Arlen Williams
Snowden vs. national security? It's the domestic totalitarian technocracy, stupid!
By Arlen Williams
July 4, 2013

Pull back the curtains. Let us lean our heads out of the window. See the rustling. Catch the noise.

Quite a confusion and cacophony surround America's Internet spying scandal. In this crisis, many Americans, whether thinking themselves conservative, moderate, or liberal, have become very distracted, turning away from the throbbing red heart of the matter.

Yes, some are superficially taken up with the worldwide "Where's Snowden?" game, but that is not what I mean.

Without demonstrable evidence, others are accusing the young man of giving away critical secrets of state that he may not even know. But even that would not be the heart of the matter, were it true.

The heart of the matter is the burgeoning power of the state over our lives. The data being collected on us all is making former East German totalitarians of their Stasi envious. Last week I wrote: never before has the government of a nation spied and maintained intelligence upon its own population to any degree approaching this, without it being a totalitarian, terrorist regime. But I could have ended that with "to any degree approaching this." period.

And the tragic distraction is that many notables seem absorbed with fulfilling the old adage, "Generals always prepare for the last war." That is especially calamitous,when in the last war, one was fighting for an entity which was not the enemy but which now is. According to their tragic misconception, in order to maintain the strength of U.S. intelligence and armed services in the world, they verbally fight for preserving the surveillance state and so they attack those who warn the sovereign people of its insurrection against our sovereignty and freedom, via our own government. That is a travesty so great that if it were ever found to be knowingly intentional, it would be treasonous by default.

It is as if such apparently strong conservatives in the mix, though they may have focused upon Barack Obama for a long time now, still do not understand he was "selected, not elected" to be president of the United States of America in order to be its revolutionary saboteur and the Structural Marxofascist designer in chief of the new Anti-America. That is meant literally. Barack Obama and the powers behind and collaborating beside him, are America's foremost enemy.

But do those who attack the exposers of Anti-America's revolutionary intelligence service have a point? Yes, most travesties do. We (authentic America) must continue to fight against a constant barrage of cyber-warfare (from North Korea, China, etc.) that threatens our banks, our businesses, our military, and our personal data. We must also continue to fight the war on terr... pardon, let me be precise... the Islamist jihad for global caliphate. And yes, added to that cocktail may be poured the need to fight aggression of numerous kinds, including very harmful espionage, from quarters such as Beijing, Moscow, Tehran, and even Western Europe and Israel.

But is the regime that has captured our national security complex chiefly interested in that? No, they have made it very clear that they do not even wish, for example, to call Islamists what they are. In fact, they are very busy promoting Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabis in the Mideast and in the cases of Egypt and Libya, overthrowing cooperative regimes, in order to do so. Further, while "the great game" with Russia is being carried out, for real or for show in that region and southern Asia (and moreso versus China, Islam, and general corruption in the African nations), the U.S. has become closely tied in numerous ways, by America's own globalist despots, to both China and Russia. That has been going on for decades, fomented through Democrats and the top-down controllers of the Republican Party, alike.

Muslim Brotherhood? They have had a working relationship with the CIA since Operation Paperclip (we inherited them from Hitler) according to noted investigative reporter/author, John Loftus. He reported on this extensively, years ago, significant slices into which are readily available online. And there we have "Arab Spring."

Further, Obama's NASA has given China critical strategic defense technology, his military flew a drone to Iran and left it for them to reverse engineer (though it could have easily been recovered), and they are collaborating with Russia in joint military "disaster response," within the USA, to be engaged when they deem the time is right. This joint U.S./Russian effort, to quote the Russians, includes, "monitoring and forecasting emergency situations." Having been educated to a degree in the arts and practices of the USIC, that is the United States Intelligence Community (suggestion: when we read "community" there, we should all say "awww") what does one suppose that to mean? It is the Obama regime doing that, hardly Ed Snowden. It is the Anti-American insurrectionists doing these things, not a resistance whistleblower, who prior NSA whistleblowers assured us had to leave the country, admitting "It was the only thing he could do."

So, neither Marxists, nor fascists, nor Islamists are to be regarded as the enemy, nor as suspected terrorists. (We have them all in this "administration," whether in "kinetic action" fact or in sympathy, from Obama himself, on down.) Who then are our personnel in intelligence, our armed forces, and "homeland security" being taught are the most suspected of any and all suspected terrorists?

