line and sinker. [NOTE: I hope to elaborate in Part IX of this series.]

I made my first feeble attempt to address this "lesser" lie in this column back in 2003. It was an insufficient attempt for several reasons. One of the most significant reasons is this:

I cited the three-fifths rule (or compromise). [See Article I, Section 2, paragraph iii of the U.S. Constitution.] I failed, miserably, to show how and why it has become a major weapon of the enemy used effectively to "[h]old up the (American Founders and Framers) to obloquy."

[NOTE: Back in the summer of 1985, I discovered the very same nine "Rules for Revolution" stated verbatim in the above link among my late, great aunt "Shep's" boxes and boxes of research material. Aunt "Shep" was a student of Harold Ordway Rugg and a whistleblower, of sorts. She wrote and self-published an exposé on American public education (and Rugg & John Dewey) back in the early 1960's titled Robots in the Classroom. The yellowed sheet that I obtained from her on these "Rules for Revolution" was from the Bartlesville (OK) Examiner. (She had close ties to Bartlesville, OK. Her niece, my Aunt Marge, and Marge's husband, lived in Bartlesville for most of their adult lives. Aunt Marge, now in her mid-80s, lives there today.) The article stated that these "Communist Rules for Revolution" were discovered and secured by allied armed forces in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1919. I just discovered the above link while researching this article.*]

Worse than the failure in my 2003 article to expose the three-fifths rule as a weapon, I did not even think, at the time, to unmask it as nothing more than the equivalent of a child's water pistol that has been disguised as a dangerous weapon. In other words, it is a lie. It is only effective if the intended victim is totally deceived.

Most historians today ("expert" followers of modern conventional wisdom) will tell you with a straight face that nearly all of the American Founders and Framers were racists and they all — by-and-large — hated Black people. The three-fifths rule (compromise) proves it. They generally considered Blacks less than human. Some of the wiser, more courageous and/or informed of these "experts" will acknowledge caveats. Others may reluctantly admit that while they believe that the compromise was rooted in racism across the board, it really did backfire on those really racist, slave-holding Southerners.

The lesser lie, in this case, is that America's Founders and Framers were racists who considered all people with darker skin less than human. The three-fifths rule (compromise) was written into the U.S. Constitution and that proves it! End of story!

It is not the end of the story; it is the beginning of an insidious lie! Read the very next sentence of the U.S. Constitution after the three-fifths rule is mentioned:

"The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct."

Then, look closely at Article I, Section 9, paragraph i of the U.S. Constitution. [NOTE: Ten dollars was a huge burden on almost anyone up until the Federal Reserve System was initiated in 1913!]

Add all of that to the writings and debates of many if not most of the Founders and Framers and you can arrive at only one conclusion. Most of them wanted, if not fully expected, the demise of slavery to at least begin no later than 1808!

The whole purpose of the three-fifths compromise was to diminish the representative (political) power of slave-holding states! If Black slaves were to be counted as a "whole" person, then the representation of slave-holding states would be skewed and their political power would be all but overwhelming; making the abolition of slavery all but impossible.

In hindsight, we know what happened. It took a horrible, bloody "Civil War" to end slavery in the United States of America. Maybe it should have been the two-fifths compromise! I wish I had the time and the space to elaborate this thought. Let me just say this: Even in the South, racism was never the primary "cause" of — or reason for — maintaining the "institution" of slavery. It was human nature. It was a desire to maintain the status quo. It was a firm will to never let go of something "given" to them that had helped them maintain a certain standard of living. Just tell any recipient today of any of the myriad federal "entitlement" programs, "You must give up your entitlement. It is unfair to the taxpaying citizens of this society!" You may get a fist in your face or a severe tongue-lashing.

The broad majority of the American Founders and Framers by 1787 — even though several did still own slaves at that time — desired an absolute end to slavery of all kinds in the very near future. They were guided by the principles (which many of them pledged to uphold with their lives, fortunes and sacred honor) of our Founding Document — the Declaration of Independence!

The original American way — the American idea — was Liberty and Justice for all. Slavery in any and every form had absolutely no part of that way or of that idea.

If you believe that America's Founders and Framers were racists — or misogynists, then you do not know them at all. You have fallen for a lie. I will not blame you or hold it against you. You believe what you are told. I just wish that you would get to know America's Founders and Framers!

My rage — my "grudge" — is against those who are telling you — and millions of American students — that egregious lie. They are telling you that lie for one reason: They want power and control over you and me. "Freedom" and "justice" (i.e., "social 'justice'") for you and me is what they say it is. God is dead, remember? They are in charge now!

Sooner or later, they will realize the horrible error of their ways! For their sake and ours, let's make it sooner rather than later! Rise up!! Seek Truth and the Source of Liberty and Justice! Take a bold, principled and educated stand against lies!

* emphatically declares this to be false. But look closely at their "sources." And note the opinionated (biased toward modern "conventional wisdom") make-up of that piece. Personally, I might have accepted Montana Senator Lee Metcalf's conclusions had he not said, "[t]he extreme right also follows rules, one of which is to make maximum use of false, misleading and fear-inspiring quotations." Conservatives are not fascists!

Note that the very first paragraph of this article states, "So, for example, if you believe the film industry should be more heavily regulated to prevent it from corrupting our youth, just point to this document and proclaim that Communists came to power in Russia because the previous government had allowed callow youth to idle away their time watching 'immoral movies.'" [And my critics call me "simplistic!"] No genuine conservative has any desire whatsoever to regulate — much less "heavily regulate" — any industry or enterprise!

I can neither prove nor disprove in this article at this time the conclusion of the article. I readily accept that it may be right and that my reference to "Communist Rules for Revolution" may have been a waste of my time and yours. But, then again, I have read Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." I urge you to read it, too! It seems to me that Alinsky believed in — and expanded on — those "rules." Even if that article in the Bartlesville Examiner is bunk, it is all happening. If it is a fraud, it was a fraud that was perpetrated by a clever person with amazing foresight!

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