Sher Zieve
January 21, 2007
Gen. Wesley Clark joins Democrat anti-Semitic wing
By Sher Zieve

I suppose it was only a matter of time before failed former Democrat presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark joined the growing anti-Jewish wing of the Democrat Party. I'm certain that the retired General, who seems to crave flattery and acceptance from both the mainstream media (MSM) and Democrats same thing felt quite comfortable in making his anti-Jewish/anti-Israel statements. After all, one of his icons Jimmy Carter regularly and passionately does the same thing. And Carter is a former POTUS! Notably, Carter has also been named as not only the worst US President in history but, the worst former US President. Besides, as of this writing, we still have free speech in the US especially for Democrats. So, Clark can make almost any statement he wants no matter how incorrect, embarrassing or intolerant.

Clark's comments have, understandably, caused ire within non-bigoted and Jewish communities. In an interview with left-wing blogger Arianna Huffington, one of the questions Huffington asked Clark was why he was certain the United States was planning to attack Iran. Clark replied with: "You just have to read what's in the Israeli press! The Jewish community is divided, but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people (translation: "those pesky Jews") to the office seekers." Clark is also said to be considering another bid for the Democrat nomination for presidential candidate in 2008. Heck, if former Prez Jimmy Carter can get away with his profound anti-Semitism, why can't Clark make a few anti-Jew and anti- Israel statements? It may even endear him more to the narrow-minded Democrat Party voters.

Yes. The General is well on his way toward joining such blatantly anti-Semitic Democrat notables as Jesse Jackson (who calls New York City "Hymie-town"), now former but-5-times-elected Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (who amongst other outrageous claims includes blaming Jews in the 9/11 plot and holds them responsible for her 2006 Congressional loss), Rep. James Moran (D-VA) who said "the leaders of the Jewish community" were the ones responsible for the war with Iraq, former intelligence analyst and Democrat Ray McGovern who stated President Bush was "doing the bidding" of Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and the "neocons" (AKA Jewish Republicans) who were directing the actions of the Bush Administration so that "the United States and Israel could dominate that part of the world." The list goes on and on, even including the leftist media's darling Cindy Sheehan who, with a true and passionate misunderstanding as to how the world works, said: "Yes, he was killed [her son Casey] for lies and for a PNAC [Project for the New American Century headed by William Krystol] Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel! You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorists!" As you can see, to Democrats Clark is in good standing with his remarks. I presume there are many who wish he had gone even further.

Note: To date, most of the MSM have been reluctant to report on Clark's statements. But, he is 'one of their own,' so it's not surprising.

This Democrat Party is the same one that now controls both houses of Congress. It is, also, the one that is working diligently towards silencing any and all conservative talk show voices by bringing back the falsely-named "fairness doctrine" a bill that has been resuscitated by leftist Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH). Due to left-wing radio's inability to attract any viable audience, if passed the bill will require that conservative talk-radio (which IS successful) also include the leftist point of view. In 1987, an attempt to resurrect this doctrine failed and was ruled unconstitutional. But, the new Stalinist Party is, now, back in power and is already challenging free speech. Thankfully the Democrats' first attempt at shutting up we-the-people, designed to stop conservative organizations from advising their members to contact Congress if they disagree with legislation, failed to pass. WHEW! However, we can all be certain that more attempts to kill free speech will be forthcoming. This means continued vigilance for all of us, folks. I only hope we all have both the patience and the desire to keep watching and acting.

© Sher Zieve


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