The answer to that has been clearly reported from numerous sources by now: Evangelicals, returning veterans, constitutionalists, pro-lifers, and of course, those who take seriously our founders' admonition of the Second Amendment, to form free militias, in order to practice vigilance for our Sovereign People's state of freedom. In short, the chief enemies of the Obama/NWO regime are any who would take seriously the "duty" prescribed us by our national charter, the Declaration of Independence and oppose their despotism by whatever means are appropriate and necessary.

(Not merely as an aside, has the reader noticed the term "federal" is supplanted by "national," in the "National Security Agency" and the "Office of the Director of National Intelligence," just as "homeland security" has replaced "American law enforcement?" In a nation of increasing propaganda and psyops, while words still mean things, the disuse of certain words means even more.)

Come on. Time to scratch the surface. What the USIC is lusting for and steadily accomplishing is to make the United States its own "community." Rather, the powers behind it are, using the USIC as its own set of personal and technological "assets," in their own, automated, multi-multi-drawer, steel chest on electronic casters, if you will, bursting with new, revolutionary sets of power tools.

And the USIC's data is constructed in database technology, able to work in truly integrated fashion with the DHS, the DOJ/FBI, the White House, the Census, Organizing for Action, the globalist NGO/Foundations complex, the controlled media... and back to government proper, let us not forget the EPA, HHS, and of course the Treasury's IRS... all to gain the utmost control, not over foreign threats, but over us.

And then, there is the military, now for the first time in modern or perhaps all of our history, engaged in massive training actions against our own people, in our own cities. There is still significant ground to cover, in order to command the military to be the forces of insurrection (via screening, profiling, false-flagging, re-education, and other psyops, not counting the use of foreign troops, something not uncommon in Marxist crackdowns). We may assume that most, even in most of the myriad intelligence agencies, are patriots, though many are not very educated in what patriotism actually means, oaths or not. The departmental fishes, rather, are rotting from their controlling heads. The top brass has been purged for the "global force for good," as the U.S. Navy commercials say. Effectively, they are not American officers quite as much as they are NATO's and the UN's, as the slip of Leon Panetta's tongue before Sen. Jeff Sessions attested. It is not that the rank and file in these departments are evil conspirators, but neither was Sgt. Calley, at one time.

So, imagine all that "big data" all mashed together, on each and every one of us. They do. They are working on just that. (Well, for very many people in other nations, too... for as long as there are "nations," that is.) What else could this complex, ultra-computer system be for? The following activists' video explains just how big it is.

Video, "Reclaim the 4th Amendment – 6/30/13 – Madison, WI"

Those were some of the key departments of government. Let us list the technologies all bubbling up and brewing for the fatal "Gov2.0 mashup – and let us never think that is not the impending eventuality in process, if we know anything about human nature and less than thoroughly checked power. Here are technologies into which we know government and its fascistic "public-private partnerships" have their parasitic mandibles.
  • emails (metadata and perhaps content)

  • cell phone transmissions, both voice and text (metadata and perhaps content)

  • land-line phone calls

  • Microsoft Windows, all versions W95 and later

  • Microsoft applications including Hotmail (PRISM)

  • Google (PRISM)

  • Yahoo! (PRISM)

  • Facebook (PRISM)

  • PalTalk (PRISM)

  • YouTube (PRISM)

  • Skype (PRISM, Project Chess)


  • Apple (PRISM)

  • smart meters

  • cable TV tuners

  • the Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • cameras and their images

  • criminal records

  • civil case records? including divorce records? (perhaps in the future, Obama's people are expert at getting to these)

  • health records (physical and mental)

  • tax records

  • ____________________ (line left open, to represent what we do not yet know; this list may be updated at the article's site in Gulag Bound or another posting)
In addition to this list, it is worth noting that to date, the power tripping World Economic Forum acknowledges only one "Strategic Technology Partner," which is That company is the longstanding pioneer and near monopoly in providing cloud-based business contact management and customer relationship management services to companies large and small in America and the world. Imagine the mashup, there. (WEF/Davos' only "Strategic Foundation Partner" by the way, is the Rockefeller Foundation, which should provide yet further confirmation and 20-20 sighted clarification, tempting your writer to make this article significantly longer.)

