Stanley Zir
Tuesday night slaughter
By Stanley Zir
September 10, 2013


Why are we talking about Syria, when the real enemy is Iran, This article just appeared on the Townhall website. The answer is very clear Gentlemen this is what happens when you screw up. Seventy two percent of the public was ready to support a military attack on Iran. Instead of demanding a military attack, the Republicans ignored the fact that the greatest threat to our nation, our economy and the future survival of America was a global threat and the epi-center was Iran.

You're mishandling of the Iranian threat allowed the crisis in Syria to fester to the point where Obama has now chosen the wrong nation, the wrong war, and the wrong weapons of mass destruction. It's Iran and the threat from a nuclear jihad attack on America's cities and Israel that must be eliminated. Iran is an imminent threat to our nation and our national security not Syria.

Iran's tentacles reach far beyond the Islamic world even to South America, China, North Korea, Russia, Europe all of whom are fast becoming part and parcel of a free world ending political expedition Iran's revolution guard and their terrorist's surrogates attack and kill American and Israeli citizens and soldiers around the world with impunity

While it is true that you fumbled at the one yard line, you must regain possession of the ball.The onus is now on you to end the Iranian threat. Below is a plan of attack, a quick hit-and-run affair that will end the Iranian nuclear threat and take down the Iranian regime, unlike the Syria fiasco where nothing is assured and there is no contingency plan.

The Attack Scenario

It is the United States, not Israel, that has the technology and material to permanently destroy Iran's entire strike-back capability and its entire nuclear weapons infrastructure without a ground invasion Russia, China, and the international community will not permit Iran to shut down the Strait of Hormuz for any extended amount of time because their economics depends on this shipping lane to deliver oil.

But most significantly is the bi-product of this unilateral pre-emptive strike on Iran, This would be our ability to successfully stabilize the Middle East, and reclaim America's position of influence in a region where the enemies of freedom no longer fear our resolve. American history has confirmed that standing up to the absolute power of tyranny saps the enemy of their influence and their hold on power, and guarantees our continued prosperity thought the best and worst of times.

Like all other fascists before them the mullahs in Iran can only be unseated through the initiation of a force that is more powerful than their misguided beliefs.

Nuclear extortion is their ace in the hole, deny them access they will lose face and be vulnerable. This is the shortest route to unseat the Iranian leadership thus clearing a path for regime change.

Therefore only an emergency procedure that delivers a payload of destruction directly into the heart of Iran's nuclear facilities and her strike back capacity can eliminate the hub in the wheel of an emerging Nuclear Terrorist Empire, whose success would have the free world do the bidding of madmen."

Tuesday Night Slaughter

This essay was was submited for publication at 10:40 am September 10,2013

In his New York Post op-ed Michael Goodwin quoted Robert Kagian in a recent speech given at the Brooking Institute.

"The global order with occasional mistakes and failures has lasted more than 60 years, a period of unprecedented human prosperity and a wondrous spread of democracy. The world we helped build benefited every American, but not just America. "

Yet, Kagain warns if we forget why we assumed that role and walk away from the world there will be a new global order. It will be created and policed by someone else, China, Russia, perhaps or maybe there will be a period of complete global disorder, a frightening prospect, that in my view grows more likely each day.Presumably Obama would deny that he favors any of those alternatives but you would never that know that from his actions."

Unfortunately, Kaigan and his disciple Goodwin are years late in describing the shift in power to rouge states, this assessment is flawed, the world order has already shifted.

As I explained in my article "The RNC Convention: A Sharia Complaint Affair" (August 31, 2012), "The ground we have gained though the split blood of America's patriots is now being retaken by Russia and Communist China, both of whom have aligned themselves with the Iranian Jihadist conglomerate (Syria, Hamas, etc.) to impose their will on America, Israel, and whatever is left of the European Union.'

