Stanley Zir
It's time to mobilize: There is no place for terrorists in the White House
By Stanley Zir
May 3, 2017

To the wait-and-see conservative Jews who have stood idly by without any real meaningful action or moral outrage pinning their hopes on a President who campaigned on a Pro-Israel platform, President Trump has now invited notorious anti-semitic Jew-hater and acknowledged terrorist, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House to discuss his new road-map for peace.

Like his predecessor Obama who lowered the bar by legitimately negotiating with terrorists, President Trump has opened the White House doors to welcome in Abbas.. It appears that setting aside the Constitution's rule of law which is its firm stance against tyranny and fascism has become not only permissible, but worse, acceptable.

Wrong. On all counts, this is wrong. Israel can no longer be sabotaged by proposals cloaked in the name of peace and continue to survive. We must awaken those who are sleeping through this charade and unite Jews and non-Jews in the understanding that there is a line that cannot be crossed. Israel must be protected and secured as a sovereign Jewish state.

President Turmap recently said "There is no reason there's not peace between Israel and the Palestinians – none whatsoever" While there may be room for negotiation, there is no room for negotiating the lands that belong to Israel in exchange for the hopes of peace.

Trump warned: "I want Israel to act reasonably in the peace process and that it will finally happen after so many years. And maybe there will even be a possibility of a bigger peace than just Israel and the Palestinians. I want both sides to act reasonably and we have a good chance at that."

President Trump's folly has put Israel in an untenable position. If Israel fails to treat Mahmoud Abbas as a credible partner in bilateral negotiations, the chances of Americans souring on Israel becomes a real possibility.

Trump, like every president before him, portrays Israel as one of two delinquent children. It won't be long before President Trump will scold both parties for their lack of progress.

But here he is wrong. Israel, you are not a delinquent child! I ask President Trump, "Under what pretext did Israel's survival become an obstruction to our national interests in the Mideast? When did it become America's stance that in order to have a successful Mideast policy, America would first have to win the hearts and gain the trust of the Muslim majority in that region?

By having America pressure Israel to limit and suppress their military responses to the constant rocket attacks, random stabbings, bus bombing and rock assaults on Israelis and tourists by Hamas and the Palestinians, was America trying to curry favor with the Palestinian Authority and the Muslim world? Does American policy and Trump accept the unbelievable premise that it is the Muslims and the Palestinian terrorist who are the true victims here?

Believing that a Palestinian-State agreement is a must to bring peace and economic stability to the West, America has accepted the erroneous concept that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the underlying cause for the ever-increasing tensions between Arab nations and the United States. Moreover, it appears that America believes that its resolution will bring the reconciliation with the Islamic world that is needed to ensure her economic security.

Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, while America and her allies continue to set their focus that peace can be achieved by smoothing relations between Israelis and Palestinians, they actually are missing the greater conflict. That is peace can never be achieved by populations who openly give their allegiance to religious tyrannical decrees. It is negotiating apples and oranges. The truth is Religious Tyranny is the real threat to world security, not the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

No matter how much Israel is pressured to make peace or give up land, the issue can never be resolved. It is a diversion, a really, really dangerous diversion that will cost Israel its existence.

For all practical purposes, the baton for peace in the Middle East that has been passed down by every president and has become nothing but a truncheon used for Israel's destruction. After more than 40 years of fruitless dialogue with the Arab states, the vultures of death are now circling Israel and she is boxed in on all sides.

We need to unite and take up the call for an immediate end to negotiations with people who have become nothing more than foot soldiers in Iran's global terrorist enterprise. Whether it is PLO, Hamas, or Fatah, they are one in the same. Call them religious terrorists or secular moderates, the DNA of hate and the destruction of Israelis is the glue that binds these political parties to a common objective. Their focus and determination is to create another terrorist Islamic state with " East Jerusalem " as its capital. (There never was a "West Bank or East Jerusalem" until the terms were invented to erase the real names which for thousands of years have been and remain JUDEA , SAMARIA and JERUSALEM.) Why have these fallacious terms become acceptable? So we don't hurt the feelings of fanatical terrorists and tyrannical states?

Tyranny is the ultimate form of absolute power. Deception, lies and the absence of accountability are its greatest allies . Their promises are not worth the paper on which they are written. Their religion aka their government has no obligation to uphold treaties to entities who are beholden to any other G-d than theirs.

Therefore, in truth, it doesn't really matter whether the Palestinians recognize or say they recognize Israel. What is more important and essential is that President Trump and the rest of the Western world recognize that they embrace terrorism and hate as their Rule of Law.

It is time for America to open its eyes to this reality. Stop honoring a foreign policy with Islamic Barbarians that will lead to Israel's destruction. It will not lead to a peaceful co-existence or financial security. It's a smoke screen.

America must hold to its own Rule of Law that stands firm against inhumanity and tyranny. America cannot serve two masters and ever hope to survive.

Below is the op-ed I wrote in 2003 warning Ariel Sharon not to meet with Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen (now called Mahmoud Abbas), under any circumstances. In it I predicted that it would open the door to legitimizing terrorism. It absolutely did. And now here we are fourteen years later, Trump is about to welcome the same man that started this firestorm of terrorism into our White House. Except this time, he will be pulling the cord on what will be Israel's final curtain.

