Sam Weaver
The Big Lie (Große Lüge): Part VI
By Sam Weaver
July 17, 2011

A brief section of Part I of this series was devoted to defining American Liberty & Justice. In a parenthetical note near the end of that section, I promised an attempt to expound the meaning of justice within the context of a discussion of "social justice." This article will be my endeavor to fulfill that promise.

But, first, a brief recap:

Part I laid the foundation for this 10-part series. It was all about irony. I discussed "conventional wisdom," American Liberty & Justice and Mein Kampf. The irony? Modern "conventional wisdom" thwarts American Liberty & Justice and the wielders of that "wisdom" use propaganda and scapegoats to seize power and control.

Part II was an attempt to expose the Ultimate Big Lie; and to at least begin to reveal some of the consequences to Liberty & Justice whenever free people fall for this Big Lie.

In Part III, I attempted to divulge the modern propagators of the Big Lie. If I wanted to be "politically 'correct,'" I would say that "Progressives" (i.e., modern liberals) are not evil. They are just misguided. I refuse to be "politically 'correct!'" "Progressives" are evil!! They will lie, cheat and steal to gain power and control; and to make you dependent upon them. [More on this below.]

I was primarily "speaking to the choir" in Part IV of this series. However, as I often do, I invited those who are not members "of the choir," so to speak, to engage in discussion with me and to open my eyes as to where and why I am wrong. I am often wrong! The purpose of Part IV was to give some indication as to why the Big Lie (God is dead) is becoming more and more acceptable today, in 2011; whereas before circa 1960, it would never have been acceptable, by-and-large, to the American populace.

Part V addressed one of the most important, and egregious, of the "lesser lies." [Part V was the first of four planned entries of this series in which I hope to discuss a very few of the more significant lesser lies — all of which are rooted in the Ultimate Big Lie (God is dead), and are designed with malice aforesight to destroy Truth all the while promoting relativism.] The "lesser lie" of Part V is that America's Founders and Framers were all a bunch of self-promoting racists and misogynists. Therefore, "the United States of America and her Constitution is inherently unfair and unjust to anyone and everyone who is not a wealthy white male."

The lesser lie of Part V leads to the lesser lie of this article — Part VI. "If you are not a wealthy white man, then you are a victim of that 'horrible' (i.e., unfair and unjust) thing that is the United States of America. Because there is no god to save you, and because 'true justice' and 'true equality' has never existed in America, we, the educated and enlightened elite, offer you 'social justice.'" [Please name one instance in the history of this earth where "true justice" and "true equality" has ever been achieved! Please name for me one nation — even one community — in all of human history that has promoted Liberty, has established Justice and has worked harder to achieve "true equality" than the United States of America!! OK, OK; I'm speaking to the choir again. To all of you non-choir members, study history!!]

The term "social justice" has very well-intentioned roots in Catholic theology going as far back as Saint Thomas Aquinas in the mid-late 13th century. Its sister term, "social Gospel," had its coinage at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century when, primarily, certain Methodist and Episcopalian congregations witnessed severe material poverty and sought a way to rectify it.

The concept of social justice began with very smart and principled people with very good intentions. It has produced many great results at the hands of principled individuals working together with like-minded individuals within the Church. As it exists today, however, the concept of social justice has been taken over all but completely by collectivists (i.e., Marxists — socialists).

This is the trend of human history. Powerful men, once tasting power, always want more power. How best to achieve more power? Usually, the best way is to convince their subjects (or voters) that their heartfelt desire is to empower those subjects (or voters). Promises, promises. Woe to that subject who actually seeks co-equal power with the tyrant. He would soon quite literally lose his head. Woe to that voter who dares to rival the power of today's politician. He will either be thrown under the proverbial bus or become the latest "victim" of a media smear campaign.

The purpose of America's Founders and Framers was to reverse this trend. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., MN) is absolutely right — of course, modern "conventional wisdom" proclaims her wrong. (See also, here.) The purpose of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution was to limit — severely! — the influence (the power and control) of any and every would-be tyrant or charlatan. Yes, by-and-large, America's Founders and Framers did work tirelessly to establish Justice for and to secure the Blessings of Liberty to every living and future American citizen regardless of sex, race or creed! They were keenly aware, however, that neither Justice nor Liberty could ever be maintained — much less enhanced — without a broad and continual acceptance by the people of the Source of Liberty & Justice as well as a general understanding of His Word and His Will. A significant aspect of His Word and Will is this: Treat others (regardless of sex, race or creed) as you would want others to treat you.

Have you noticed that the very same people preaching "social justice" or "social gospel" are the ones who advocate for a "living and breathing Constitution?" Why is that?

They are charlatans at best and wannabe tyrants at worst. Either they have fallen for the Big Lie, or they want you to believe the Big Lie so that they can put you in your humble place as their subservient tool.

"The American Founders and Framers? They enslaved Black people just because of their skin color. They massacred Indians and stole their lands simply because those natives were 'different.' They wanted to keep every woman in her place — barefoot and pregnant; always cooking, cleaning or tending the fields. That 'famous' document that they wrote — the U.S. Constitution — was written to empower the rich white male and to sustain his power and control over everyone else." [NOTE: It is amazing to me how people who strive to see all the "nuances," "gray areas" and "unfortunate circumstances" in every current event can see absolutely nothing of the sort in any aspect of American history. I bet they've never even read the Constitution or the Federalist Papers. They certainly don't know American history!]

Unless they are radical environmentalists (like Al Gore, who sees the internal combustion engine as the greatest threat to the planet; or like those who worship "Gaia" as the earth mother-goddess), most tyrants and charlatans want no part of a pre-American world. They desire the status and all of the "benefits" of a post-American world. They do not — or will not — understand that in a post-American world, they will be living on borrowed time (and borrowed capital). The status can only be maintained by brute force or effective propaganda until all of the benefits are exhausted. Yes, they should learn from Europe!

Saint Paul describes these tyrants and charlatans well in Romans 1:14-23; with special emphasis on Romans 1:22.

Every "Progressive" (modern liberal) is a wannabe tyrant, an aspiring charlatan or a tool of both — or of either. He rejects Truth, Liberty, Justice, Rule of Law and limited government with specific powers. He repudiates the purpose of the American Framers (and the U.S. Constitution) because he wants power for himself and virtually absolute control over you.

Any discussion of social justice would not be complete without a mention of John Bordley Rawls. I just mentioned him. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the space to discuss him. Please look him up yourself. Investigate his philosophy. If you are open-minded and even a little bit diligent in your investigation, you will have no choice but to agree with the conclusion of this article below.

"Progressive" ideas such as "a living and breathing Constitution," "social gospel" and "social justice" are rooted in collectivist ideology (i.e., socialism — Marxism). They are lies conjured up in the minds of tyrants and charlatans. They make you a "victim" of some "injustice." The purpose is to empower the "wise fools" (i.e., the "Progressives" a/k/a, modern liberals) by making you dependent upon them and their redistributive "programs;" or by gaining your reliable vote to keep them in power.

Vital Links:

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Stephen Stone Get well very soon, Steve! We love you and are praying for you!!

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