Meanwhile Goodwin tries to remind us of the part that America plays in keeping the world order safe from radical forces. This of course is what "the loyal opposition," patriot Americans who object to DNC policies of appeasement needed to establish in order to present a clear and precise political platform that serves America's best interest both at home and abroad.

So far the Republicans have failed to clearly articulate this overall political agenda. As a result they do not know where to plant their flag, Benghazi, NSA, Fast and Furious, Iran, Syria, Obamacare, they are scattered like the wind, and their priorities change daily.

I have mentioned in the past, "At the end of the day to be victorious the Republican Party needs a declaration that unites us in one purpose when discussing what takes top priority for securing the survival of our great nation. It must be one that keeps us on a steady course as we advance towards this objective, not one of half measures that keep us scattered in every direction by the winds of change and uncertainty."

There is only one standard the Republicans must use to set our nation's priorities, and that is the Constitution of the United States America. When it comes to an imminent threat to America it becomes a Constitutional issue, Iran poses an imminent threat to our nation; therefore it takes preference over domestic concerns. Ending the Iranian treat must be America's top priority, not attacking Syira

Regrettably since the Republicans have not presented a unified front that clearly defines their protocol, the public does not know exactly what the Republicans stand for beyond a limited government.

Over the last five years I have published article after article, clarifying that the Republican Party has not presented a comprehensive overview that is inclusive of America's just purpose and noble cause, especially when it came to clarifying their foreign policy.

To the detriment of their party the Republican leadership has been fighting against the enemies of freedom with one hand tied behind their back. Securing the prosperity of our nation is not just a domestic affair it must be one that stands strong against enemies both foreign and domestic.

Time and time again I have explained that, no matter what Obama has done until now, no matter what he has taken from us so far, and there is one thing we cannot permit him to bargain away the soul of our nation. While we may recoup our financial losses from President Obama's current domestic policies, we can never reclaim the soul of our nation if we embrace a foreign policy that forfeits our stance against tyranny in this world."

Such a foreign policy would not only lead to the destruction of the moral fabric that binds America to liberty's decrees, but bring financial ruin to our nation.

The Republicans mishandling of the Iranian threat

The Republicans mishandling of the Iranian threat allowed the crisis in Syria to fester to the point where Obama has now chosen the wrong nation, the wrong war, and the wrong weapons of mass destruction. It's Iran and the threat from a Nuclear Jihad attack on America's cities and Israel that must be eliminated.

The danger of the Republican's misstep is that Obama could nullify any chance the Republicans have for winning future elections. In fact the Republicans could become a non-entity. Obama's failed foreign policy was their ticket to the White House and now Obama can upstage them again by putting the GOP on the defensive.

I mentioned on August 29, in "Obama's Final Solution Tour Part 2: "Once Obama starts demanding an attack on Syria, the chest beating will begin. Be prepared for the "I killed Osama" routine. Obama will tell the American people that he is sending a message to any nation that uses weapons of mass destruction that this will not be tolerated. This will put him in the cat bird's seat in dealing with Iran, thus negating all those who claim he will never take military action against Iran, although he has no such plans.

Yet he will posture that he stands strong with America against tyrannies, even the UN, and then the con will begin.

Obama will use the Republicans failure to hold him accountable for his failed foreign policy to bury them. Remember, as Rahm Emmanuel said "never let a good crisis go to waste" and you better believe that Obama will blame the Republicans in Congress for their lack of compassion and moral clarity like he did with Obamacare if they do not approve of him taking action against Syria.

The Republicans have no one to blame but themselves, the Syrian chemical attack crisis was created by them because they did not promote a foreign policy that pinpointed that it is Iran that must be dealt with first. Because of their failed leadership the American people are now knee deep in Obama's poop.

Spanking Syria

When Obama first announced he was going to spank Syria, what is the message he thought he was sending to deter Russia and Iran? that you better be good for goodness sake. Russia, like Iran, is a snake in the grass, they will promise you anything to trick you and achieve their goal.