FISA courts? Who can assure us that the rubber-stamp FISA process actually occurs, for all that the NSA does? And while NSA is, on paper, bound by that process, it has been alleged the DHS is not. And what about the increasingly fascistic and militaristic IRS, who are being trained in the use of assault rifles now, and all these data? They are the branch of government practicing the guilty until proven innocent principle, after all. The absence of worry by Barack Obama, over the ongoing IRS abuses should cause us in turn, to be very concerned. What does he know that we do not? I doubt anyone will find any statutory requirement for the IRS to use the FISA courts, in order to get the goods on America's Citizenry.

Video, "FISA Court (FISC) – Oversight or Rubber Stamp?"

So, can the reader imagine the Obama regime, from what is known of its Marxofascist corruption, not making sure there are hooks into the data, so that whatever is gained, is all brought together, to maintain records on each of us? How may they track thee? Let us count the ways. Pick any number of the factors just bulleted and string them together, by individual, by group, and by relational network, that again, is the subject of another article or book. Suffice it to say that experts relate that this data collection offers the ability to find whatever vulnerabilities exist on whatever targets, and for it to be exploited. But let us look into just a few of the possibilities.

Is a troublesome investigative reporter getting just too snoopy, such as Sharyl Attkisson? Hack into her PC'sand see what she knows, so far. Know of another pest but one with heart trouble, such as Andrew Breitbart? Then a shot from a directed energy weapon (DEW) or a micro-dart gun can provide a heart attack. Someone have a computerized car, such as Michael Hastings' Mercedes? Then, reprogram it to accelerate with no breaking capability, nor power steering. Add to that the abilities our intelligence and defense departments have in biological weapons, enhanced by modern genetic research and perhaps they even have the ability now, to give someone cancer, prostate (Vince Flynn Height) or otherwise. My apology to Ms. Attkisson for addressing such things in the same paragraph as her name; God bless her.

And what of the coordinated big data effects upon elections? The Obama regime behaves as though there will simply will not be an opposition administration in the near future (whether the next ones are Democrat, or Republican). Why? Perhaps because controlling the technology behind elections, along with the media, should assure it. The 2010 Census was brought under the control of the White House for the first time in history. Complaints about this barely exceeded cricket volume. Essentially, the perpetual Obama Campaign controlled the Census, "organizing for action."

ACORN people were at least planned to do much of the work, before that was exposed. The number of census questions skyrocketed and it became focused upon race. Fox News (in their report on big data, this spring) and other venues have covered the rest: the cable TV data gained per household, and the micro-targeting, and micro-profiling. Add to that the Obamaphone bribery, along with free text messages from (satanist) Jay-Z and others, bringing out the Obama vote. And into the future, add to these measures the electronic counting of votes, including by Scytl, the conglomerate in Spain, so that if the results are not to the NWO's favor, perhaps they can be made to be, in real time, depending upon who they know you are.

What bears much further consideration are the perhaps fortunate effects of Ed Snowden's whistleblowing, on affairs between the States and the somewhat fragile European Union – especially upon plans for global governance between the two entities, by the year 2025. Yes, Global Governance 2025 is the plan.

And psychologically, considering all of the above, how can any sentient and awake American not to some extent be compromised by a constant sense of increasing totalitarian, soft terrorist control? Big data, big chilling effect. I feel the effect and I haven't even been through an airport, lately.

So let us see what may be seen and hear the sounds in the air. This is not a matter of liberty adjusted for security, but of America vs. Anti-America, of popular sovereignty vs. despotism reaching totalitarian levels never before available. A government of free people does not "need to know" what its people are doing. A free people always needs to know what its government is doing.

There is no security in granting the state powers of hegemony over the People. That is utter insecurity. To be free and independent of just such control is the very reason our ancestors watching us now from Heaven fought the American Revolution, though today's rapid trend is worse than what they faced.

And so, if some conservatives now rally to the aid of our chief and foremost enemy, the domestic one, hoping it will defend us from enemies without, they betray us. And as for me, if technocratic totalitarianism is what a conservative now conserves, then I am no conservative; I am his Christian and American adversary – yes, Patrick Henry and John Stark, to the death if necessary.