An Address to the Knesset

Stanley Zir, 12/05/03 17:14"

America and Israel are now facing the greatest war of deception ever launched against liberty. Unfortunately, our administration in the United States has swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker by supporting the "road map" – a peace plan that makes concessions to terrorists by rewarding them with negotiations for their actions of murder. Israel is now being coerced into boarding this ship, whose...

Mr. Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of Knesset:

America and Israel are now facing the greatest war of deception ever launched against liberty. Unfortunately, our administration in the United States has swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker by supporting the "road map" – a peace plan that makes concessions to terrorists by rewarding them with negotiations for their actions of murder. Israel is now being coerced into boarding this ship, whose destination is her own destruction. This is tantamount to having tea with Prime Minister Tojo right after he attacked Pearl Harbor.

President Bush said he would never negotiate with terrorists and those that harbor them in his radio address of March 15. He must now decide whether he wishes to honor this policy himself, since he has made Israel the exception to the rule, by joining the parade of appeasement along with France, Germany, Russia and the other members of the Quartet of Mideast peace mediators. By doing so, we validate the United Nations posture that confronting any nations supporting terror is the cause of war.

Let's make it simple. Suicide bombers have continually attacked Israel with impunity for three years, with total support from the entire Palestinian community. This is a population that supports and harbors terrorist attacks on Israel, and at every juncture has supported the enemies of the United States.

If it were any other nation but Israel that suffered these kinds of atrocities, the perpetrators already would have been wiped off the face of the earth. Imagine for a moment that America suffered continuous suicide bomber attacks originating from Canada, Mexico and/or Cuba, and that those countries had systems of government that outlawed fundamental rights, with the full support of their populations. Do you think mere regime change – which ultimately was supported by the people of Iraq – would work here? Here the equation changes. We would be facing a situation not unlike the conflict with Japan and Germany in World War II, where only through an all-out confrontation with their totalitarian governments and their people, and only through unconditional surrender, could we finally secure lasting peace.

Mr. Sharon, you must never meet with the new Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen, under any circumstances. If you do, you will officially activate the process that will seal the fate of Israel. This one action will encircle Israel in a labyrinth of deception with no avenue of escape.

If the Prime Minister does meet with Abu Mazen, then you, Israel, must disown him, so his meeting will be effectively classified as null and void, because he will be acting as an enemy of the state.

Why is this so important? Once Sharon meets with Abu Mazen, recognizing Israel's right to defend herself will be equated with giving terrorists equal rights to launch terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens. These terrorist attacks can never be tolerated for any reason; however, Israel, by participating in these negotiations, you will loose the right to declare war when your citizens are put in harms way. You will have accepted the premise that the Palestinian population must attain statehood through negotiations. according to the road map plan, no matter what. As soon as that happens, terrorism and self-defense against terrorism become morally equivalent. Israel, you will be the first to put the stamp of approval on this new doctrine, which rewards terrorist attacks with negotiations and compromise, and which enters into agreements with murderers that are not worth the paper they are written on. This will set the new standard in the international community for the politics of appeasement.

Furthermore, you will open the door for the funding of a Palestinian nation within two years that will demand equal treatment from the United States to fully arm their newly formed sovereign nation for purposes of self-defense. We in America would never put a terrorist on parole after two years and then issue him a gun permit when he's set free.

Lastly, Mr. Sharon, you will have abandoned the only strategy of security for your nation and peace for the world by embracing the very strategy that is doomed to failure, the road map to peace. In facing nations of tyranny that support and are the launching grounds for terrorist attacks, attaining peace is not the absence of conflict through negotiations, but the unconditional victory over acts of evil.

In order to achieve a world free from terror, it is now time for Israel, the United States and our true allies to engage in total de-tyrannization and swabbing of the infected nations throughout the Mideast, through a new road map to world security. The first demand must be an immediate, unconditional surrender of the vast conglomeration of terrorist organizations to the new coalition for world security, led by the United States and Israel. These terrorist organizations include Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, et al., as well as the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, and they will be relegated to the permanent status of criminals against humanity. They will have three months to surrender or the appropriate action will be taken.

Secondly, we must demand the immediate dismantling of the tyrannical institutions and governments of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the rest of the Arab League nations that gave birth to and harbored these terrorist organizations. Their efforts will be monitored by the new coalition for world security, with an assessment of their progress in 2005. It's now time for nations of democracy to take the offensive and abandon the strategy of back-door diplomacy.

Lastly, if they do not agree to these demands, or if there is one more terrorist attack against Israel, then Israel must declare war in order to survive. It is apparent that Israel is encountering the same root of evil that America faced in the war with Japan and Germany in World War II. Those states only made the transformation to civilized behavior through force and total victory over them. Unfortunately, they too worshiped and respected only what proved to be more powerful than they judged themselves and their beliefs to be. Today, a total victory for democracy and peace would necessitate the total defeat of the oppressive conglomeration of Middle Eastern tyrannies, and only then would this give their people the proof they need to discard their erroneous beliefs. This alone would open up the door for the possibility of a world draped in liberty and security, free from fear.

© Stanley Zir


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