Obama's pre-ejaculatory fiasco will only muddy the waters when dealing with Iran, who unlike Syria is a clear and present danger to America and global security. The talk of launching an attack on Iran after an attack on Syria will be a non-starter. How hard will it be to gain consensus when the war weary Republicans and Democrats dither about on what should be done.

As the leader of this free world the business of this nation is put an end to the threat of global tyranny. What fool would announce to our enemies that we are a nation of war weary patriots, especially when we are under an imminent threat from Iran.

But much Obama's consternation his limited hit and run attack on Assad had gotten out-of-hand. It was being trumped by Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain who were willing to bet the farm on Syria by upgrading Obama's limp noddle strike to a full-scale operation in order to enhance the capacity of the rebels to unseat Assad,

Their proposal gives Obama 60 days to perform this mission with another 30 days at his pleasure to accomplish his goal.

If America attacks a country's standing government unilaterally, to enhance the chances of those who are fighting to overthrow that government, no matter how you cut it, this is a declaration of war. In this case you better be sure that nation poses a clear and present danger to America, Syria does not, Iran does. Yet, Lindsey Graham ignores this fact and declares that, "We just need to make sure that the government that replaces Assad respects the rights all the citizens."

There is only one document in the world that will guarantee the freedoms of the people in Syria, and it is enshrined in Philadelphia. It called the Constitution of the United States of America, the prototype for the peaceful co- existence between nations .

In that vein the Republicans must demand that the opposition force in Syria submit a contingency plan to Congress for their new governance that will secure the freedoms of all their people.

Only if their plans meet our expectations should we agree to support their cause. What is the contingency plan if the rebels fail to make their case, there is only one contingency plan left for the Republicans to counter Obama's misguided hit-and- run plan for Syria.

They must announce that if the rebels in Syria, the Iranians or Assad retaliates. their leaders, their military, their mullahs will be sipping their food through a straw to the end of their days.

This is the only option the Republicans have left to cover up their political blunder that should have had them demanding a pre-emptive attack on Iran's nuclear infrastructure. Their failure now has unending consequences.

Unending Consequences

A world-renowned comedian, W.C. Fields, summed up Obama's con-abilities perfectly when he said, "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break." The American People have been suckered time and time again by Obama's Con. Republicans, the President keeps conning you and you keep buying into the scam. It was Sen. Rand Paul who commended Obama for coming to Congress to seek guidance about Syria. Rand Paul has a short memory.

How many of our congressional representatives and religious leaders have visited the White House with good intentions only to be beguiled by Obama's charm, and once betrayed, are no longer capable of serving the people they represent? The numbers are staggering. Just as he had done with Obamacare, Obama has no intention of listening to Congress on the subject of Syria.

Obama went to Congress for one reason – to cover his bases, declaring that unlike Libya, he had come to Congress for approval However he also mentioned he will not be bound by their decision. This politically savvy tactic put Obama in striking distance to eliminate the Republican Party as a viable threat to his empire. If Congress fails to approve of his attack on Syria, eventually Obama will claim, as he did with Obamacare, that the Republicans don't care about people and now it is on a global level. He will say that the Republicans lack the moral imperative to protect people who are the victims of a chemical gas attack.

The Obama Con is always on. He is an eloquent speaker who uses words to trick us. He manipulates the facts and keeps us off balance. He knows how to cover the tracks of his failed policies and push his delusional agenda forward. . He is a master of deception – a chameleon in stealth mode – co-opting our founders' dream for a more perfect Union as if they were born to fulfill his dream.

Tuesday Night Slaughter

On Tuesday Republicans and Independents alike will feel the full brunt of Obama's tyrannical sting. While both have been gloating over Obama failed policy with Syria, they forgot who they were dealing with. Obama knows just what to say, so even the so-called intelligent among us are left spellbound, gasping for breath after his speeches and Tuesday night will be no different.

