Sher Zieve
June 22, 2006
Democrat strategy of retreat to defeat not working
By Sher Zieve

Still fondly dreaming about the grand old days of the US "defeat" in Viet Nam, Sen. John Kerry devised an almost Machiavellian plan to destroy US troops and the US itself once again. His first and, heretofore, most infamous scheme was his testimony before a Congressional committee in the 1970s stating that US troops had cut off the limbs of Vietnamese citizens and had killed children and animals just "for fun." His statements were, of course, false. And recently Kerry called US troops in Iraq "terrorists."

What a guy and such professional behavior and statements from a US Senator!

Ah, yes, Senator Kerry (D-MA) the US' and US soldiers' worst nightmare. That is, next to one of his partners in crime Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA). On varying days, either one could be #1 or #2 in the trash-talk-the-troops department, contingent upon which one opens his mouth first on that particular day. Both of these Democrats, the self-proclaimed "war heroes," received their "combat medals" under less than reliable circumstances. So, they both believe they can trash our troops. And they do. Besides, this is the way one receives the most money from the deep-pockets anti-US militant wing of the Democrat Party. It's a tough job but, somebody's got to do it.

Again obviously dreaming of his pretend Swift Boat glory days in Viet Nam, away from the actual fighting, John Kerry put together an ill thought out plan to bring the troops home from Iraq by the end of 2006. His colleagues, no doubt behind his back, called the plan idiotic and Kerry revised it to place the date of US withdrawal at 1 July 2007. Now that should scare the terrorists! I'm surprised that Kerry didn't threaten al-Qaeda with: "And if you're not careful, we'll leave even sooner!"

Kerry's plan and that of his colleague Sen. Carl Levin's (D-MI) alternate plan (which didn't provide a "date certain" for troop withdrawal) were both voted down on the Senate floor Thursday. With those votes, also voted down was the magnificent Democrat dream of "retreat to defeat." Another cut and run opportunity missed. Darn! Democrats tell the American people on a daily basis that the only way to win is to lose. I think they believed that they almost had we-the-people convinced of this lunacy. However, as only 13 Democrats voted for the Kerry proposal and 5 of these joined Republicans in voting down Levin's "solution," maybe there are Democrat constituencies that are finally "getting" the fact that Democrat leaders seem to have lost their collectivist minds. Might there still be hope? Conservatives have always understood the necessity of self and the country's protection.

Hmmm. Perhaps intelligent Democrats (what we believed were very few and very far between) are, at last, learning this lesson too. Maybe they were just hiding underground until they'd had enough of their Party's insanity. Let's hope these are the ones who decide to vote in the 2006 elections. Their militant brothers and sisters should of course stay home.

© Sher Zieve


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