Sam Weaver
The Big Lie (Große Lüge): Part VIII
By Sam Weaver
December 3, 2011

[Author's Note: Please forgive the lengthy hiatus between the previous article of this series and the one below. I have been very busy. The company where I am employed continues to boom. Social commitments/obligations are increasing. I have been led to read a bit more than usual. There are at least six books that I have read recently that I would highly recommend; but none so inspired me as did Be the People, by Dr. Carol M. Swain. Please, please read this book!]

"Progressives" (modern liberals) heavily influence if not virtually control every modern American institution.

Government: the two major political parties and their consultants, all federal — and most state — bureaucracies, and many if not most federal, state, and local courts. Not to mention — at least up until the beginning of last year — the U.S. Congress and most state and local legislative bodies.

Media: every major wire service, nearly all major and influential newspapers & news magazines, all network TV news outlets, and most publishing houses.

Education: from pre-K to almost every publicly funded or even partially subsidized college and university.

Pop Culture: Hollywood, the music industry, the arts & theaters, network & cable TV programming, many if not most ad agencies, and, again, most publishing houses.

Religion: "mainline" Protestant denominations, many Catholic dioceses, and most Jewish synagogues.

Science: both university & corporate/industrial laboratories (and their consultants) and the very "theories" & methods by which "science" is conducted.

[Please stay tuned for my next article, Part IX of this series. I not only hope to show some evidence for the above; I want to reveal both how and why it is all true.]

Modern "conventional wisdom" is a long and intricate series of lies (Große Lüge). "Progressives" (modern liberals) are the instigators and the purveyors of this "conventional wisdom." The fundamental purpose of Große Lüge is all but absolute control of "the masses" (i.e., you and me) by the "enlightened elite" (i.e., "progressives" — adherents of Franco-German ideology; secularists, atheists, authoritarians, statists; those whose only "god" is "science").

As I mentioned earlier (in Part V of this series), one of the most effective tactics in upholding and propagating modern "conventional wisdom" is to defame, slander and ridicule the authors and the contributors/distributors of old conventional wisdom. You know — the American Founders and Framers who relied on common sense, revered Liberty & Justice, and honored their Creator and Author of Law!

One of the biggest slanders/libels against America's Founders and Framers is that they established — or intended to establish — the political system of democracy for the United States of America. [I strongly urge you to take some time to research what America's Founders and Framers really had to say about democracy. But, please, consider this: Why would "progressives," who patently and provably defame the Founders and Framers and obfuscate their intentions, attribute something to the Founders and Framers and call it legitimate — or even optimal? Progressives — so called — are charlatans and wannabe tyrants. They will cheat and twist the truth beyond recognition in order to gain power and control over you and me. Beware of "progressive" sites and writings — including textbooks! — that take the words of America's Founders and Framers out of context!]

The lesser lie that I want to discuss in this article is that the United States of America is (or was designed to be) a democracy.

If you are an objective and ardent student of American history, then you are very aware that many of the most prominent American Founders and Framers often railed against "religion" — or, specifically, against religious doctrine or dogma. If you are a student in an American college or university — or, if you read the writings of "progressives" or the websites of "free-thinking" atheists and secularists — you are told that America's Founders and Framers were censuring Christianity. This is an egregious lie!

With the sad exception of Thomas Paine* in his later years, whenever the Framers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution spoke of "religion," they were speaking about divisionsdenominationsamong/within Christianity! They were by no means disparaging Christianity per se! In fact, they established a new nation entirely upon the principles and ideas of the comprehensive worldview of Judeo-Christianity.

Religious matters — the relationship between an individual and his God — are purely personal. Government (i.e., the collective) has no right or authority to forcibly intrude upon that relationship; unless, of course, that "relationship" is a twisted one which violates established law!

America's Founders and Framers were wise enough to see that in a democracy, ultimately, the majority "religion" (i.e., denomination or sect of Christianity) could eventually become the de facto established "religion." They despised tyranny of every sort — be it from a king, a cleric, or from a majority.

Of course, religious liberties were not the only concern of the Framers. In every true democracy, the majority always rules. In any true democracy, the will and the passions of the majority could — and, eventually, most likely would — suppress/deny the liberty, property and even the life of the minority.

America's Founders and Framers worked very hard to set up a Republic guided by principles rooted in the Judeo-Christian ethic that would establish, enhance and preserve Liberty and Justice for all. Specific efforts toward this endeavor are far too numerous to mention in this article. Many have been cited in this column over the past nine years; at least two, so far, in this series. The three most significant of these efforts follow:
  1. Article II, Section 1, paragraphs ii-iv of the U.S. Constitution. Modified by Amendment XII (1804), this brilliant feat gives us the Electoral College. Its purpose is to virtually guarantee that powerful, influential interests/voices in big states could never crush the minority — or even majorities in smaller states — in electing the president & vice president of the United States.

  2. Article IV, Section 4. This is a very clear, constitutional mandate ("guarantee") that "every State in this Union [would have] a Republican Form of Government..." [emphasis added].