Might this article even help, to bring that about?


Two Norms and an effort for a normal U.S. Senate

Is the reader stunned, thinking the dire situation I've attempted to describe could never happen? Then, he may wish to do one or more of three things:
  1. Search for articles and books about how Marxist and fascist revolutions have occurred in world history, especially looking for what steps they take.

  2. Read, "Top 5 Revolutions Backed by George Soros."

  3. If you simply find it difficult to consider such odd things yet, try "Normalcy Bias: the Danger of Intellectual and Cognitive Laziness."
If the reader does not understand how corruption and subversion of this magnitude can be occurring in the USA (and this is where the Rockefellers come in, again, among others) listen to perhaps the 20th Century's greatest, most well learned whistleblower, Norman Dodd. In short, Mr. Dodd attested that some of America's chief tycoons and/or their corrupted foundations collaborated with their central bank complex backers, to practice their arts of the acquisition and consolidation of power (John D. Rockefeller called it "combining" and deemed himself sent by (g)od to bring it to the world) including using the Soviet Union, its KGB, and the global communist movement, to achieve their goal. Their goal? To turn the world into one controlled entity. (When it comes to Rockefeller history, per se, think mega-monopolization, the media, and Mao.)

Solutions.... If you are concerned that the United States of America return to authenticity, instead of finalizing the work of becoming Anti-America, I humbly suggest one little effort, which is to barely begin an online presence on Independence Day: There, as it is filled out, one will find members of the U.S. Senate (the body which approves or rejects international treaties) and candidates to the same, being assessed as to their adherence to the U.S. sovereignties, from our core of popular sovereignty, to state, to national (also, their interest in keeping America from violating other, peace-keeping nations' sovereignty).


See if you will, in the news as of yesterday, Vladimir Putin's admonition to Edward Snowden, to stop leaking information about Anti-America's intelligence abilities. Now that is odd. Not odd if one considers national leaders now to be rivals in the same complex, rather than thoroughgoing, international adversaries.

See Putin's demeanor in the recent G8 photo-op with Obama. It was not that of the proud, aggressive Russian leader with whom we are familiar, nor the indignant bear dealing with the intruder upon its geographic sphere of influence. Rather, leaning back in his chair, it was the demeanor of a ten year old boy who is forced to sit down and make peace with the kid he'd been tussling with, a few days earlier. Considering Putin's narcissistic pride, such a display of reluctance and impudence rather than power has no purpose, unless it is merely purposed by his truly chafing soul.

Ever wonder why the media went along lockstep, in failing to report the alarming problems with Barack Obama's now professionally assessed as fraudulent birth records, his consistent nurturing as a Marxist, his ostensibly fraudulent selective service record, his used Social Security number, his apparent Indonesian citizenship, etc.? (Media intimidation: Link-1; Link-2 – read and hear.) That, to the extent they not only continue to refuse to report the critically important facts, but invariably ridicule (Alinsky) those who bring them up. Perhaps one has noticed the desperate emotion in that ridicule, on certain national call-in programs. From the top media executives down, just who could threaten the news media, to make them so well heeled?

Not only has the recent IRS travesty shown us that in its present form it must be abolished; technocracy demonstrates that the "fair tax," inviting "national" government into our lives, transaction by transaction, is the stuff of Revelation, chapters 13 and 14.

I could run on and on about how the "progressive" domestic policies inflicted upon us are essentially and intentionally the revolutionary sabotage of authentic America, in their War on Us. That is also the stuff of books.

Thank you to TS. Also, to Patrick Wood, for his focus upon the Amero-Euro development of the very intentionally subtle technocratic movement. For much more about the development of the goals and practices of the technocratic state, see his presentation also addressing smart meters, in "How Technocracy is Attempting to Control our Homes."

Note about title: while I am not a Calvinist, I do rely here upon acknowledgement of the universal stupidity of man, myself included, may God continue to have mercy upon us, for the sake of what He has provided, in the USA and overall.

Video from Western Journalism,

"DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets Of Gun Owners, Pregnant Women"

("Shoot/don't shoot?" Who would train officers not to shoot someone pointing a gun at them? I think not.)

© Arlen Williams


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