Sher Zieve
Blue-Dogs showing their Yellow-Dog streak?
By Sher Zieve
July 30, 2009

Although as of this writing the so-called Blue Dog Democrats have not struck a permanent deal with the majority Democrat House Leftist contingency to approve its Marxist ObamaCare bill, it appears that said Democrat fiscal conservatives (bear in mind there really is no such thing as a "fiscally conservative" Democrat) are close to doing so. If ObamaCare passes, our virtual final freedom — that of control of our own bodies — will soon be only a memory of a time gone by. Not only will we be taxed out of existence by Obama but, he now has his personal ObamaCare Czar — Nancy-Ann DeParle. Note: As was to be expected, DeParle is not only a proponent of partial-birth abortion she has extremely close relationships and "business ties to companies that have a direct stake in the health-care debate." DeParle was also an instrumental part of developing Hillary-care during the Clinton Administration.

Obama's approval numbers now appear to be entering a free-fall stage — amongst Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike. So, one might ask "why would these Blue Dogs choose to support him?" The answer appears to dwell in the behind-closed-doors Chicago-style-back-deals that Obama, Ralm Emanuel and other Democrat henchmen and women (actually one woman — Pelosi) made with at least 4 of the Blue Dogs. One of the "leaked" possibilities is the implementation of a co-op state-by-state run healthcare option as opposed to the federal government "our-intention-is-to-crush-private-sector-health-care-insurance-and-replace-it-with-our-own" ObamaCare. Although this sounds somewhat promising, the problem that will be encountered is that the majority leftist (AKA Marxist) Democrats may "make the faux deal" in order to lull We-the-People into a false sense of security and then change it back to ObamaCare and Control once the public is no longer watching.

And what of the real back-door deal? The dictator has already set up his Shadow Government with 32-33 ObamaCzars reporting solely and exclusively to him. He has bypassed not only the American people and the US Constitution but, his Democrat-run Congress also. This is Marxism and Stalinism at its finest! Has our Dictator-in-Chief also set up his election-fraud unit ACORN (a growing octopus-type enterprise with tentacles that reach into multiple criminal endeavors and now multiple countries and successfully employed in the dictator's presidential campaign) to ensure Obama-supporting Democrats do not lose elections — despite the true vote of the people? It's entirely possible — if not probable. And what of We-the-People and the virtual total control that will be wielded over us by the dictator and his adherents (including Madame Nancy Pelosi DeFarge) if his Cap and Trade (AKA Tax and Con) and ObamaCare bills pass? As a people, we will be taxed out of existence so that the ruling elite can enjoy the spoils of their theft — from us. And if that isn't enough, ObamaCare will finish us off — literally — especially as we grow older. By the way, ObamaCare "rationing" of health care is a given.

Note: Innocuously referred to as "Advance care planning consultation" (Sec. 1233 of the House Health Crimes Bill) Obama demands mandatory end of life counseling (AKA "why don't you just die and get it over with" conferences) for those he considers elderly. And let's not forget that Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is not only pro-partial birth abortion but, her views are reported to extend to stances involving pro-euthanasia and human cloning.

Despite the indications that many of our Congressional leaders now report to Dictator Obama and no longer to We-the-People we must keep fighting the growing Marxist oppression inherent within the current tyrannical administration. We must also advise these "leaders" that if they continue to fail us, we will vote in such massive numbers to remove them that even the Obama-Acorn machine won't be able to defeat us! And we must do it now. The Blue Dog coalition email is and the website is shown below. Again, defeat of ObamaCare (and let's not forget "Cap and Trade") really is now a matter of life and death.

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