Obama will appear on TV and reinvent himself in front of the cameras. He will transform himself from a President whose lack of resolve in standing against Russia, China, and Iran, aided and abetted the radicalization of the Arab world via the Arab Spring, to a new and imporved Presidental version who stands against the forces of tyranny and terrorism that he once aided and abetted.

He will reverse his Terrorist R'US doctrine to a 911 doctrine that claims that America is exceptional among the nations of the world.

His effort to co-op Regan's foreign policy as his own will leave the Republicans spellbound as he will appear be to be a Reagan super patriot. Unlike Obama, Reagan didn't want to partner up with tyrannies like the Muslim Brotherhood, he wanted to put an end to all these tyrannical enterprises, but no matter, the audience will already be under Obama's spell.

Don't be surprised if after his address to the nation that the New York Times will report something in the order of: Obama's speech was the most significant speech given by any president since Kennedy squared off with Russia over Cuba.

This from a president who only until quite recently stood with the Muslim Brotherhood, put a knife to the throat of Netanyahu, orchestrated the NPS scandal, IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, bypassed Congress on the Dream Act, ignored China and Russia's attempt to veto all proposals that would keep Assad in power and supported the creation of an Iranian nuclear terrorist state,. Plus there is the issue of Benghazi.

Shamelessly Obama will stand in front of American people leading them to believe that was willing to stand against Congress, stand up to Russia and China, and the United Nations, and even the world community if they did not support his actions to lead a military strike against Assad in Syria. He will claim that he has taken the moral high ground and planted his flag for this is the America's way. His foreign policy will now be his legacy – how could this be!.

People will soon forget the real reason for his transformation is that he was finally challenged on his half-hearted attempts to bring about change in the Arab world. Like a coward that needs to be kicked in the pants so he will stand up and fight for his life, Obama stood up and laid down the law, but not for justice but to cover his ass when he was pressured to take action against Syria.

Ironically now that he has finally been forced to assert himself as the leader of the free world even Russia seems willing to come to the table with Syria. This is only because Obama has declared he will take military action against Syria if they do not immediately rid themselves of their chemical weapons.

Why were not the Gop sanction peddlers demanding Obama set the same standard for Iran? He give Iran no military ultimatum as they crossed the red line over and over in covering their intentions to become a nuclear terrorist state. His red line for Iran was and still is once they build a nuclear weapon!!!.

It is not Syria that is an imminent threat to America and the world, it is Iran and Iran only that poses that threat Yet the president does not leverage his power to present a credible military threat from America to end Iran's quest to build a nuclear terrorist empire.

Instead of facing this threat he claims that we have to make sure that Syria will no longer have the opportunity to use chemical weapons and move them outside their country. What about Iran? Moving their nuclear fission material outside of Iran to launch a nuclear jihadist attack on an America city. That would be a doomsday scenario.

Yet there is another danger we must face. Congressmen and senators who say they are still willing to listen to any of Obama's proposals concerning Syria. As Circe warned: "You will come first of all to the Sirens, who are enchanters of all mankind and whoever comes their way has no prospect of ever coming home . . . You must drive straight on past, but melt down sweet wax of honey and with it stop your companions' ears, so none can listen; . . . if you yourself are wanting to hear them, then have them tie you hand and foot on the fast ship, standing upright against the mast with the ropes."


In an interview with Chris Wallace this past Sunday: Mr Wallace mentioned there has been an interesting development. Today, the Russians say they're going to push Syria to put chemical weapons under international control. The Syrian foreign minister says he welcomes that. Will you delay a strike to see how that plays out?

OBAMA: I think it's fair to say that we would not be at this point without a credible threat of a military strike

Now the republicans can never again say that Obama is week on foreign policy, from this point on they will have to eat crow. Check mate end of game

Welcome to the Tuesday Night Flim Flam when the America people will end up praising the antics of a carney barker, as Obama establishes his foreign policy as his legacy and the Republicans have no one else to blame but themselves.

© Stanley Zir


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