Sher Zieve
Senate committee passes Obama health crimes bill
By Sher Zieve
July 15, 2009

Coming down along Party lines, the bill that Obama said he would shove down the throats of the American people — and charge them a literal arm and leg to pay for it — has passed through the US Senate Health Committee. This bill will further bankrupt the USA — to the tune of $1.5 TRILLION at a minimum — and within a very short period of time will force all private healthcare companies out of business.

Obama's now almost totally Socio-fascist government will rule what health insurance humans can have and who is allowed to live and who must die to satisfy the aspirations of Obama and his growing collective leaders. Have you checked how many Czars Obama currently has? The last time I checked the total was 34. Do any of you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield or any other private insurance? If you don't call your Representatives and Senators and advise them "VOTE NO ON OBAMACARE!" (assuming they actually listen to you) you can kiss your health plan — and ultimately any good health you enjoy — goodbye.

Obama and the in-control-of-our-lives Left have now said that they plan to "tax the rich" (if they remain in the USA they won't be rich much longer) again — to the tune of raising their taxes to 45% of their incomes. As there isn't enough money amongst all of those that Obama and his minions call "the rich" (soon to be middle-class if they're lucky), the middle class (soon to be part of the lower-economic class) will be forced to pay for it. Some economists advise that in order to pay for all of the dictator's programs, those earning $50,000 will also soon be taxed almost out of existence. Elections have consequences. And the 2008 General Election heralded in the most dire consequences yet for the USA.

Between Obama's Cap and Trade and Health Crimes bill, the American people will be taxed out of virtually all of their income — which will arrive in Washington D.C. and be placed into the pockets of Obama, his adherents, the political ruling class and the countries that Obama (for his personal purposes) chooses to fund. This turns the USA into a feudal state. I am not exaggerating, folks. This is what is happening before our very eyes. If you don't want to become a serf — and our legislators continue to fail We-the-People — please have your torches and pitchforks at the ready and keep your powder dry. By the way, the Capitol Hill switchboard number is — once again — 202.224-3121. Please call your "leaders" now and often. This time, our very lives really do depend on it!

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