Arlen Williams
Investigators of globalist conspiracy, meet your mentor, Mr. Norman Dodd
By Arlen Williams
August 4, 2010

Who would take on the mega-money of the foundations and trusts of the Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, the Guggenheims, et. al.? Someone interested for good reason, in authentic America, might.

As for intent investigators willing to take on the powerful, before the fictitious Fox Mulder, there was the true Norman Dodd. You will do well to listen to him, from the beginning of this video, to his final two sentences. He is interviewed here, by G. Edward Griffin, in 1982. (For some reason, a promotion of George W. Bush, is tacked onto its final minutes. Whatever is your opinion of W., one trusts it will not distract you from Mr. Dodd.)

Video posted 6/11/2008, "Norman Dodd on Tax Exempt Foundations."

You will not find a breakdown of this video, here, but there will be more about Mr. Dodd and his doings, in future articles. The veracity in it seems readily apparent. Also, the sincerity of the aged investigator. More verification is in order, but this man was front and center to recorded, albeit, often well scrubbed, history. The attempts at erasing the trails of evidence with which he worked, are themselves, corroborative. But Mr. Dodd's essential opus yet remains; you may wish to read it with us: "The Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Foundations," from 1954.

Paradox and Questions

It would make sense, that some of the American tycoons of the turn of the last century were easy marks, led into temptation to seek world empire by the perverse allures of acquisition and control. It makes for quite an odd "sense" that they would choose what would seem such an extremely perverse alliance, with Communists, to do it. And, it is astounding, but then confirming to see so many of today's tycoons following this same path.

The long range planning involved is something else to ponder. It takes ideological, even sacrificial devotion, to strive for goals that will not occur in one's one lifetime. Just how planned out has this been, by these meticulous manipulators and controllers? Just what core beliefs and motivations did they share? How closely did they conspire? What would cause these hoarders of wealth and power to share so much?

Dodd emphasizes that beyond the tycoons, it has been the trustees of their foundations, who have sometimes twisted, or taken their original intents, to extremes. These extremes have not diverged, but converged, to support global empire through collectivism. To which foundations did he refer, when he said this? The truth is out there, about so many. Easy money attracts, but just how was it, religiously zealous, global Marxists (or those who would exploit them) have so successfully become the ones to seize upon these capitalists' mega-foundations? It would seem a virtual guild of skill would be required, to teach this, yet it began to occur well before the likes of the KGB. Before the Russian Revolution, this was America!

I for one, have heard that Henry Ford harbored some odd politics; that calls for further research also, Andrew Carnegie's personal history, worldview, and belief. The same, with J.P. Morgan. And it seems clear, the Rockefellers have been ideologically corrupt, as a family. Did that start with the old man, himself? Before that?

Perhaps Russian subversion was involved, by the time, as Norman Dodd describes, this conspiracy reached the 1930′s, but that would hardly seem necessary, by this time. Distasteful as it is, the more one learns about the American seedbed of "progressivism" and what that actually entails, the more one finds, the answers rest in our nation's own history or before that, it would eventually go back in space and time to the Tower of Babel, then to Eden, and the snake.

So now, did you listen to Norman Dodd? Or, let me know if you need a transcript.

Quiz: what were those last two sentences of his?

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