Paul Weyrich
November 15, 2004
Vilified values voters
By Paul Weyrich

It has long been an article of faith in the Christian world that even the most evil things can produce good for those who love the Lord.

Since the election two weeks ago an unprecedented amount of venom has been spewing forth from the mouths and pens of establishment leftists in the media. I have never seen anything like this in nearly five decades of political activity, either as a reporter/commentator or as an activist. I thought it was bad when that hated figure Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey in 1968. The left never forgave Nixon for his exposure of Alger Hiss when Nixon was in the U.S. Senate. Nixon was no real conservative. Still, he was a hated figure to the day he died and well beyond.

I thought media coverage was truly malicious when Ronald Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter. The media regarded Reagan as a small time "B" movie actor who was incapable of governing. They excoriated him and the stupid voters who elected him. While they were against everything he stood for, as ABC's Sam Donaldson once told me, they liked him as a person and regarded him as honest. So the nasty, inaccurate and out-of-context stories the media elites came up with sometimes lacked the edge of the initial coverage as his two terms wore on.

However, what I have been seeing these past couple of weeks exceeds the combination of all the vitriolic coverage of past Presidents combined.

What good is there in this, you may ask? Precisely this: These commentators and columnists are revealing themselves as never before. They are demonstrating in red letters the contempt they have for all of us.

The mainstream media has spent four years contradicting themselves regarding President Bush. He was so stupid he needed Vice President Dick Cheney to be at his side every moment or he wouldn't know what to do. At the same time, Bush was a brilliantly calculating politician whose evil intentions put him one step ahead of allies and foes alike.

Of course, he could not be both. Indeed, he was neither. Bush is very intelligent, very decisive, but he also is a religious man who comprehends where he is in the universe vis-à-vis his creator. That alone gives him some humility, which is unusual for a young political figure who has gotten so far.

The loss to George W. Bush in the 2004 election was something the left could not fathom. They were absolutely convinced that voters would repudiate him. Blacks would do so because the media elites spent years convincing them that Bush stole the 2000 election. John Kerry went about the land saying that one million Black voters were disenfranchised that year. Blacks raised their support of Bush by a couple of percentage points nationwide while in Ohio it was 16 percent, mainly because of the marriage amendment on the Ohio ballot.

The left "knew" Bush couldn't win Ohio because he was reported to be the first President since Herbert Hoover to have lost jobs during his four years in office and Ohio was harder hit than most.

More people are working now then ever before, an impossibility if millions of jobs were lost. (The household survey shows much healthier job creation than the payroll survey because it picks up people who have started small businesses and people who are self-employed.) If George Bush has one more month like he had in October, he will have a net gain of jobs created even with the payroll survey. You see, the left is totally focused on economics. The mainstream media, being good Marxists at heart, think that jobs are the issue that motivates people.

As my friend Richard Calderone suggested when the leftist elite saw that Bush had many more people who said the country was on the wrong track then said it was on the right track: "They assumed that meant people were dissatisfied with the job picture." However, many of the people who were polled felt that the country was on the "wrong track" because of so-called gay marriage, trashy television and suggestive advertising or any among a host of other values issues.

These values voters may have said "wrong track" meanwhile they thought that born-again Bush was far more likely to do something about it than cafeteria-Catholic Kerry, whose commitment to traditional values is non-existent. For these values voters, the sacredness of marriage and the culture of life trumps jobs and wages every time.

The leftist cultural elites had to have some explanation for Bush not only winning in the Electoral College, getting a strong outright majority of the popular vote and increasing GOP majorities in both the House and Senate, so they have demeaned the values voters.

Pete Wehner, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Initiatives, was nice enough to compile some of the worst statements made by the elitists.

Gary Wills, writing in the New York Times, likened our values voters to al Qaeda. His claim is that we now resemble modern Europe less than we do our enemies. Mind you, statements like his are circulated all over the world. I have been in this business long enough to remember when Wills was a fervent backer of Barry Goldwater for President. Heck, that was forty years ago.

Maureen Dowd, whose tart pen couldn't wait to condemn the President she hates, accused Bush of running a jihad in the USA so he could fight one in Iraq.

Carl Bernstein, who had an indispensable role in toppling one President, now cannot figure out why he has been unable to topple this President. He claims that America has a minority religious group that wants to impose their religious values on a secular country in the face of "separation of church and state."

Sidney Blumenthal, who spent his years in the Clinton White House trying to prove Hillary's accusation of a "vast right wing conspiracy," said, "Ideology was enforced as theology, turning nonconformity into sin, and the faithful, following voter guides with biblical literalism, were shepherded to the polls as though the rapture." (Notice the contempt he has for Evangelicals.) He went on to claim that Bush had coattails and thus "brought with him a gallery of grotesques in the Senate." In fact, of these winning Senators was an intelligent, articulate, independent candidate.

Senators-elect Burr, Coburn, DeMint, Isakson, Martinez, Thune and Vitter will be proud additions to the Senate. I'll tell you what would have been grotesque: If Erskine Bowles, Brad Carson, Betty Castor, Tom Daschle and Inez Tenenbaum, would have been in the Senate, that would have been grotesque. Pitty poor America then. Thankfully, the Lord saved us from all of them.

Now every time an issue comes up which advances the culture of life, protects traditional marriage or in some way is important to those of us who hold traditional moral values as the most important part of our life, political and otherwise, America will be subjected to insults from the media. Don Feder pointed out that ABC's Carole Simpson said that this year's election results reflected the triumph of the stupid.

Novelist Jane Smiley, writing for Slate magazine, claims that the "election results reflect the decision of the right wing to cultivate and exploit ignorance of the citizenry."

The leftist media elite also claim we are selfish. Yet, as Feder points out, the 10 states which give the highest amount of money for charity all went for Bush and the 10 states with the lowest amount of giving for charity all went for Kerry.

You see, we are generous with our own money. The reason they claim we are selfish is because they value tax dollars over genuine charity and we fight taxation when we feel it is not justified. The left hates tax cuts. They do not want people to be able to spend their own money. Since we are stupid, only they, the leftist elites, can know best how to spend it for us.

Hillary Clinton suggested that Democrats go to church for a time to learn the language. Who is stupid now? (Although they might benefit from spending some time in church.)

Do liberals really think that by being able to quote a bit of scripture or to understand Liturgy they are going to be able to win over the values voters? I guess she really thinks we are stupid beyond belief. The reason George W. Bush appears sincere when he invokes the Almighty is because he is sincere.

For that matter so was Jimmy Carter when he first ran in 1976. Back then his Administration did not behave as if he had Judeo-Christian values. That was one of the real reasons he lost big to Ronald Reagan. When Carter's White House Conference on Families endorsed special rights for homosexuals, the public caught on. Carter said one thing and did the opposite. Kerry tried to be something he was not in 2004 and it came through. That is why values voters came out in droves for Bush.

I hope liberals keep on convincing themselves that all they need to do to win is learn the language of religion. One thing we Christians pray for is discernment. Figure their odds.

© Paul Weyrich


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