Sher Zieve
The Obama slippery slope is gone and it's day 563 of our captivity
By Sher Zieve
June 22, 2010

The slope is no longer slippery, folks. In fact, the slope is no longer visible. We-the-People are already tumbling head over heels down the mountainside. And said mountainside is Mt. Everest.

For those of you who are still unaware, we are already living in and under the Obama Tyranny. You may have missed it but, you and we were forced over the cliff's edge with ObamaCare; which was passed by Dictator-in-Chief Obama with the full knowledge and gleeful demeanor that he was forcing it against the will of the American people. After the first poison pill was shoved down our throats, there was nothing to stop The Obama. He got away with it the first time and will now rule everything in true tyrannical fashion without the need of a pesky legislative or judicial branch and certainly not the opposition votes from an increasingly aware US electorate.

It was announced yesterday the Obama is seriously considering a blanket Amnesty for ALL illegals in the country. He plans to affect it via Executive (make that "Tyrant") Order. In that way, he can overturn the 2010 and most certainly the 2012 elections before they even occur. We-the-People are now completely irrelevant. Regarding ObamaCare, Seniors are now being summarily dropped from care or refused treatment by their doctors who can no longer afford to treat them. And if there is still a November Miracle and the Marxists are removed from power, Democrats have already announced that they will employ a scorched earth policy and pass Cap & Trade which will bankrupt each and every one of We-the-People!

Aren't these the treasons against the people that precede real revolutions? Folks, we have finally been backed into a corner with no way out but to fight. Still think we can last until November? Do you?

President Considers Executive Order for Blanket Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Doctors refusing or removing patients from the Medicare program

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