  3. Article I, Section 3, paragraph i. The two U.S. senators from each state would be chosen by the people's representatives (the state legislatures) — not by the people directly (democratically). Fundamentally, this was to ensure that U.S. senators would always have the best interests of their respective states at heart, and would not be heavily influenced — or persuaded — by powerful and influential interests/voices from other states or even from within the state itself. It was a wise attempt to protect minority wills against the passions, objectives, influence — will — of the majority.
After the 2000 presidential election (Bush won the presidency but lost the popular vote to Al Gore), calls for abolishing the Electoral College were blatant and serious. Since at least the "Civil War" (the 1860's) subtle (behind the scenes, but persistent) efforts have been made to thwart Article IV, Section 4. [Note that these efforts have all been made by Democrats. Note, also, that it was Southern Democrats who fought to maintain the "institution" of slavery in the U.S. Jim Crow laws existed only in majority Democrat precincts! Southern Democrat governors and legislators opposed segregation. Democrats largely opposed both the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act; while Republicans, for the most part, voted for both. And now, somehow, Republicans are all racists?! Look, I do not hate any politician simply because he/she has a "D" after his/her name! I've even voted for a few of them. I certainly don't support all politicians who stamp an "R" behind their names! I study history — and agendas/motives. I'm fed up to my eyeballs with politicians! It's way past time that We, the People, started electing statesmen once again!! Send all politicians packing!]

Even with their legendary wisdom and foresight, the Framers of the U.S. Constitution could not have foreseen the sinister power and influence of two modern interests/voices: 1) Education — centrally controlled to ever-increasing degrees by the union-led national Department of Education, and locally implemented by the minority, selfish — albeit powerful and influential — interests/passions of the various teachers' unions & state bureaucracies; and 2) Media — masters of propaganda with the power to shape public opinion at the speed of light 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year. No need to abolish the Electoral College or Article IV, Section 4!

The Electoral College was enhanced and clarified by Amendment XII at a time (1804) when common sense, logic, love for Liberty, Justice and the Rule of Law — as well as a profound reverence for the Source of it all!! — reigned supreme among We, the People of the United States of America. However, the constitutional method of choosing U.S. senators was completely revamped by Amendment XVII at the peak of the so-called "Progressive Era."

The year 1913 was a horrible year for Liberty, Justice and the Rule of Law. Amendment XVI significantly changed a vital part of the original U.S. Constitution — namely, Article I, Section 8, paragraph i, 2nd clause — and gave us the "graduated" (or, "progressive") income tax. Amendment XVII totally botched the correct (constitutional) way to elect U.S. senators. The Federal Reserve Act turned most of the brilliance of at least the first five or six paragraphs of Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution completely on its head.

"Always preach 'true democracy,' but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible." [Note, specifically, point #5 of the above link. Also, please review Part V of this series and tell me what you think. You can reach me at]

Since about the turn of the last century, "progressives" have had a plan: Fundamentally transform the free Republic of the United States of America into something completely different. Preach democracy. Implement democracy whenever possible. [Amendment XVII was their first big achievement in this regard, but the "greatest" achievement(s) were still to come. Stay tuned for Part IX.] All the while, seize power and control. How? By making as many people dependent upon government as possible! FDR's "New Deal" — Social Security. LBJ's "Great Society" — Medicare & Medicaid. GWB's "compassionate conservatism." BHO's Obamacare.

The United States of America was never intended to be a democracy — except by those who want to herd and control you and me like sheep. In any democracy, the majority always rules. Minority wills are silenced if not completely ignored. In a democracy, the loudest, strongest and most influential voice wins every vote. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Early "Progressives" knew this. Find out what they did — and their modern followers are doing today — to "win every vote" in my next article. Please, do not be sheep — mindlessly led to slaughter by your human masters**. "Be the People!" — Dr. Carol M. Swain. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" -Sir Walter Scott.

*Thomas Paine is known in some circles as "the father of the American Revolution." He is considered an American Founding Father by many. His early pamphlets — most notably, "Common Sense," were crucial in inspiring many to stand and fight for independence from the tyranny of the king of England. However, Paine was no Framer of American Liberty. His fingerprints are nowhere near the Declaration of Independence and certainly not the U.S. Constitution!

Thomas Paine was no statesman. He was a propagandist. When he relied on common sense, his propaganda served both him and the American colonies very well. However, as the War for American Independence lagged, Paine became ever more enamored of Franco-German ideology. He wrote two pamphlets on "The Age of Reason" in which he "debunked" the Word of God — the Source of common sense.

When he died in June, 1809, there were no parades; not even an elaborate funeral procession. His funeral was attended only by a handful of relatives and friends. The first public statue of him — that I know of — was not erected until 4 July 1950. Americans — at least until 1950, after "progressives" began to rewrite history in their own image — rejected Thomas Paine because he showed himself to be a charlatan. He spoke brilliantly, passionately and eloquently about common sense and Liberty. But, later, in a series on "The Age of Reason" and other writings, he abandoned all reason and denied the Source of both common sense and wisdom — and the Source of Liberty & Justice. He rejected God — the Creator, the Author of Law; the One and Only True Source of Liberty & Justice — and patriotic Americans rejected him.

It is way, way past time that we begin to learn from our forebears. Stop worrying about offending the sensibilities of those who are wrong — or evil. Reject them. Offend the hell out of them! Don't let them influence or control your thoughts, words or deeds — or your choices and aspirations! Stand up for the Truth! Preserve Liberty, Justice & Rule of Law for your children and grandchildren! Rise up and speak out against all tyrants and charlatans!

**If you must be sheep, then make sure that you are guided by the One and Only Good Shepherd; Who has your well-being and best interests at heart!!

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