Sher Zieve
Obama & Co to all Americans: "We're in charge now--not you!"
By Sher Zieve
March 22, 2010

Sunday's apparent unconstitutional ram-through of ObamaCare against the will of the now vast majority of the governed (that's We-the-People) was a milestone for the raging and out of control Marxist Obama government. As plainly and succinctly as the Marxist Democrats have ever spoken, they have now essentially said: "We're in charge of the country, now not the people. We'll do what we please and when we please with our power. If they don't like it, we have ways to correct and silence them. So they had better get with our program or else." As quickly as is possible, Obama & Co is forcing one piece of anti-American and anti-human legislation after another down our now continually choking throats. After almost destroying and stealing our banks and auto industry then controlling who receives and does not receive life-giving water The Obama and his Democrat minions have now wrestled and requisitioned a full 1/6 of the US economy from its rightful owners the American people. But, thus far, no one is stopping them.

Although, to date, the patent thefts by the Dems and the Obama Administration from the American people have been huge, the seizure of the Healthcare Industry by the now openly Communist Obama regime is gargantuan. This may even be the greatest theft and redistribution of wealth from the American people to their Marxist rulers in world history. ObamaCare is still poised to gut Medicare of a minimum of $500 Billions and transfer them to Obama to shore up his soon-to-be total government control of ObamaCare and do away with senior citizens before their times; or rather at the time of Obama's and his Marxists' choosing. And still, no one has really tried to stop them.

As another added benefit to the Marxist/Maoist Obama Administration and an horrific detriment to We-the-People like other genocidal tyrants before him, Obama is now using water as both a weapon and a reward. As background for Obama's actions, in 2007 leftist Judge Oliver Wanger ruled against humans and for smelts. Wanger sided with the radical Earthjustice organization against California's Central Valley farmers and shut off their water and give it to a few fish. Suffice it to say, all of the farmed crops and fruit trees died, and the once fertile valley's ground dried up. Radical leftists now control a portion of our food and water just as the Marxists and their front men Saul Alinsky and now Obama had planned. There will be more. However, it took the Marxists gaining both Houses of Congress and the Executive Branch in order for them to begin the implementation of their militant and fanatical agenda. Recently, Obama opened up the spigots at least 25% of them in California's Central Valley in order to buy votes from Democrat California Congressmen Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza for ObamaCare. Suffice it to say, Obama made the sale. Note: Historically, only the worst of tyrants have ever used this sort of ploy. This is currently what we have occupying the US White House. And still no one is stopping him.

What's next on The Obama's agenda? He has announced that he plans to ram through many other of his anti-USA programs and end the country once and for all. Amnesty for Illegals, a National ID card, Cap & Tax and the end of secret ballots for Union members are just the beginning. While Obama continues to skirt if not thwart the laws of our land, he realizes that most of the rest of us will still operate within them. Will anyone stop these people from their end game of complete devastation and annihilation of our way of life and our very lives themselves? Anyone?

Judge rules with Leftist groups to stop CA water flow:

Judge Wanger denies TRO in Delta smelt case:

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