Sher Zieve
Jesse Kelly: AZ candidate and ObamaCare opponent
By Sher Zieve
August 31, 2009

A former Marine and avowed true conservative is running for Congress in Arizona's 8th District. His name is Jesse Kelly and he is running against an opponent who claimed to be a "Blue Dog" Democrat and then voted for Obama's most liberal legislation. Last week, I conducted an interview with Candidate Kelly, which appears below. For those of you in his district, he not only needs your moral and financial support, he deserves it. For others across the country who are able to do so and want to see more conservative opposition to Pelosi and Obama in Congress, he would still greatly appreciate your financial donations.

Jesse Kelly's BIO:

As a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, Jesse Kelly led a squad of Marines while deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was honorably discharged in August 2004 after four proud years of service.

After serving our country, Jesse moved on to work in the family construction business in Tucson, AZ. Managing multi-million dollar infrastructure projects for state and local governments, his duties include: estimating, scheduling, budget analysis, and human resource management.

Jesse's wife Aubrey attended the University of Arizona on a gymnastics scholarship graduating with a degree in Accounting. Jesse and Aubrey are proud parents of their infant son James. Their family attends Alive Christian Fellowship Church of Tucson.

The Interview

Sher: Jesse, first of all I'd like to thank you for taking time from your campaign for this interview. Coming from a Conservative position, you're campaigning for the position of Congressional Representative of Arizona's 8th District. You're campaigning against the incumbent Democrat Gabrielle Giffords. I understand that Rep. Giffords was one of those who ran as a "blue dog" so-called fiscally more conservative Democrat when the anti-Bush sentiment was high. But, Giffords has voted consistently for Obama's and Congress' leftist — if not Marxist — legislation.

Is this the reason you became involved in your 2010 political campaign?

Jesse: Absolutely. This nation is being radically transformed before our eyes and Rep. Giffords has proven to be a willing participant in this transformation. Arizona's Eighth Congressional District is nominally a Republican district and Rep. Giffords had to run as a "blue dog" in a bad year in order to get elected. Sadly, she has turned out to be Arizona's version of Nancy Pelosi. The good news is that she can no longer hide from her extreme voting record.

Sher: Nowadays, running against the current administration in power cam be a very daunting task and I look upon those who do so as being extremely courageous. What do you perceive as your ultimate purpose in running for Congressional Representative?

Jesse: Quite simply, my purpose is to do my part to get this nation back to the founding principles that made it great. We did not become the most magnificent country in the history of the world because of government. It is the freedom from government control that has made America prosper. I fear for the future of our nation if we cannot elect representatives who love this nation and are committed to putting government back in its rightful place.

Sher: Although there are many more, three of the items extremely important to the American people are 1. the current Administration's gutting of our country and its people of their wealth; 2. the draconian ObamaCare that would not only steal Trillions of more dollars from us but, would place Orwellian controls on us — including a new law allowing the US government and the IRS access to our personal bank accounts; and 3. Cap and Tax which provides for — as Obama has said — skyrocketing our energy costs. All of these either in-place or proposed programs have a chilling, if not terrifying, effect on our economy and our liberties and freedoms. If elected, and with consideration the Republicans may still remain in the minority in the House, how will you work to reverse the damage caused by the Obama Administration?

Jesse: Once elected to Congress I will work day and night until Cap and Tax, Obamacare, and confiscatory taxation are distant memories. We are facing dire economic times right now in this nation and the only solutions we hear out of Washington involve the expansion of government power. This president seems to be on a mission to destroy our economy and rebuild it under government control. In six months our government has taken over the banking industry, the auto industry, and now wants to tell the American people what kind of windows they can keep in their house. That doesn't sound like limited government to me. That sounds like tyranny.

Sher: The Obama Administration seems bent upon putting into place some of the most ruthless and tyrannical legislation in our country's history. One of the examples is the aforementioned Obama Government's and the IRS' access to any remaining funds left in US citizens' private bank accounts. This is contained in ObamaCare's already passed HR 3200, on page 59. Then there is page 16 of the same resolution that states the enrolling in private insurance will be forbidden after HR 3200 goes into effect. The House has also passed HR 2454, the "Cap and Trade" bill, which will raise electrical rates to the point that many will no longer be able to afford electricity. Prior to his election, Obama said it himself. These are merely a few of the hundreds if not thousands of anti-American and even anti-human stipulations contained in each and every Obama bill. Then there are the Obama Czars that many believe have been instilled to take down what's left of our government. And on August 25th in Reston, VA police officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. told an Obama protester that he had to put down his anti-Obama sign or risk arrest. When the protester said "This used to be America" Cheeks responded "It ain't no more! OK?" This is beyond the pale chilling.

These justifiable fears have now entered the American mainstream. With liberal legislators still paying little to no attention to their constituencies, We-the-People are asking 'what can we peacefully do to stop them'?

How do you plan to surmount the Obama Administration's obstacles to regaining our liberty?

Jesse: Well I don't intend to surmount the obstacles of freedom put in place by this administration. I intend to destroy them. It will be my mission to tear down the walls this government has built up to contain liberty. The American people have never, and will not now stand for Washington politicians telling them how to live their lives. This administration has vastly underestimated the American people. I have a feeling they will find that out the hard way. First at the mid-term elections, then in 2012.

Sher: You have been holding Town Hall meetings. What issues and fears have you been hearing from your potential constituents?

Jesse: So far we've held three health care town halls as our representative simply refused to face the voters in an open forum. She actually canceled a scheduled Town Hall she was to hold for veterans at an American Legion in the district. We promptly stepped in and took over that Town Hall. That is the one that ended up all over the internet. The voters here are very concerned about the government takeover of health care. We have a high percentage of voters who are 65 and over and they are understandably concerned about government rationed care.

Sher: Thanks so much for your time, Jesse. And as all who run for political office, I know donations are needed. If people want to help our country return the roots of its freedoms and be a part of its restoration from tyranny, where can they send the necessary donations?

Jesse: People can go to and give directly online. This is a swing district and potentially a great year for conservatives to take back control of the House of Representatives. It cannot be done without the help of the American people.

Police officer says America is gone:

Jesse Kelly for Congress:

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