Sher Zieve
October 28, 2008
Obama begins suppression of the media--and more
By Sher Zieve

Even before the 2008 US presidential elections Barack Obama, his campaign and supporters have begun their constraint of the press. Chillingly, the leftist Obama media which includes all of the usual suspects both print and television are not only going along with it but, have begun their own investigations and vilifications of their colleagues who have refused to drink the Obama Kool-Aid. Obama's latest victim is Investigative Reporter Barbara West of Orlando's WFTV who asked Democrat VP Candidate Joe Biden some probing questions; questions that had, prior to that, not been asked of either the secular messiah Obama or his vice prophet.

West asked questions about Obama's relationships with voter fraud group ACORN relationships that have been well-documented in my previous columns. In answering the ACORN questions Biden lied a number of times, including his saying that the Obama-Biden campaign had no ties to ACORN and that it and Obama had contributed no money to the group. Note: I guess that Biden is 'so-one-of-the-rich-elite' that he doesn't believe $832,000 contributed by the Obama campaign to ACORN front group Citizens Services, Inc. amounts to a contribution. This is yet another fact that the almost all-encompassing Obama press failed to bring to the public.

Then, West asked him about Obama's answer to Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (AKA "Joe the Plumber") about "spreading the wealth" and questioned Biden about the answer's implication of Marxism. Biden then became angered and began to ask such condescending questions as "Is that a real question" and "who writes your questions [for you]?" Note: Obama's comment "spreading the wealth" and Founder of Communism Karl Marx's "redistribution of wealth" are one in the same. There is additional evidence in an Obama interview to NPR advising that not only does Obama believe in this Marxist ideology but, was "disappointed" that the US Supreme Court did not tackle it. One can only surmise from that comment that he meant by legislating from the bench. Further, in the 1990s Obama was a member of the New Socialist Party card carrying and everything! The Obama media has also failed to report this or anything else that could damage their candidate.

For her questions, West who worked with Peter Jennings (hardly a conservative) for years has been told by the Obama campaign that neither she nor her TV station will have any additional access to the Democrat candidate (frozen out) and is now being investigated by the Obama media in order to dig up dirt on her and members of her family. Leftist Fox News contributor and Obama-supporter Bob Beckel also angered by West's questions said "she's not going anywhere" and implied that her career is over. By the way, after Joe the Plumber asked the question that elicited Obama's "spread the wealth" comment, an Ohio state investigation by a Democrat and Obama-supporting official began. Illegal or not, it's being done and will continue.

Obama's "Truth Squads" are already in place. These appear to have begun in Missouri but, Democrat Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has also formed a chapter. This is intimidation waged against US citizens under the color of authority.

This is just the beginning, folks. Obama is showing us heck he's shouting to us what his administration will be like. He's not yet POTUS and he's already beginning the investigations of private citizens for daring to ask tough questions of the Democrat messiah. This is aptly and correctly called Stalinistic tactics.

If you think you'll be able to vote this guy Obama out of office in 4 years, think again. Citizens living in the old now being resurrected Soviet Union probably thought the same thing.

West interviews Biden video:

Obama-Joe the Plumber video:

Obama audio Redistributing the wealth:

Official Ohio State facilities used to discredit Joe the Plumber:

Obama and the New Socialist Party:

Obama Truth Squad videos;



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