Sher Zieve
ALERT: Marxist Congress' final push to complete control of Americans
By Sher Zieve
November 20, 2009

The passage of ObamaCare means no less than total control over everything US citizens are allowed to do, eventually what they will be allowed to say and most certainly gives the Obama Marxist bureaucrats control over Americans' bodies and — by pre-planned strategy and intention — establishes the decision makers who shall decide who lives and who must die. If this Machiavellian bill passes, everything and everyone the Marxists want to control will be called a "threat to public health." These fiats will consist of more manufactured pandemics to dictates stating that disagreeing with the dictator-in-chief and his policies will 'cause stress' and, therefore, must be considered as a "public health crisis."

Note: Considering all of the insanities this current administration has already inflicted upon the American public, the above will be no surprise. ObamaCare already demands every American sign up for healthcare. If they do not, each will be fined $250,000 and could be jailed for 5 years. This IS already a dictatorship, folks!

This is an ALERT of the highest level. The currently in-power Marxist Party is engaged in its final push to commandeer the US Republic, destroy it and replace it with Marxism. And it is happening before our eyes! Women's medical services have already been the first to be RATIONED. The death panels ARE in the bill. Illegal aliens coverage and abortions ARE also in the bill. Medicare WILL be gutted.

Please call your Senators at 202.224-3121 and tell them NO OBAMACARE.

Currently, the Marxist-run US Congress (both houses) are in an all-out war against the American people for total control over them — that's us. The reason? Their abject theft of everything we own — our money, our freedom and now even our own bodies.

As I've written myriad times before, Marxism is a feudal system that places the brutal leaders at the top of the food chain and places the rest of us — serfs — at the bottom. Obama has done nothing to stop national job loss. In fact, he appears to both support and continue to cause it. Remember what his mentor Saul Alinsky said about the difficult destruction of the US middle-class: "For the first time in history, you have a country [the USA] where the poor are in the minority..." So, Obama had to use other means to destroy them. That meant and means destroying the companies they work for and, therefore, destroying middle-class jobs. Obama has done it folks. Dictator-in-Chief Obama is also openly ceding the security of the USA to the terrorists by now allowing them to be tried in civilian courts — with FULL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

It's almost time. Folks. Make sure you have your arsenal well-stocked. One of Obama's next steps will be to come for civilians' guns. It's almost time for direct action from We-the-People. And isn't it time to affect a nationwide march on D.C. and our state capitols to protest our slavery and shut down commerce? There is only one other option. And Congress and Obama seem to be pushing hard for it. Perhaps, we should accommodate them?

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." — Thomas Jefferson

Women's health care rationed:


Terrorists tried in US civilian courts-Travesty in New York:

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